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What Is A Bullet Journal Index?

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The Index serves to help you easily find your entries. It’s the master collection module if you will, “the ring that binds them.”

Setting up your Index is easy. Simply leave the first couple pages of your notebook blank and give them the topic of “Index.” As you start to use your book, add the topics of your entries and their page numbers to the Index, so you can quickly find your them later.

Collections that span a series of consecutive spreads are indexed as: “New Zealand Trip: 5-10.”

Some Collections are recurring and can be spread throughout your Bullet Journal. These topics can be indexed as such: “New Zealand Trip: 5–10, 23, 34–39, …”

The Index can also be used to group other types of entries. For example, if you use your notebook to draw, create an entry called “drawings” in your Index, followed by the corresponding page numbers.


  • Indexing also provides a great visual timeline. Some people like to put a marker around their indexed Monthly Logs to provide a better birds-eye view.
  • If you work on multiple complex or long-term projects, you can create a dedicated Index for each. Dedicated Indexes can also be a great way to help organize notes for different classes.

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