“I’ve got a theory: if you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more” – Cynthia Rowley

Welcome to a fresh #BulletJournalChallenge!

This month we’re going to zoom out a bit from your Bullet Journal to see it as part of your everyday process on your workspace.

We’d love to see more of the life behind your Bullet Journal.

Your Bullet Journal helps you get organized and we’d love to see the real-time role it serves at your workspace.

If your Bullet Journal is the tool to help you get things done, then your workspace is where you get to work.

Workspaces are absolutely lovely, who doesn’t like getting a peek of where others work?

Please share your Bullet Journal ‘at work,’ if you will, as it’s laid across your beautiful workspace. No matter how cluttered or neat your desk may be, we’d love to see it. Maybe you even have a trick or two we could all learn from to improve our workspaces to increase our efficiency.

We all love to gander at desks, so share a photo of yours with your Bullet Journal. Alternatively, if you don’t have a desk, share your Bullet Journal environment.

Here are some ideas to share your Bullet Journal at your workspace

– Bullet Journal at your workspace/desk
– Bullet Journal environment
– What are your essentials for a productive workspace?

Please share in the comments below and on social media for a chance to win an official Bullet Journal notebook. The official Bullet Journal notebooks are currently sold out, so this is the only way to get your hands on one for the time being. If you share on social media, please tag with #BulletJournal #BulletJournalChallenge and #June to participate in this month’s challenge.

About Kim Alvarez

Kim Alvarez is the creative behind Tinyrayofsunshine.com, where she writes about the Bullet Journal, productivity, planning, and other creative pursuits. She runs a sunshiney Etsy shop with stationery goods that will bring a smile to your face at tinyrayofsunshine.etsy.com
  • Milozzy

    This is a fantastic idea… great job Kim and Ryder!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing the office spaces of fellow bujo-ists.

    This is mine when I’m working from home, like today. Other days, my office is a park bench or library study carrel. If I remember to, I’ll take some photos of my journal there as well. This morning, my journal is getting prepped for June with a May reflection and June planning.

    My essentials for a productive workspace are:

    – Lack of clutter
    – Natural light
    – My laptop
    – A mouse (this makes me feel old, but it’s often the difference between goofing around on my pc and actually working)
    – A good pen
    – My bullet journal

    My sometimes essentials are:
    – Headphones, if the work I’m doing benefits
    – Ear plugs, if I’m someplace noisey
    – A timer for pomodoros (I use an app when I’m not at home)
    – A sketchbook and drawing pen
    – My iPhone (for camera or other apps)

    And last, when I’m doing the nomadic office thing, I’m never without a bandana, lightweight jacket, water bottle, and spork.


    • Eza666

      I am having space envy right now. What a gorgeous spot to be doing all things creative.

    • Sabrina

      Love all the natural materials in your workspace and how simplistic it looks! Really envy the fact that you have good natural lighting going into your workspace.

    • tishushu

      This space is so pleasing to view! <3

  • JuliAnne Berry

    My workspace is pretty messy but it’s so calming to work on. (As a receptionist I needed this!) lol

  • Natalia Semeniuk

    Here’s a photo of my desk at work where I use bullet journalling a bit in my Moleskine daily diary as well as have a separate notebook for more personal bullet journalling where I’m trying to plan my life 🙂 I carry the personal notebook with me wherever I go and write in it in various places, ie. work, my bed, train, bus, a cafe etc etc! It definitely helps to have all my thoughts in one place 🙂

  • Jacqueline Mac Fallon

    Typically, my workspace is mobile – an open table at my workplace, a small table by the window in a coffee shop, and sometimes my dining table. Essential to me: windows or natural lighting, my essential pencil case (one black pen, one color pen, one highlighter, a pencil, and white out tape), my Bose headphones, and a chai.

    Today, I co-opted my partner’s desk set up since he’s out of town.

  • Terri Wagener Childers

    Doodling in my bullet journal is my stress relief break at work. I also log on my daily page any important happenings and future tasks.

  • C.S.

    Absolutely love all the pictures. It’s too bad I haven’t gotten around to bullet journaling yet 🙁 I am just too used to my mess I guess… Will share a pic of work space soon anyways. 🙂

  • Sheila Taylor

    Using my booklist page in my #bulletjournal to sign out library books online from my home office.

  • Here’s my workspace at work, with my bullet journal started today 🙂

    Things I absolutely need at work is:
    – my carafe of water, I wouldn’t drink water without it.
    – Morning iced Americano
    – Muji 0.5 ballpoint pen
    – Tablet
    – Smudge Guard, because my hand gets my table oily.

    Follow me on Instagram: @jennyfamularcano

    • Claire Moore

      I love a Muji pen. Every time I’m near one in London I stock up.

  • Jonathan Rangel

    You could not be more right!
    The first thing I did when I received my station was decorate it. I want it to feel like home, because I want to feel in the better place when Im spending my time here. I pass eight hours a day in here, six days a week, so… It the smarter thing to do.

  • Jonathan Armbruster

    I love bullet journal and I love my space. I’ve been using it since January and have been changing it slightly all the time to fit into how I need to use it. I’m a videographer/video editor.

  • Mariko H

    I unfortunately don’t own a Bullet Journal as of yet, waaah. 🙁 I’m waiting for my email that says they’re back in stock. I also don’t have a desk in my current living space (staff housing), but I do still have essentials:

    – Coffee (every morning must)
    – Water
    – Array of pens (typically Staedtler triplus fineliners)
    – Computer
    – Phone

    • Kelly Lynch

      Mariko, the official Bullet Journal is actually a black Leuchtturm, with some added pages for instruction. Many people use regular Leuchtturms — especially coz it means you can have a fun color, rather than black!

  • Andy Crooks

    My workspace is a drab cubicle with zero natural light. Here it is with my Bullet Journal front and center in it’s usual spot. I’ve also started experimenting with Bullet Journal in Evernote (laptop screen in photo).

    For me the work essentials are:
    – Travel mug of coffee
    – My Bullet Journal (I’d immediately forget half of the tasks I need to accomplish without it)
    – Evernote
    – A great playlist on my phone for shutting out office chatter and getting things done

    Thank you for all of the great Bullet Journal info and tips. It has completely changed my work life for the better.

    Now, to take a break and go find some of this ‘natural light’ you speak of…

  • Kellie Sisson Snider

    My BuJo at my desk at work. You can see I work with animals by my monitor stand!

  • My workspace is all over the place, but mostly my living room. Essentials for me (knitting, designing) are quiet and cushy.

    @nataliejost on Instagram

  • smallfolks

    Currently homeless, so my workspace is often just my lap with a composition book that I use for my bullet journal. Lighting is, of course, essential, but having my dog makes all the difference.

  • Erin

    There really is organisation amongst the chaos!!! My daily essentials are my bullet journal (obviously).
    Coffee…lots and lots of coffee! Water…everyone needs to stay hydrated…right!!! And music…very, very loud music!!!
    Insta: @eza666

    • I could not handle that chaos! But I sure do appreciate it on your desk. Very cool.

      • Eza666

        Thanks @10ch:disqus

    • jsbutterfly11

      Please @eza666:disqus MUST know where you got your Bujo covers. Especially the brown one with red framed glasses on top.

      • Eza666

        Hi @jsbutterfly11 The brown one is Transotype senseBook. I’m based in Australia and picked one up from Dymocks but I think you can get them on Amazon 🙂

        • jsbutterfly11

          Ah yes. Found on Amazon. Very affordable

    • tishushu

      THIS is how my desk usually looks, but I recently moved, and was forced to tidy! 🙂 I see the order in your chaos!

  • Pocket_papers

    Here is picture of bullet journal at my desk. I don’t actually have one since they are out of stock so I created one using a notebook that I had. Love the journal. I write in it every morning before work begins to collect my thoughts and tasks for the day.

  • Jenny Cervantes-Ng

    Here’s my office workspace. 🙂

  • Lux Taylor


    I bullet journal all over the place, mostly at the breakfast bar in the kitchen or on the sofa. But if I am working or I feel like I need to concentrate and be in a quiet space then I head to my desk… It’s a small space so when I am not working I like to keep it clutter free.

  • Jenny Cervantes-Ng

    and here’s my home workspace. 🙂

  • Deanna Heermann

    My home workspace is in need of dedicated time to sort, clean, organize. You can see that I am transitioning from Franklin Planner to Bullet Journaling. (I’ve tried to upload a picture, but the site says it is too big. Can I still be entered?)

  • dellface

    I typically use my lap desk to work on updates to my journal.

  • Nuriaion

    We are doing mostly hardware development 🙂

    • erasure

      I love the contrast of the paper on top of all the cables/tech!

    • tishushu

      This takes me back to my college days!

  • gamesbook

    My office workspace. I try and keep distractions to a minimum. Mostly programming … so really good to interact with something other than a keyboard from time-to-time. A bujo has the feeling of being “yours’ in the way that digital device cannot really match. Messiness & creativity are very human characteristics!

  • Mo Morgan

    Here is my space – fairly organised though if you saw the floor its covered in product development samples ! I’ve been using a Bullet Journal since March and I find myself so much more organised – and able to monitor my team !

  • EricaHD

    Here is my “bullet journal workspace.” I’m not really known for being the most organized, as you can see by my “files” in this photo. But it’s organized chaos and it works for me. You’ll also notice the coffee and water, which I’m pretty much never without.

    This is my first bullet journal, so I’m just using a cheap notebook from the university bookstore since the official bullet journals were sold out. I work at a university doing marketing and graphic design, and even though I’ve just started, I can already tell this bullet journal is going to be a lifesaver. I don’t really like compartmentalizing my life into things like work, school, home, play, travel, lists, organizing, etc., and I don’t have to do that with a bullet journal. It’s like my brain in journal form. I’m so thankful to have stumbled across this community.

    Instagram: @ericaslens

  • erasure

    Here’s my workspace today, working from home. Sometimes there is a MacBook instead of my day job Dell. Sometimes I am in the office in my gray cubicle that I’ve tried to warm up with plants, Legos, and a tall clear vase of confetti from OK Go concerts 🙂 So my workspace musts are: color, plants, natural light (lucky to have tall windows next to my cube at the office!), something to write on, and my trusty cuppa tea!

    • Those plants add so much.

  • Lyndan Gann

    I use a personal journal and a mega journal for work – and still feel like I’m running a marathon! Love the calm midst the storm that my journals give me 🙂

    • Anne Gilbert

      I am the same way! It took forever to find a large enough one to be effective for work!

  • mikebougie

    Here’s mine! Being a leftie, I get to keep my bujo close by 🙂

  • Dorothy Vaccaro

    I don’t have an official bullet journal, but here’s my workspace and notebook! I work in a soul-sucking cubicle too, so I always make sure to make it more enjoyable to be in – my coworkers all tease me, but I’m pretty sure they are just jealous. 😉 I think I spent about $40 at HomeGoods grabbing a couple items (including the lamp, small wooden boxes, decorative ampersand and notebooks) and it just makes a world of a difference productivity-wise for me.

    – LAMP: I hate florescent lighting, and a lamp makes a huge difference in making your space feel cozy
    – BOOKS: I use them for reference now and again, but this is another easy and professional way to personalize your workspace and surround yourself with the stuff you love (housed in a makeshift shelf which is actually a wine crate)
    – SHARPIES: or pigma microns for note-taking and color coordinating
    – DESKTOP BACKGROUND: I download a new calendar background for my computer every month from SmashingMagazine.com … they are fun and creative and a nice way to kick off the new month even though you’re chained to a desk
    – COFFEE! no coffee … no workee

    • Hi Dorothy, Congratulations! You’ve won this month’s giveaway!! Please get in touch with your address with the ‘help’ tab at the top of this site 🙂

      • Dorothy Vaccaro

        WOOHOO REALLY?!? I never win stuff 🙂 Made my day!!

  • Olivia Pile

    This is my #BulletJournal workspace. It’s my grandmother’s desk. It’s sat in the corner of my studio gathering dust till I started my bullet journal at the beginning of May. Now it’s a wonderful calm place to contemplate my day. I even found her fountain pen in one of the drawers. The photos are my father who died last year and my husband on our wedding day. I like their company while I write and doodle. #BulletJournalChallenge #June

    • Christy Kuhlman

      Olivia Pile, this is so me. Compfy and homey. Love your set up.

    • Maureen Murphy-Bogowitz

      Would you mind sharing about your beautiful pen box on the right?

  • telophase

    This is my desk at work, with a two-pronged approach to project management. My work bullet journal is open on my desk, showing two weeks at a glance. On the wall is a whiteboard with a sort of Gantt chart showing where I am in the three most important projects, and lists of projects that I have categorized with some inaccurate names (“immediate”=needs to be done in the next 3 months or so, “long-term”=done in the next year). The bullet journal contains the most immediate and important tasks that must be worked on today, most of which are smaller steps in the various listed whiteboard projects, and things like meetings, reminders to reply to emails, appointments, etc.

    I’ve got my day blocked out in my online work calendar so it notifies me at various times during the day with “Daily tasks now” and “Immediate projects” and “Long-term projects.” When the notification pops up, I pick a task from that category based on priority–say if “Immediate” pops up, I do one of the things listed for today in the bullet journal that is a step involved in the “Immediate” list on the whiteboard. If there’s nothing in the bullet journal for the category, I pick whatever project in that category that’s on the board that I feel like doing and work on that.

    Naturally, not all days work out that nicely–if I’ve got something with an imminent deadline, I work on that no matter what the notification tells me to work on, sometimes when there’s no imminent deadline I just work on whatever strikes my fancy, and there’s the occasional day where “goof off” is a bit more enticing than “do work”. The journal accompanies me to meetings and I take notes in it, so I have all my notes in one place.

    I *could* put all the stuff on the whiteboard into the bulletjournal, but (a) I need to have things in front of my face or I forget about them–I tried lists of projects in the journal, but if I turned the page, I forgot about them–and (b) I really, really like being able to erase and have them vanish when they’re done or when priorities change. I’ve got records of working on them in the journal so I won’t forget them come evaluation time at work.

    Under the lamp, you’ll also see my personal bullet journal, with the brown and red cover. It’s a lot more freeform, and at the moment mostly consists of notes for various writing projects and tracks ebook covers I make as a freelancer. It comes to work so I can put stuff that affects me at home into it, and scribble ideas and sketches to look at later. I keep my work and home/freelance journals as separate as I can for the same reason I don’t check my work email at home: work is work and home is home. I don’t take my work journal home unless I’m telecommuting .

  • Josh Rainwater

    My workspace frankly looks a bit ridiculous to most people. I’m a developer and I adore my giant 43″ monitor for working… the desk is also a custom-built mechanical sit-stand desk that I can change from up to down in… 10 seconds or so. There’s a counterweight on the back and pulleys let me change heights super fast.

    I’ve completely ceased taking notes digitally and the bullet journal is always right next to me all day.

    • cat s

      I’d love your screen and your desk!

  • Here’s my workspace. I like keeping it clean and well organized.

  • Susan Graham

    I spend a lot of time at the dining room table, answering emails about lessons and gigs and practicing in between. My journal is always to the right of my laptop. It’s nothing fancy, but it keeps me organized in my freelance musician life.

  • 1CarrieK
    • tishushu

      Such a beautiful, simple, clean space!

  • Casey Hammock

    Currently I am taking a bar prep class. So my workspace is still a classroom.

  • David Beam

    My “work space” as it were. I use a Levenger notebook with dot paper as this allows me to be more flexible with moving pages around my #BulletJournal. I have been using this for a while now to program workouts for my gym. The other coaches ask me to photograph this process for them regularly. The #BulletJournalChallenge this #June is awesome. Love seeing people’s messes.

    • I’ve been thinking about the Levenger as well. Have you tried a bujo in a bound book?

      • David Beam

        Thanks 10ch. No I haven’t tried the blind version. I’ve been using a Levenger long before I was introduced to bujo. So I modified the platform I already had to accommodate the bujo concept. It’s awesome.

        • cat s

          I’ve been using Levenger too, although I’m just acclimating to this bujo thing. Circa plus bujo…great combo!

  • Nels P. Highberg

    My workspace here at home, where I do most of my work. I like it best when my desk allows me to look into the room and out the windows at the trees. And I like lots and lots of shelves instead of drawers. My bullet journal is the red binder on the left. I’m left-handed, so that’s the prime spot I can reach most easily. I have traditional BuJo items and lists in the first sections and some project materials in other sections, but they are all in one spot, which was not the case before I discovered bullet journaling.

    I don’t know why the photo is upside down here. It shows up fine when I open it and on Twitter and Instagram. (https://twitter.com/drnels/status/738804147282018305)

    • I <3 your I <3 Me mug.

      • Nels P. Highberg

        Modern Family FTW!

  • jsbutterfly11

    The “essentials” in my workspace is a commentary on enablement from others in the Bujo Community 🙂 Tombow Dual Tip Brush Markers, Staedtler Fineliners, PITT artist pen … and oh thanks to you “Pretty, Prints & Paper” for your articles and videos on Hand Lettering! Of course I “needed” all of your brush pen recommendations and the Rhoda notebook. Unseen are every BoJo Berry Sticker sheet… Essential! Am I right? 🙂 And I’ve only been using a Bujo for 3 WEEKS! :-))))

  • Gary Bargeron

    Brand new to Bullet Journaling – but I’m hooked after just 2 weeks. Lucky enough to be working from home today.

  • Allisen Whitehead Gaudet

    Month #1 with my evolving Bullet Journal … I’m hooked! I’m using mainly for personal items as a full time working mom — I’ve been more productive this last couple of weeks than the 5 months previous, true story!

  • Here’s my desk at home. I’m a technical writer for my dayjob and have worked from home for the last 3 years. I also do bookbinding and movie reviews on the side, and I love how easy the bullet journal makes it to keep track of everything. I use an official bullet journal, which is to the left of my keyboard, open to my daily page spread.

    I’ve kind of given up on having a pristine/minimalist workspace, and focus instead on keeping a vague sense of order in the chaos.

    For the interested, my desk is an IKEA-hack standing desk – stacked EXPEDIT shelves (2x2s for the sides, a 1×5 where the monitor sits, and a side piece from a second 1×5 where the keyboard sits). IKEA hacking is a blast!

    • “a vague sense of order” — Nice. 🙂

  • Jessica Koning

    My Bullet Journal essentials:
    – A big bag and pot of pens, markers, fineliners and more
    – A big cup of coffee or tea (depending on my mood)
    – Rulers
    – A good tune
    – Organized chaos, meaning: my clutter is mostly organized in stacks, sort of shoved aside to make space for my journal.
    – And they said to get a Bullet Journal buddy to stimulate my journaling habits, but my buddy tends to take over the workspace instead…

    • Jessica Koning

      PS: I forgot to mention my phone and tablet! I use them to search the web (ie Pinterest), looking for journaling/lettering ideas.

  • I loved this theme! I like to see the workspace from others.

    My main workspace is in my room. I’m animation student and I’m studying drawing and digital illustration to work it in the future.

    I use this space for all… To study, organize my routine – and my life.
    The essential is in the picture:
    – Laptop / computer
    – Drawing tablet
    – Bullet journal + case of pens and pencils for writing and drawing (I take them to everywhere)
    – The pen that is always on the desk (the pink cat)
    – Papers for notes
    – Post-its to attach notes on books and notebooks
    – Some clips
    (The last three are in mini boxes on right.)

    Other things are important to me, but vary depending on what I will do each day. Sketchbook a5, clipboard in size a3 + drawing sheets, ruler and others.

    To organize myself, I use the GTD method. The bullet journal functions as calendar and task tool, and keep some lists of books to read and things to do with free time (such as movies and documentaries to watch).
    But in my digital workspace, the most important tool is the OneNote (and Outlook). I use OneNote to capture, process and organize; besides keeping my projects and references file.


  • MMorehouse

    My desk at work is usually much messier but I cleared it before I left for vacation and things haven’t had time to pile up yet. My essentials, besides my computer and office phone, include my new bullet journal, pen, pencil, sticky notes, scrap paper, Mother’s Day mug, beanbag for my cell phone, and my lunch bag. I work at a therapeutic farm so I always have sunscreen, boots, and a change of clothes nearby.

  • zonabi

    always enjoy checking out others’ workspaces! here’s our home office/studio nook, built it in standing-desk style. cheers!

    • ameneas

      Thumbs up on the standing desk, love the rawness of it.

  • Tania

    I’m not sure if mine will post, but I’ll give it a try – my picture keeps loading upside down!. My work area at my work office is double screens and memo boards, but there is too much confidential stuff there to post on here, so I retook a photo of my home workspace, where I spend as much time anyway! A good view, my BJ normally open on the right, coffee, and lots of things to do! I’m just getting reorganised after a very hectic month, and am enjoying getting back in touch with my BJ and updating some plans and goals. I’m lucky I have a large home office space, and on a rainy day like today, like to have some music playing and a candle burning while I catch up on things. Working on a Sunday isn’t ideal, but at least it’s semi relaxing like this. I’ve been getting lots of ideas from looking at peoples posts, very interesting, thanks for sharing.

    • tishushu

      My image kept loading sideways… Also, I’ve used my laptop box as a laptop stand, too! 🙂

  • Kryzia

    Currently taking a break from studying, so here’s a picture of my current layout. I have my computer, iPad, notebook, pilot fountain pen, color pens, bullet journal, water, and most importantly a pot of delicious chai! Though minimally I need just my bullet journal and my fountain pen (and my brain, which, thankfully, I have everywhere I go– though whether or not it’s functioning is a different story… Lol). Happy workspace indeed!

  • Aimee Stubbs

    I work in a library, and this is my workspace when I’m not at the circulation desk. One of my favorite things to do is create book displays, so I usually have colorful paper and bits of glue stuck to my desk.

    My workplace essentials are:
    – Computer or laptop with a mouse
    – Bujo
    – Pens and pencils
    – Water
    – Earbuds

  • Sam Simpson

    I work from home so I got a stand to put my journal on so that I can keep track of my tasks.

  • Sabrina

    I love looking at working tables. I’m an architect by certification and have worked on interior layouts and also landscaping.
    Here’s my working table in my room. It occupies half of room; my room is really small. My working table actually consists of one wooden table and an extension which is actually a shelf. I made in a way that both my table and the shelf levels up so that it looks like an L-shaped table. My table usually includes my laptop, cutting mat, pen holder, container full of glues/ pins/ tapes, a vase of dried flowers, and a diffuser. The shelf is where I put all other things which I usually use. These includes books, notebooks, art supplies and it also serves as my dressing table, as u can see from my mirror and make up stuffs. I could spend a whole day in my room just doing work and also gaming as I am an avid gamer; I’m working on keeping my gaming hours as low as possible through my bullet journal. The wall on the right has a cork board which I pin up letters from friends and family which keeps me motivated to do what I do. It also holds memories and keepsakes from travels.
    My bullet journal is actually self binded by myself. I had difficulty trying to find a book which suits me most and decided to make one myself. (Leuchttrum and Moleskin notebooks are really hard to find in my country.) It gives me a sense a accomplishment knowing that I am using a notebook which I made by myself.
    To me, a productive workspace would be one that is neat tidy. Of course, others can work differently as different people prefers different things. I also like natural lighting and ventilation as it keeps me awake and calm. However, as u can see from my window, there is little sunlight going in my room. I would also love a view of greenery as it would help my eyes to take a break from staring at the computer screen all day long. My diffuser also helps me to stay awake and productive. The smell of lemongrass always keeps me awake. 😀

    • I appreciate how thoughtful each part of your workspace (and journal) are.

  • So here’s my workspace – if you’re searching high and low for my Bullet Journal, the poor thing is hidden at the centre of my desk in front – it’s feeling sorry for itself because it isn’t being given centre stage for once!

    My essentials for a productive workspace are:
    * My Bullet Journal (obviously!)
    * Good lighting
    * Easy access to all my supplies; pens, rulers, extra sheets of paper etc.
    * A good temperature
    * Something that smells nice nearby (incense, a scented candle)
    * Peace and quiet (my best work is done after my ten-year-old and husband go to bed)
    * Good music (I’m fond of jazz when working on my Bullet Journal, because it’s relatively gentle and doesn’t interfere too much with my thoughts)
    * My iPhone (for taking photos and looking things up quickly, as if I do so on my PC I am likely to get sucked into social media and not emerge for several hours!)
    * A cup of hot tea or coffee, depending on the time of day…

    And usually a cat or three curled up by my feet!

  • This is my desk at work. The big green, graph-paper book is my work journal – right underneath my right hand and doubles as a smudge guard for the mouse. Coffee and water are right there by the mouse, too. The folder to the right is my project status and it goes back in the desktop rack each night. Pen: Uni-ball Signio 207, company-issue but pretty good …a little thick but works fine on that paper.

    To the left is my little Field Notes journal, which is my personal journal. I’ll pick it up, set it on top of the green book whenever a thought strikes me and then put it back to the left. Pen: Uni-ball Jetstream 0.7. Each morning, I update my habit tracker and log anything leftover from the day before, then I start the new day’s page. That’s all before I open email or my work journal. Otherwise, it would never happen.

    Further to the left is my brand-spankin-new, official Bullet Journal. That one is dedicated to my committee work for our local city government. That’s more of a lunchtime thing, when I can pry myself away from the latest professional cycling news online. (Same pen as the Field Notes, unless someone has a LT1917-specific recommendation?)

    • Kelly Lynch

      For the LT1917 pen question — two that work well are the Coleto Hi-Tec Cs and the Sharpie pens (NOT fineline markers — they will bleed).

  • Michelle Mayhemm

    I have an L-Shaped desk that I pretty much live at because I work, game, and bullet journal from here. This would be the side that I use for Bullet journaling, Art, and recording videos. My supplies are easily accessible and organized so it is my favorite place to spend my time. The nerdy fun stuff is an added bonus 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fd88ac43410d3d135e79ef923940c99b2e714f0856d41d00a41c04a04f5b0cce.jpg

    • Kelly Lynch

      Love the Washi spools! Great idea.

      • Michelle Mayhemm

        Thank you! I have found them very useful! They consist of
        Rubber bands- wall hooks- and wooden dowels 🙂 They were a fun feature for one of my YouTube vids. lol

  • Dawn Waldron

    I’m a Bullet Journal newbie. Today is my first day. This is my workspace most days. My desk isn’t always this tidy but I do need a peaceful space.My pen is a Pilot G-TEC C4 but I’m open to other suggestions. My essentials for a productive workspace are:
    – My iMac
    – A glass of water
    – Something beautiful to look at or through
    – My glasses these days
    – A controlled amount of clutter
    – Books, lots of books.

  • Joy DiPaola

    I’m an RN that does tenant outreach for an IPM company. I use my bullet journal to (try to) stay on top of it all. It can’t all be digital.

  • Patty Gierloff

    i try not to “work” when i’m at home, so my home planning environment is usually in my big comfy chair in front of the tv with my laptop & journal & pens, etc. on my lap & my best pup wondering when i’m gonna play with her. at work a little messy, but i know where everything is & i try to keep myself surrounded by positive mantras all around my desk. this is me working with my personal journal as well as my simplified mini one just for work.

  • Roberta

    My work space is my bed. I have a desk but feel confined when I sit at it. I like to lay down and work on my bullet journal, it helps me to relax.

  • Derek John Ermatinger

    Just discovered the Bullet Journal technique, it’s been very helpful so far!

  • Danijela

    More or less this is my space,often is on the bad and all those Maped are my daughter’s.I just need pen,notebook,music and relax.
    Amazing giveaway,as always.

  • Cory Ann Ellis

    No matter what my workspace my Bullet Journal is always along. My job and business (two separate things) both require and allow me to work from multiple locations. On any given week I could work from my office at our main site, my home office, a coffee shop or one of our stores. When I’m lucky, I’m working from wherever I’ve traveled. I’ve adapted my work processes to allow me to work from any location that has the internet or cell phone access. I’ve also minimized the amount of equipment necessary to do my job.

    My list of workspace essentials is below, and my home office is in the images attached.

    Cory Ann’s Workspace Essentials:
    – Computer
    – Bullet Journal
    – Pen
    – Ruler
    – iPhone
    – Headphones

    • Kelly Lynch

      Cory Ann, I love what you did with the Elfa carts, lined up to make a counter. I use metal industrial shelving (Metro shelving — restaurant-style) for my supplies, reference materials, etc. but it can get “sloppy when used” since all is open/exposed. Yours are lovely!

  • Natasja (CrochetPlush)

    My Bullet Journal generally resides on my desk. Which is useful… Usually! Currently writing my thesis, so my desk was too small for my book stacks (so I moved to the diner table) and as a result my desk turned into a crafty dump!

    Great chaos, but it allows me to take a little time-out from thesis writing and get creative with my BuJo supplies.
    I could do just with my Appeel squared notebook and my black Stabilo (point 88 fine 0,4) fineliner… But the blue-ish pencil case holds some extra essentials like correction tape, basic pencil and black marker, this month’s color themed fineliners and washi tape. A pouch/folder in the back of the notebook holds a collection of planner stickers.

    The desk holds an assortment of craft supplies that have to proof they are a valued addition to my BuJo supplies if they want to survive my next/post graduation desk clean out!

  • Nicole Look-Christensen

    – Bullet Journal at your workspace/desk
    I bullet journal where ever I may be, mostly on my lap. I do have a laptop desk that fits across my recliner arms, but I don’t like to be constricted. I sit at a desk for my job, so I don’t like to come home and sit at one too.

    – Bullet Journal environment
    To be productive, I really just need no TV and no conversation (although my hubby loves to talk to me when I’m trying to BuJo). Sometimes I even have to try and write around or on top of a cat.

    – What are your essentials for a productive workspace?
    I need all of my fountain pens because I never know what ink color or nib width I’m going to want at any given time, and the staedler markers for the colors of the month. I use a fish shaped tray in my favorite color to wrangle it all. I also need some natural light, I do Bullet Journal at night, but it’s usually wrap up. I tend to think better when there’s sunshine around me.

  • tishushu

    All I need for an efficient workspace are my MacBook Pro, my work and personal bujos, a Sharpie Pen, water, and chocolate!!!

    (For some reason, my images load sideways, no matter how they are on my phone)


  • tishushu

    All I need for an efficient workspace are my MacBook Pro, my work and
    personal bullet journals, a Sharpie Pen, water, and chocolate!!! I work from
    home, and my personal bullet journal stays on my desk, but my work
    bullet journal runs my day! (its the one on the bottom, LOL)


  • Brian O’Farrell

    My work is a hot desk environment, so don’t have a huge amount of control. But I carry docking station around so that I can get setup exactly like I am hoping each day.

    push the laptop/docking station right back, to make room for keyboard (hate typing just on laptop), and then get my day book in between myself and keyboard, the daybook was often forgotten element to productivity before I discovered bullet journal, and now it is central to how I structure my day.

    Beyond the docking station, daybook, then water and healthy snacks are key to my working environment.

  • Suzy  Brooks

    Loving everyone’s desk photos! I posted mine on Twitter, but then thought I’d share here, too. My desk (at work) has to look like this before I leave each day. It helps me start the next morning off on a positive note. My sink, on the other hand, lol….

    • Cory Ann Ellis

      Those old mac. Love.

  • khanabadhosh

    Greetings from Mumbai, India. Interesting discussion. Here is a view of my favourite spot, my room on the 14th floor of a building that looks out on to the Arabian Sea, I have numbered the items for ease of identification –
    1 – Large A2 sized framed copies of my favourite poems, Invictus by Henley and If by Kipling
    2 – A fragrance dispenser to keep the room smelling nice
    3 – The centre of my world, a pic of my wife and kids
    4 – An award I had won
    5 – Cork board with inspirational quotes and frequently dialled phone numbers
    6 – Scanner / Printer
    7 – My IBM laptop with a full-size keyboard and mouse
    8 – Soapstone sculpture of Saraswati, Hindu / Buddhist Goddess of erudition / wisdom
    9 – Mugs containing writing implements
    10 – Buddha in bhoomi sparsha mudra (stay focused yet grounded, keep your feet firmly on earth)
    11 – My simple and very functional BulletJournal
    12 – A white board for discussions and ideas
    13 – A small high table for standing meetings, also used as a standing desk

    Comments and suggestions welcome

  • Adrianna Janusz

    My work place is my command centre. I do everything here, from doing my make up in the morning, procrastinating on my laptop or paying bills. That’s why it’s important for me for this place to stay as tidy as possible.

    I like that it’s right next to the window which offers a lot of daylight. Also whenever I feel overwhelmed I can just open it, feel the wind on my face, look outside and reconnect with the nature.

    Bullet journal helps me a lot with keeping up with day to day business. I’m currently studying and working at the same time so it’s really hard to remember my schedule, not to mention some extra activities like workout or keeping my house clean. Thanks to my bujo I can be in touch with everything.

  • Florence

    I am a teacher and I needed space to prepare my lessons and mark my tests. Being cramped for space blocks my creativity. Being in a dull environment too… So I asked a joiner to make me the desk I needed for all my books and folders. This is where I spend most of my time after my high school workplace. I like it clean and ordered: this is the best place for me to think and to create my bullet journal spreads. All my best ideas come from this study of mine and all my colleagues are jealous… The room is big (it used to be our bedroom!) but my children often do their homework here too…

  • Karen pollitt

    I am considering using two separate bullet journals at the same time. One for my corporate job/work because I have an enormous amount of projects, tasks meeting etc. to track & one for my personal life and at entreprenurial endeavor. Does anyone use several bullet journals simultaneuosly and integrate tasks across journals?

    • Kelly Lynch

      Hi Karen – I’ve toyed with this too, although still using only one. I’m a full-time creative consultant working out of a dedicated home office space. I have tons of client project due dates etc. — but somehow it seems more in perspective to me to have all tasks in one book — on the daily page, I make a separate “column” for non-work tasks so that I remember to tackle them at lunch or in the evening.

      If you want more feedback on this, you might want to post this Q at the Google+ site — you’ll likely get lots of feedback on this topic! https://plus.google.com/communities/109117749342179166498

      • Karen pollitt

        Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment. I agree on having daily tasks in one place thus my mention of integrating task. I think I would want to store my work journals for future reference at my Company office and would not want the outlining of projects/collection for my perdonal life and business in those books. This is why I am toying with the idea of two bujo’s. I’m thinking a master or monthly task list in the personal and migrating from that list daily tasks into my Company one as Zi often work in personal tasks over the vourse of a day. I like your suggestion of posting the question at the google site. Thanks so much!

  • Nadia Nikolaeva

    Unfortunately I don’t have my own table. Our apartment is super small, so there’s just no space for the table 🙂 That’s why I use this table where we also eat. I just remove the tablecloth and that’s it – my workspace is ready!

    Essentials for my workplace:
    – of course, it’s my bullet journal (you can see it on the right), where I keep track of my to-dos and pomodoros for every task;
    – my laptop;
    – as a student, I’ve got binders for every subject + one for all my languages study (I had just two subjects this semester, so just three binders);
    – and a bottle of water to always stay hydrated 🙂

  • Carla

    Oh my,,,,I am just starting my journey on a bullet journal & workspace. I have various colored pens/pencil to use in order to make the journal as a personal & intimate collection of me-ness. My environment & workspace needs to be uncluttered so I have plenty of room, my tools are close by, but organized. Organization is important to me so I think that will show in my journal as well. However, I have plans for some awesome artwork to be included. So…that’s about where I am. For now.

  • Joy

    The place where I Bullet Journal! As you may notice, I use a Midori Travelers Notebook as a Bullet Journal at the moment. Loving it, but I’m thinking of a change to start in a regular notebook. Also I love simplicity, like my desk right now! I’ve turned my Bujo on Februari in this picture, as a throwback.

  • EJ

    My Bujo space is my lap (I’ll spare you the picture), there are no desks or tables in my apartment, (for many deliberate reasons). I started my Bullet journey 2 months ago as a way to get organised while I studied. I wanted a flexible and organised place to keep my to-do lists. I achieved this. Then it took on a life of its own. On top of my book I keep a pack of coloured fineliner pens and a pack of beautiful post-its for when I want to change the limitations of a lined page and always have a cup of coffee beside me. I want my next journal to have coloured dot pages, the colour keeps me hooked. But most of all I wanted to share that the bullet system of journalling is the first system I’ve ever stuck to! It has helped me fight depression and I share its’ usefulness and the results with all my friends. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  • O’donna Dean

    I am ready to start advising my students.

  • Alma Perry

    Here is my designated cubicle.

    -Shelf full of Lego and S.L.U.G. figures.
    -Mandatory copy of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
    -Old copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People.
    -Various pictures/photos which are pleasing to look upon.
    -Rubic’s cube
    -Obligatory slide-rule
    -Management mandated submarine picture. (LAME!)
    -Kindle Paperwhite (Most prized possession!)
    -Digital Display because I can’t decide on my favorite pictures of my family.
    -Motorcycle helmet (Have to protect the squash!)
    -2 Journals. 1 on the left is for regular life, 1 on the right specifically for work.

    As a software developer, there are a lot of online applications to keep track of my work. But you know what? I’m lazy, and I hate having to log into them. Once a day I log into these systems (yes plural) jot down everything that needs to be done in my work journal, and work from that. I’ll update the many websites the next day when I log in. Keeping this journal separate from my personal journal makes it easier for me to leave work, at work! That and I go through about 2 a quarter at work!

    My personal journal still gets plenty of use, and has become indispensable in life, which is why it is out on my work desk.

  • Desiree

    I recently got a sit/stand desk and it has been a great thing to let the blood flow during those sluggish parts of the day. I have notes written in a few places and am currently trying to consolidate them to be more efficient. I hope to transition fully into my bujo soon!

  • Terri Hamilton

    Whatever I can do sitting down at home, I do in my easy chair. Bujo on the end table or in my lap; fancy box of bujo doodads nearby.

  • Doreen Sasse

    Currently I’m working from home. I would love to win the official bullet journal. I’m using it just since one week and love it already! I was never so organised!

  • Milozzy

    Really fun contest!! This is my workspace!

  • monkey_king

    I saw this late, but thought I would share anyway.

    Sometimes, my office is an airport or hotel. I usually use three different notebooks… A custom Midori Travelers notebook in a Field Notes sized set, perfect to stick in the pocket for quick notes of any kind (also perfectly holds a passport), a Midori Travelers Notebook Bullet Journal for my planning and short work notes, like phone calls, etc. And a large Moleskine for client meetings. I use a new page per meeting.

    My office often involves food, especially sushi! But it can be anywhere, like a nice waterfall or even my truck. Or a hammock! I try to keep my desktop pretty clear and don’t do anything fancy in my journal.

    My BuJo has monthly planning pages where I have a simple tracker for my exercise and meditation, a monthly calendar and monthly todo’s. Then after that, daily pages for notes. Really basic. Just bullets and notes. Sometimes a doodle. Only thing beyond that is the pages are numbered and if there is something important, it goes in the index. And I have little check boxes on the page bottoms opposite the page number. Those are for me to check after I scan the page to Evernote. It makes for easy keyword searching and archiving. I also use Evernote for my personal daily journal because I take a lot of pictures with my phone.

    And I have a home office. My desk is shown. In addition to my BuJo and laptop, there is almost always a beverage of some type on my desk too.

    Well, that’s me and my BuJo in a nutshell.