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Here’s What to Do With Your Pocket Bullet Journal

APocket Bullet Journal is a compact version of theNotebook, our traditional A5 Bullet Journal, that you can, as the name implies, slip into your pocket. Because of its size, it’s a portable alternative to the traditional Bullet Journal notebook that’s perfect for taking notes and sketching on the go. 

That’s why we recently released thePocket, an A6 version of our Notebook that’s designed to be travel-sized and pocket-friendly while still having the functionality of a full-sized Notebook.

In case you haven’t heard of thePocket yet, here’s a quick look:

  • A6 size
  • Bundle of 3 with sticker set
  • Size: 10.5cm x 14.4cm
  • 46 numbered pages
  • Smart-Dot grid
  • Perforated design
  • Portrait mode that lets you use it as an A5 page.

We’re happy to be able to say that thePocket was innovative enough to earn an award for Journal/Notebook of the Year during theStationery Awards 2024. But as with every product that’s new and innovative, the big hurdle after creating it is selling people on the idea. How do you warm a community that’s used to A5 to the idea of using thePocket? Better yet, why use aPocket in the first place? What difference does it make? Should it be your main Bujo or a sidekick? 

We've been thrilled to see the community's excitement and enthusiasm for the newBujo Pocket notebook. It's not just a notebook; it's a tool for creativity, innovation, and organization. This handy little notebook is proving to be a catalyst for some truly innovative ideas. Our community members experimented with it in ways we never could have predicted.

Scroll down to see the multitude of ways thePocket is being used. Let these innovative ideas spark your imagination and encourage you to explore new ways to use yourPocket notebook. We’ve been so inspired by your creativity and ingenuity.

Pocket Bullet Journal Ideas to Try Out

The Pocket as a Travel Journal

“I live in the UK but my daughter is currently in Spain and so I've recently had a few short trips to Spain to see her.  Being that these trips tend to only be two or three days in duration and due to my reluctance to pay for luggage in the hold (you may be picking up on a pattern here!)The Pocket is an ideal travel companion.  I did an initial spread to put all the essential information I needed for a recent trip on one page and, even though the same information is available on my phone,  it proved very useful. ” – Christopher

The Pocket for working through feelings

“I'm using the Pocket BuJo to catalog frameworks and prompts that nourish my emotional well-being. I used to use sticky notes since migrating collections every few months was too much work. Now I can keep these coping tools in one place, and even have it on-the-go to re-center my emotional state whenever needed.” – Sakuraco B. (@sakuraco1989)

The Pocket in Portrait Mode

“There are two things I love about thePocket that provide a different experience than the traditional A5 bullet journal. First, the low profile allows for seamless transition from my trackpad to notebook. I tried to capture this in the picture. It is due to the portrait mode and thinness of the notebook. Like Ryder says, I have the same space as an A5 page.

Second, I love how the “tip out” works in the portrait mode. I’m working this month on integrating the Bullet Journal 3.0 into my practice and the reminder in the tip out helps me to focus. The position at the top provides a different experience than when I did this in a regular A5 notebook, which was on the right or left side. With the tip out on the top my eye is able to keep it in view wherever I am on the page. When the tip out was at the side of my regular A5 notebook, I could overlook for ignore it.” - Karen Colum

“I have started to use my Baby BuJo -as I call her - to practice daily logging incorporating the new mood bullet along with the existing ones. I am really doubling down on the amount of rapid logging I do. This way I get much more thoughts (and feelings) onto paper during the full day, not just at my desk, and my reflections make much more sense now.” -Saskia (ja, wol)

The Pocket for Emergencies

“After 7 years, thePocket notebooks were the missing link for taking the most important information from journal to journal and everywhere I go. In case of an emergency, this important information (like my medications and allergies)  could save my life.“ -Madlen Peilke (@millaine_xseitenseele)

The Pocket as a Master Index

After 7 years of Bujo and 21 notebooks, I needed a place to compile all my indexes. Here enters the Pocket notebook! I have 2 master indexes: one for a chronological index, another for a thematic index, so I always know where to find my oldest information and collections.” – Marielle D.(@fortuna_jaja)

Should I try a Pocket Bullet Journal?

Absolutely! APocket Bullet Journal can be an excellent tool for travel journaling, keeping a master list of all of your existing journals, or just drawing while you’re chilling at a park. Because of its compact size, it’s a great alternative to carrying around a full-sized A5 Bullet Journal (though we still love The Notebook!).

What does the Pocket Bullet Journal offer that the Notebook doesn’t?

While thePocket has less space, it offers more portability and visibility. It’s easy to forget your Bullet Journal practice when that habit isn’t ingrained into your daily routine yet. If you’ve had trouble staying on top of Bullet Journaling with a full sized A5 Bujo, you might have a better experience with aPocket. Because it’s small, you can keep it on you and that way, you’ll have a better chance of remembering to Bujo for the day!

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June 16, 2024

This is just what I need. I need exactly 4 bullet journals for my new business and right now I can not afford anything but just look, pray and hope 4 bullet journals come into my life some day soon.

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