Using Collections in the Bullet Journal is a great way to organize ongoing projects. Some longer-lived projects will spread throughout your book. Though indexing helps you keep track of where your collections occur within the book, it can be a hassle to keep referring to your Index, that’s where Threading comes in.

Let’s say you have a collectionthat lives on pages 2-6 then reappears on page 14-21, and then again on pages 45-62. To “thread” this collection, simply add the page number of the previous or next instance of that collection next to the current page number. That way, when you’re working on this collection, you don’t have to refer to Index anymore.

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Ryder is the creator of the Bullet Journal. He's a Brooklyn-based digital product designer and art director.
  • brandrain

    Comment tester

  • Bridgette Boudreaux

    I just started doing this. I even add at the top of the page “continued from page 6-9” so I can easily flip back and forth.

  • Mandi P

    good idea – no need to look at the index each time!

  • I put the previous and next instances’ page numbers at the top of the page next to the title.

    If the current collection spans multiple pages (eg. pgs 6-9), then I would put the next instance’s page number at the bottom of the last page (eg. pg 9) in the collection as well.

    Also instead of writing “continued from” I would just use the back arrow and the next arrow.

  • Anita

    I have NEVER been good at writing anything down…. EVER…… that being said, I am scatterbrained at work and i was forgetting to finish tasks, and had a million different notes everywhere.

    I googled journaling/note taking, and came across your site. You, my friend, have helped me in ways i cannot even describe. You have actually got me excited about note taking and now i even want to start taking notes for my own personal use, not just work! Thanks soooooooooo Much

    Anita C.

    and btw…. the dress is not blue and black.

  • Bridgette Boudreaux

    I also have added different colors washti tape to the sides of pages to categorize them under my main areas of responsibility. This way I can quickly find pages that relate to one another. I’ve also put tape on all my monthly views so I can easily flip between them all.

  • Ann Pagel

    This is brilliant.

  • Paula

    I tried noting the thread page numbers and just made a mess of it. I now make an inverted T above the page number, write the last page number of the previous entry, and still have space to insert the first page number of the next thread. I also do it on the Daily Logs so I can refer back quickly to things I don’t want to leave undone for too long.

    • Larry Wilson

      Great idea

  • Jochen Burkhard

    I simply love this approach! Couldn’t be more simple. This is what bujo is about, right? (The today convinced freshman)

  • Janey04090

    This is a great invention, I love it.

  • humanbeing

    I am brand new to bullet journaling and I was wondering why one wouldn’t just have a Collections section? Is that against the philosophy of things (having them as they happen)? I think it would be nice to have it all in one place so I can read all of my ideas at once.

    • Angus McIntyre

      What you are describing is the Index. All of the pages that a particular collection appear on are noted in the index. Threading is a method where you can avoid being distracted by having to refer to the index when working with collections that are not sequential.