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2023 Unique and Useful Holiday Gifts for Every Person on Your List

  • 8 min read

We talk a lot about how the Bullet Journal method is an incredibly flexible tool that can be adapted to many needs, goals, and lifestyles. As the holiday season approaches, we’re sharing the many ways in which The Bullet Journal method is a great gift. 

The holiday season is upon us, and it's time to spread some joy and warmth with thoughtful gifts. Emphasis on thoughtful. While every gift should be appreciated, there’s a special joy that we only give to people when we pick out a gift that really speaks to them. That’s why these gift suggestions are unique picks that are chosen to fit someone’s lifestyle, interests, and needs. 

If you’re shopping for:

  • Gifts for people who seem to have everything
  • Gifts for people who always say they don’t need or want anything
  • Gifts for people who are hard to impress
  • Gifts for people who you just can’t get an easy read on;
  • Or just anyone who’s hard to shop for in general

…then this is the gift guide for you! 

We'll help you match the perfect gift to every person in your life based on their personalities, interests, and lifestyles.

Let’s get started.

The Best Gift for the Creative: Artists, Designers, Writers, and Hobbyists

Creatives can be some of the hardest people to shop for. Most of the time, they have really specific tastes and, unless you’re familiar with their craft yourself, you can end up picking the wrong brand of paint or bad quality yarn. Not to mention, other people in their life have probably thought of gifting them art materials already.

So why not help them plan out their next painting, performance or tufting project with the Artist Edition 2023?

The Artist Edition 2023 is the perfect gift for artists and calligraphers. It’s a limited edition official Bullet Journal notebook made in collaboration with Annie Weir (@ajournalbyannie). Annie is a Bullet Journalist known for her floral line art and in the Artist Edition 2023, she shows off her talents with these beautiful tulips 

The Artist Edition 2023 has dot grid paper with special guides and a wider margin for framing pages. The light colored grid is meant to show up when you need it but disappear when you don’t, which can be helpful for focusing on the artwork itself.

If you’re gifting this to a calligrapher or someone who draws, this means they won’t have to count dots to make sure their art is aligned correctly. Plus, it’s made with 120 GSM paper so it can hold up to most fountain pen inks, pastels, and acrylic paint without ripping or bleeding through.

Because of their creativity, some artist's struggle with structure. The beautiful thing about the Bullet Journal method, is that it provides a flexible structure that adapts to the specific needs of the Artist.

If you know a creative that could benefit from some structure in their life, we offer The Bullet Journal Basics and Beyond Course. It’s a self paced online class that is designed for creative people with short attention spans. 

The Best Corporate Gift: Clients, Employees, and Your Boss

If you’ve been wracking your brain for a gift for your employees, your boss, and your coworkers, you’ve probably realized by now that it’s hard to find something that’s useful, unique, and suits everyone.

If you’re still on the hunt for a corporate gift, check out the official Bullet Journal notebook and pen. 

The official Bullet Journal pen or, simply, “The Pen'' is a special edition of Leuchtturm 1917’s famous Drehgriffel pen. It’s made of milled aluminum and brass. The pen has a modern matte black textured finish that matches nicely with the classic brass accents. It comes with a fine 0.5mm black ink gel cartridge.

The Pen’s tasteful features exude professionality and sophistication, not to mention some of the smoothest writing you’ll experience with a pen, making it a great corporate gift for people who like to write by hand, or use a notebook. Speaking of which: 

The Pen pairs well with the official Bullet Journal notebooks, creating a complete professional experience.

Our sleek notebooks are a great everyday carry to meetings, where the analog system enhances your attention and helps make sure no task slips through the cracks. The dot grid helps create enough structure for your notes while remaining open enough for sketches of your latest product idea. 

The Best Gift for School: Teachers and Students

Teachers and students may be on different ends of the classroom, but they’re both really busy groups of people who can use a little help with planning their academic year. Not to mention, they get a lot of use out of stationery in school. 

If you’re shopping for your favorite teacher or a bust college student in your life, you might want to consider the Edition X as an end of year gift. The Edition X is a special edition Bullet Journal notebook made to celebrate Bullet Journal’s 10th anniversary (yes, it’s been that long).

The Edition X has all the great features of the other Bullet Journal notebooks, such as the Edition 2 and the Artist’s Edition, but with the special edition of a gilded notebook edge. For students, it’s a conversation starter about their interests; for teachers, it’s a pretty way to get students interested in being more productive.

Inside the Edition X is a pocket guide that teaches how to start bullet journaling, so anyone getting this as a gift gets to plug-and-play a new productivity system in their daily routine. If you think the other Bullet Journal notebooks are more to your giftee’s tastes, don’t worry: every Bullet Journal notebook comes with a pocket guide. 

As learners, the Bullet Journal method can enhance your note taking, as handwritten notes are more deeply encoded in our memories. Regardless of subject, the Bullet Journal can be home to all your special interests, reading notes, and course materials.

If you enjoy video tutorials, you can learn much more about how this method can supercharge your goals and learning in the Bullet Journal Basics & Beyond course.

The Best Gift for Parents

Parents have a lot on their plate, from keeping track of kids' milestones to managing schedules and important information. Skip buying them an airfryer this year and give them the gift of life management instead by helping them get started with the Bullet Journal method. 

Evie Granville, a mom and Bullet Journalist, had this to say about Bullet Journaling as a parent, “In the time since I started a Bullet Journal, several things in my life have changed. I’ve become more productive… I’ve felt more clear-headed and less overwhelmed… I’ve been reminded of my own creativity.”

This holiday season, consider gifting the overwhelmed parents in your life The Bullet Journal Method book.

The Bullet Journal Method book is a guide for Bullet Journaling that goes into how and why the method was developed as well as how other people have found uses for the method in their lives. It’s a great resource for learning how to start and figuring out ways to make the method work for someone’s lifestyle. Or even better, add theaudiobook version to listen to Ryder narrate while running errands and making drop offs!

You can find the Bullet Journal Method book here.

The Best Gift for People Who Have It All

How do you shop for someone who doesn’t need anything? Whether it’s because they truly have it all or because they don’t like gifts, chances are they would still appreciate the gift of community with a membership subscription to Bujo U.

Bujo U is a community built for people who are interested in connecting with people who love personal development and intentionality. Bujo U runs exclusive events where members can come together and try new experiments to help improve their lives. Not to mention, there are book clubs and live events to keep them entertained.

For those who don’t want material things, give the gift of dozens of interesting experiences shared with a curious and supportive community. 

You can sign gift a Bujo U subscription through this link.

The Best Gift for Newbie Bullet Journalists

The Basics and Beyond course is an in-depth guide to the whats and whys of Bullet Journaling. If you know a Bullet Journalist or just someone who’s mentioned wanting to try the method, this is the perfect gift to give them. 

Unlike a lot of free resources on the internet, the official Basics and Beyond course provides and coherent, and unified experience that also delves into the more philosophical aspects of the Bullet Journal method. 

Basics and Beyond students are guided through the rituals of Bullet Journaling and how to live more by learning to do less.

You can find the Basics and Beyond course here.

Still got questions?

We get a lot of questions about giving the gift of Bullet Journal. If you’re still not sure whether it’s the right gift for a special person in your life, here are some answers to questions you might be thinking about. 

Is a bullet journal a good gift?

A Bullet Journal notebook is one of the most adaptable gifts you can give. Everyone can get use out of the Bullet Journal method and, even if they decide it’s not for them, it’s still a beautiful, high quality notebook they can use for just about anything.

A Bullet Journal notebook universally useful, it can be gifted to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who needs to make a little more time in their lives for what matters to them. Also, each notebook comes with a separate guide book that teaches the basics of Bujo.

Can I place a wholesale order for my company?

Absolutely. Please contact us so we can discuss your order.

What do you give someone who likes to journal?

Aside from a Bullet Journal notebook, you can also get the official Bullet Journal pen for someone who likes to journal. It has a sophisticated look and is perfect for writing down your deepest thoughts, so it’s bound to make a journal lover happy. 

What do you put in a journal gift basket?

If you’re putting together a journal gift basket, you’ll want to add a Bullet Journal notebook and the official Pen. If the person you’re gifting it to is a minimalist, that will be enough, but if not, they might appreciate stickers, pens, and pencils! 

What does a journal symbolize as a gift?

Bullet Journals are meant to help us keep track of our lives so that we can write our life story. When we give a journal as a gift, it symbolizes that someone’s life and experiences are worth  recording and, more importantly, that they get to decide how their life plays out. 

Journaling is also a powerful way for people to process their emotions, especially during challenging times. A notebook can serve as a safe space where one can express their thoughts and feelings freely.

Can I gift someone a journal?

A journal is a thoughtful gift that a lot of people can appreciate. If you’re not sure exactly what official Bullet Journal notebook someone would like, you can buy them a gift card instead. 

Gifting someone a gift card gives that person the flexibility to decide which of our notebooks they want. Maybe they like our Artist Edition, the Edition X, the Pen, or the Pencil. Your gift, their choice!

Can I gift someone the official Bullet Journal Basics and Beyond course?

Yes! You can gift someone a seat for our Bullet Journal Basics and Beyond course by purchasing the Class Pass. The Class Pass grants someone access to the Bullet Journal Basics & Beyond course. 

What to gift a writer friend?

Computers haven’t killed pen and paper. A lot of writers still like to jot down notes in their Bullet Journal with a pen. If you’re picking out a gift for a writer, we recommend the official Bullet Journal pen and the Edition 2

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