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How To Contribute Your Content to Bullet Journal

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The Bullet Journal is a tool created to help people live a more intentional, joyful, creative, and productive life. Over the years, we’ve seen new approaches to the Bullet Journal that take its core ideas and adapt them in a way that works for people from different walks of life, whether they are overcoming a challenge in their life or seeking a creative reprieve from their busy routine. It’s these differences in approach and application that we’re interested in sharing with our community. 


How to Publish Your Article on Bullet Journal

We’re always looking for articles to share on our blog, but we try to steer away from typical “How to Bullet Journal” guides. There are tons of those on the web and for the most part, we’ve already covered that ground. Instead, we look for a human touch that talks about how you use Bujo and how it has helped you lead a more purposeful and thoughtful life. 

There are two ways to have your article published on Bullet Journal: syndication and pitching. If you send us a blog that’s already on your site, we can syndicate it and link back to you. However, if you pitch us an article, we would like the opportunity to talk about the story you’ll be telling our audience so we can help you connect with the Bullet Journal community. 


Syndication with Bullet Journal

Generally, we’re open to syndicating content from sites in the lifestyle, journaling, meditation, mindfulness, productivity, and intentional living spaces, provided that the content they share with us is relevant to our audience. It does not even have to be about Bullet Journal, as long as it can be valuable to Bullet Journalists. 

Regardless of the relevance of the blog you submit, however, we do not syndicate content from websites that have little to no overlap with what we do. Even if you send a blog about how to use the Bullet Journal method for planning a road trip, for example, we’re going to have to pass if your site is about selling suction cup mugs (it’s happened).

To submit an article for syndication, please fill up this form.


Pitching an Article to Bullet Journal

We prefer to have ideas pitched to us instead of finished articles. This lets us help you develop your story in a way that’s fresh and impactful for the Bullet Journal community. When pitching an article as a contributor to Bullet Journal, please talk about what the article is about, why you’re the right person to write it, who the article is for, and how you’re approaching the topic.

What isn’t a pitch: I’m [insert name here] and I will write an article about "How to Bullet Journal for Mental Health".

What is a pitch: I’m [insert name here] and I want to write about how the Bullet Journal method helped me manage my anxiety after I got laid off from my job. I think it would be relevant and reassuring for anyone who’s going through the same thing I did. I’ll start with my personal story before delving into a specific list of steps on how to use a Bullet Journal if you’re feeling anxious after being laid off.

While informational content is great, information on its own isn’t distinctive. The pitch creates a story that goes beyond telling people what Bullet Journaling for mental health is and goes into why Bullet Journaling for mental health can be a game changer for someone who's having a tough time. There’s also a clear reason why the person who submitted the pitch should be the one to write it – they’ve gone through the situation themselves. It’s not just information for them, it’s a lived experience.

Your pitch doesn’t always have to strictly be about intentional living and productivity. Often, the best stories are the ones we don’t know we’re interested in until we see them. Surprise us with your take.

To submit a pitch to Bullet Journal, please fill up this form

Please note that if you agree to publish your pitched article with us, we expect that it will be unique, unpublished content that can only be seen on Bullet Journal. 


Submitting an Article on Spec

If you would like to submit a finished article for publication on Bullet Journal, please email with an introduction about yourself and/or the business you represent. Please include the subject line “Share My Article with the BuJo Community”.

Like with pitched articles, we expect that finished article submissions have not been published prior to your submission to Bullet Journal.


Sharing Your Photos with Bullet Journal

We share photos of Bullet Journals made by our community on our Instagram page (@bulletjournal), but you’ll notice that we keep a specific visual style for all our posts. We prefer to feature minimalist spreads that highlight the Bullet Journal method.

We are always looking for:

  • Monthly cover pages for our monthly Instagram roundup
  • Weekly spreads
  • Custom keys and legends for rapid logging
  • Seasonal/event spreads (i.e. for New Year, summer, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • New ways to use the Bullet Journal method for organizing your life.

To submit a photo to Bullet Journal, please email with a high-resolution copy of your photo together with your Instagram handle. Please include the subject line “Share My Photo with the BuJo Community”.  Alternatively, you can post your photo to Instagram with the hashtag “#yesbujo” to let us know that you would like us to share your photo across our socials.


Sharing Videos with Bullet Journal

Video is a great way to showcase your approach to Bullet Journal. We accept short-form and long-form video submissions from Bullet Journalists who want to talk about how they use their Bullet Journal for work, hobbies, and lifestyle. 


Short-form (TikTok, Reels, Shorts)

We showcase short-form video content from our community on our Instagram and YouTube, so while we can accept submissions originally made for YouTube Shorts or TikTok, we will need your Instagram handle in order to properly credit you.

Similar to our criteria for photo submissions, we favor short-form videos with a clean, minimalist look and a relaxed atmosphere. If you send us a short-form video that you would like us to share, please avoid putting loud music over it.

Here are some ideas on what you can share with us:

To submit a short-form video to Bullet Journal, please email with a copy of the video and your Instagram handle. Please include the subject line “Share My Short-form Video with the BuJo Community”.

Long-form (YouTube)

Long-form video gives you more time to talk about your Bullet Journal journey so if you would like to share a long-form video with us, we would like to hear you talk about how you approach Bullet Journaling. This can be as simple as how you set up your spreads to as in-depth as a guide on how you use your Bullet Journal for running a small business.

To submit a long-form video to Bullet Journal, please email with a copy of the video together with your Instagram handle and a link to your YouTube channel. Please include the subject line “Share My Long-form Video with the BuJo Community”.

What We’re Not Looking For

Our goal is to share content that connects with our community and gives them fresh ideas on how to use their Bullet Journal. If a piece of content doesn’t fulfill either criterion, we tend not to share a submission.

We also reject submissions on the basis that:

  • The submission is overly self-promotional and aggressively tries to convince the audience to purchase a product, try a service, or follow a creator.
  • The submission does not align with our values and principles (i.e. mindfulness, intentional living, productivity, etc.)
  • The submission promotes a certain ideology or group over others.
  • The submission is generic and impersonal.
  • The person submitting the content does not have ownership over it. 

If you have further questions on how to submit content to Bullet Journal, please get in touch with us at and include the subject line “BuJo Content Submission Questions”.

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