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The Daily Dashboard: A tool for mindfulness

  • 1 min read

At the heart of a powerful Bujo practice are intentions. Whether its to “be patient with my father-in-law” or “consume less sugar” or “be curious about my mistakes,” our intentions give us a framework to make more conscious choices in our day to day lives. The question is, how do we keep our intention in mind day to day?

I do this through what I call my "Daily Dashboard." This tool is designed to help me remain mindful of the things that matter most to me in the current season of my life. It can help me focus on immediate responsibilities, advance long-term goals, or simply remain mindful of the good in my life. The Daily Dashboard provides a structured way to anchor my intentions in the strong currents of each day.

In this week’s video, I demonstrate how you can set up your own Daily Dashboard. Like everything in Bujo, it’s meant to be tailored to suit your specific needs—whether you’re focusing on personal health, deepening relationships, or advancing your professional aspirations.

For example, you might track what you’ve done for your family or partner each day, helping you nurture those important connections. If improving mental fitness is your goal, you might track a personal win, gratitude, and a way you contributed to something beyond yourself each day.

It can be fun way to think about how to actually embody your intentions on a day to day basis.

Check out the video, and think about how incorporating the Daily Dashboard into your Bujo practice could serve you.

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