My name is Clarissa Santocchi and I'm the owner of the Instagram page @my_journaling_corner, which is completely dedicated to my big passion: bullet journaling. I live in Florence, Italy, where I study law.First, I'd like to thank Ryder Carroll for the opportunity and for creating this great working system. It has changed the way I organise my days and have increased my productivity. I'm honoured to be sharing this peek into my Bullet Journal with you all.

My Bullet Journal story

Before the Bullet Journal system came into my life, I was one of those people who desperately look for the best way to organise their chaotic life. I never truly 
found a setup that worked for me until I heard about bullet journaling. Here in Italy, where I live, the most popular organisation system is the one that involves a ringed planner, which means: dashboards, dividers, refills with standard weekly or daily layouts... not much freedom and not enough space to write down all the things I needed to. I've always been a list-maker so I knew that there had to be a way to convert this inclination into a manageable system. I started by discovering the amazing world of Bullet Journaling on YouTube videos and Facebook groups.


This year, I've tried out dozens of techniques and ideas. I went back and forth with colour until I discovered that less is more and I abandoned it. Despite that, I can't consider myself as a minimalist because I often add to my pages lots of doodles and drawings, since I love following challenges and use my bujo as a sketch book too. It's a constant work in progress and that's part of the fun, but over time, I have more or less figured out what I like and what works for me: weekly log, uni spread and signifiers. Everything else is up to my necessities.


Keys and colour code

I am a traditionalist when it comes to my keys, I love the simplicity of the bullet points to signify my tasks each day. As I said, I don't use colours on my Bullet Journal anymore, but this was my "Colour code". I mostly used it to divide my day in sections, each of which had a specific colour depending on tasks and activities. Bullet Journal Key. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_corner

Weekly log

I set up a weekly overview according to what I want to accomplish that week. I also place a tab that contains all the Instagram posts I'd like to publish and since I am a bit into meteorology, I created a grid in which I sign up the weather forecast for the week: it helps me a lot to get emotionally prepared. The sleep graphic is one of the most important features in my Weekly Log because I can track my inconsistent sleep habits. Bullet Journal Weekly Log. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_corner

Daily log

This is my favorite part about the Bullet Journal because I can use as much room as I need each day without wasting any space. Before removing colour from my pages, I always added a timeline at the beginning of each day to track the tasks and to organise the daytime using the "Colour Code". Over time, I started adding the challenges I follow to the daily tasks: it helps me be more creative and gives a nice look to the layout in my opinion. Bullet Journal Daily Logs. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_cornerBullet Journal Daily Logs. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_cornerBullet Journal Daily Logs. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_corner  

Uni log

Since I'm a student, I needed a weekly setup to track my uni commitments. I developed this tracker as a way to eliminate writing repetitive tasks on my daily pages and to have an overview of the daily progresses. Bullet Journal Daily Logs. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_corner

Meal plan

The Meal Plan log helps me keep track of meals, and encourages me to cook more often and not to skip meals. Bullet Journal Meal Plan. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_corner

Memories of the month

This is one of my favourite pages: I love to gather together all the good memories and look back on them at the end of the month, it makes me so positive and it's a good excuse to doodle! Bullet Journal Memories Collection. Show & Tell with Clarissa @my_journaling_corner
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