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The time between "when" and "then"

  • 1 min read
Vienna, Austria
In our quest for productivity and mindfulness, we often juggle between digital and analog worlds. On one hand we have notebooks— writing by hand helps us be more intentional. On the other, we have digital calendars— their connectivity and speed is undeniable. This tension prompts a fascinating question: How can our Bullet Journal practice coexist with digital calendars? That’s what I explore in my new video.
Digital calendars can serve as our planning backbone. They offer a clear view of our commitments and schedules. They're quick, shareable, and accessible across devices. However, they often fall short in providing space for reflection and review. It’s through reflection that we learn. It is through learning that we grow.
Our Bujo practice takes our plans, our selves, offline. It offers space for reflection. By putting pen to paper, we externalize the internal. On the page we see our thinking, feeling, doing, living. This can reveal patterns hiding in plain sight. We learn which patterns to cultivate or prune. We learn from the past to be intentional about our future.
Meanwhile, the present keeps on changing. As the ink dries, plans shift. This can make analog scheduling impractical. This tension between the tradeoffs of analog and digital is what we consistently try to resolve.
Join me as we explore how to make the most of both worlds.
This is the first part of a mini series exploring digital vs analog productivity.

1 Response

Monique Cameron

Monique Cameron

April 18, 2024

I struggle with digital because it’s often “out of sight – out of mind” while a large sticky piece of paper on the cover of my BJ sitting on the corner of my kitchen table grabs my attention several times a day.

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