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How People BuJo to Relax

  • 2 min read


“Most days when I come home from school, I sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and write down in my #bujo what the nicest thing about the day before has been. It makes me appreciate little things like a nice song I've listened to or an evening of watching series with my boyfriend. Going back to my desk is much easier after having this kind of break!”


I often get super easily distracted by my own thoughts— an idea pops into my head and I need to switch to doing that, or I remember something I meant to do and I drop my current activity. This is especially annoying when I’m doing yoga or something where I want to be fully present! 

I love this page (also known as#braindump or#minddeclutter) because I can just dump any thoughts that pop into my head there, and then come back to them later. This allows me to disconnect from my distractions and really focus on what I’m doing in the moment, because I know everything that’s on my mind is securely written down and out of my head.”


“I rarely have many appointments or important to do's like other people, but I just love to use my bujo for everything - for my little tasks, notes or thoughts. it just helps me to clear my head. and damn there's a lot of useless stuff inside. I can not explain why as an example to write down an "unimportant" note so helps but that's it. That’s the Way I disconnect.”


“One of my favorite ways to relax and chill is to memory keep and journal in my bullet journal. This is an article I found in one of the mom support forums and it resonated with me as a new mum so I dedicated a page to it in my bullet journal. I have been memory keeping as far back as I can remember but the Bullet Journal Method allows me to break the habit of clutter and adds efficiency to something I have enjoyed most of my life!”


“Sunday nights for me include prepping my bujo for the following week. I like to get cozy with my favorite blanket and a fire while I work on my spreads for the week. This is a new spread I’m trying with meal plans, a weekly to do list, and my habit tracker.”


“Bullet journaling is so relaxing because it's not just planning for me, it's also a way of bringing more creativity in my life.”


“I work in tech so every single day, I stare at a computer. When you have way too many windows and tabs open, it's not so easy to keep focused on one thing. When I want to take a step back, I turn to my bullet journal so that I could offload some thoughts and ideas. I'm always amazed with how much it helps me more than when I'm on my laptop. There's just something about putting pen to paper that helps me connect to disconnect.” 

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