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I started bullet journaling in the fall of 2015. It has impacted my life in countless positive ways, including localizing my professional and private tasks list, keeping all important info in one area for quick reference, and strengthening my memory through visual cues.

I pitch the awesomeness of the Bullet Journal to anyone who will listen. I’m in love and believe everyone should bullet journal. Sadly, I have found that many people freeze up at the thought of making their journal look clean and perfect. Some are also deathly afraid of needing to make it look artsy. So, they don’t even try… or they give up within a couple of weeks.

While some of my bullet journal is beautiful, many pages are not. My mantra is, “embrace the mess.” I use my journal to bring organization to my life. I’m a mother of two, an outside sales person calling on interior design firms in Dallas, the founder of a non-profit, a wife, a sister, an owner of three dogs (and one cat). But, most important, I’m human. Humans are messy and make mistakes.

Special thanks to Ryder Carroll for sharing his vision with the world and allowing me to voice my point of view. Also, an immeasurable thanks to my friend and personal English teacher, Tolly Salz, for helping write and edit this entry: it’s time to get over your fear and begin!

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Tammi Kollinger


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