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Stack and Tags

  • 2 min read

Some new BuJo vocabulary to help us communicate

The Bullet Journal® was always designed to be modular. Each module is designed to group related information, that is why the modules are called Collections.

Everything inside the Bullet Journal is a type of Collection. The core Collections are: The Index, The Future Log, Monthly Log, and the Daily Log. Other popular Collections include: Weekly Log, Food Log, Trackers, Mood Logs, and Gratitude Logs.

The beautiful thing about the Bullet Journal is that you have the freedom to mix and match which Collections you use to power your practice.

Like Legos, our Collections can be assembled in many different ways. Till now there has been no term for your collection of, well, Collections. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to a new term in our vocabulary: the Bullet Journal Stack. So what’s a Stack?

We often test out different types of Collections to see which work, and which don’t. The ones that do work, get added to our Stack. A Stack simply refers to the active Collections in our Bullet Journal.

So allow me to provide an example of my own Stack:

Future Log
Monthly Log
Weekly Log
Daily Log
BuJo Log
Fitness Log

Here is a look at Tinyrayofsunshine’s:

Future Log
Monthly Log
Daily Log
Gratitude Log
Food Log
Meeting Notes
Sleep Log
Mental Inventory

So why introduce a new term? Over the past couple years, the popularity of Bullet Journal® has exploded. It’s become a global phenomenon with millions of practitioners. I could not be prouder of this vibrant, supportive, and incredibly diverse community. As our community continues to blossom, so must our language. Until now, there was no formal way to properly describe and share what types of modules you are using. I want to make sharing ideas as easy as possible, so focusing on how we communicate is critical in improving and maintaining the integrity of our practice.

The most popular ways for people to discover the Bullet Journal are Instagram and Pinterest. They’re both wonderful channels for discovering all that diversity and ingenuity in our community. Just check out how many #bulletjournalmonthlylog tags there are!

Recently Kim from Tinyrayofsunshine suggested that we could use formalized hashtags to better share our Stacks. I think that’s a great idea! I love seeing all the variations you guys come up with, and I know I’m not alone in that. I would love to make it easier for others to find your inspiring work. By formalizing the way we tag our posts, it will make it easier for everybody to find exactly what they’re looking for. To get us started, here is the first batch of hashtags for tagging posts:

#BulletJournal – instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalKey –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalIndex –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalCollection – instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalFuturelog – instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalMonthlyLog –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalWeeklyLog –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalDailyLog –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalFoodLog –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalMoodLog –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalGratitudeLog –  instagram | pinterest
#BulletJournalTracker – instagram | pinterest

If you haven’t already, you can also follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.

So that’s pretty much it for Stacks and tags, I hope it will prove useful. What do you think? Are there any other hashtags you would like to see? What’s in your Stack? Let me know in the comments below.

Inspire each other!

About the Author:

Ryder Carroll is the creator of the Bullet Journal. He's a Brooklyn-based digital product designer and art director.

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