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The mindfulness practice that works likes a productivity system

The System focuses on What you’re doing, providing tools capture and organize your thoughts. The Practice focuses on Why you’re doing what you’re doing, providing rituals to help you shed distractions and keep your actions aligned with your values. 

Learning Library

A guide and answers to common questions


This is the most common question we get. Let's kick off your Bujo journey with 5 tips to quickly get you set up with your own Bullet Journal practice.

The Index is the "CTRL + F" of your Bullet Journal and it's super easy to set up. In this article, Ryder walks you through setting up your Index.

To set up your first Monthly Log, go to the next available spread of facing pages. The left page will be your Calendar Page; the right will be your Task Page.

By migrating tasks, we get to see what once mattered and understand why that may no longer matter to us. 

Got related tasks and notes but no way to group them together? Collections let you cluster your thoughts based on a shared theme or purpose. Here's how to make one.
We write to think. If the little note bullets scattered throughout your Bujo just don't cut it for you, here's how to incorporate long-form journaling in your Bullet Journal.
Food and eating are the most basic components of our lives. Here's a log for helping you be more intentional with what you eat.