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BuJo Show and Tell With @catharinemisook

  • 3 min read

My name is Catharine Mi-Sook and I am a mother to a magical boy who has the most inquisitive imagination and the kindest heart of any I know. I am passionate about finding the wonder in the day to day, the daily practice of journaling, visual arts, collaborating with other creative souls and creating things from the heart. You will often find my son and I adventuring through the woods or exploring the nooks and crannies of peculiar old towns. We are storytellers and love to make our own tales and lore as we move through each day. As with such, I have a deep affinity for stationery, which dates back to my own childhood ever since I acquired my first personal journal at the age of seven.

Our visit to South Korea when I was nine years old was a turning point for me in regards to stationery. I had the good fortune of experiencing the wonder of notebooks and pens made in both Korea and Japan, which was definitely a game changer for me. Fast forward to now and not much has changed as one of my favorite notebooks is the Traveler’s Notebook alongside planners made from Tomoe River paper. I have expanded my palette, however, and have recently become fascinated with unique book binding and handmade journals made by artisans and friends in the US. I also love and prefer writing with fountain pens and tend to lean towards classic, simple and modern designs. But I also love trying all sorts of new writing instruments and really enjoy dip pens, the tried and true wooden pencil, brush pens and even a good ballpoint pen.


In closing, the one thing that has really added to my life and opened up so much positivity in countless and even unexpected ways, is keeping up the daily practice of journaling. Each day, regardless of my schedule, I find a pocket of time to write my thoughts, draw and watercolor, or at the very least pen a quote that I find inspiring. I might only fill up one page or perhaps ten in one sitting, but I make room to let my soul breathe creatively every day. The most rewarding aspect of this is having my son see me make space for this and join me in his own daily practice of drawing in his sketchbook or building something out of his legos. This realm has now become our sacred space to explore, dream, design and be free. And it is in this the place that I am always reminded of how blessed we are no matter what is happening in our lives.


I’d like to send out my biggest heartfelt thanks to Kim Alvarez and Ryder Carroll for the honor to share a little about myself here and my love of stationery with all of you! And I’d love to connect with fellow stationery lovers and creators on social media!Thank you for taking the time to read my story here and wishing you all a wonderful close to the 2017 year and a most inspiring and positive 2018!

About the Author:

Catharine Misook

I am a mother, creative consultant, content creator, and designer. I am passionate about journaling, the visual arts, looking for wonder in the mundane and traveling. I love to read books, write and watercolor in cozy cafes and explore far away places in the insatiability of imagination with my son.



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