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How to Make a Future Log

  • 2 min read

A Future Log is a key element of theBullet Journal method, designed to help you plan and organize events, tasks, and important dates that extend beyond your current month. It serves as a forward-looking overview of the upcoming months, allowing you to capture and track future commitments in a structured manner. The Future Log is a way to ensure you don't forget important events or deadlines and can allocate your time and resources effectively.

Setting Up A Future Log

The Future Log is one of the Core Modules of the Bullet Journal Method. This Collection is used to store items that either need to be scheduled months in advance… or things that you want to get around to someday. Like the other Core Modules , namely theIndex,Monthly Log, andDaily Log, your Future Log is made with the use ofRapid Logging

Set up your Future Log by graphing the pages by the amount of months you’ll need. Two equally-spaced horizontal lines across facing pages creates a six-month calendar, for example. Once your Bullet Journal is caught up to your first month in the Future Log -in this case April - simply move any items that you're not going to do into the next month.

As you move from month to month, you can Migrate any unfinished or uncompleted tasks or events from the Future Log to your Daily Logs for the respective month. This helps ensure that you continue to address future commitments and don't overlook anything important.

Periodically review your Future Log, ideally at the end of each month or at the start of a new month. This will help you transfer relevant entries to your upcoming monthly or weekly spreads, keeping your planning current and aligned with your goals.

What to Do With Your Future Log

The Future Log is a valuable tool for long-term planning and ensuring that you have a clear overview of your upcoming commitments. By consolidating future tasks and events in one place, you reduce the risk of forgetting or overlooking important dates, allowing you to manage your time and priorities effectively. The flexibility of the Bullet Journal method means you can adapt the Future Log to your personal preferences and planning needs.