“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
― François de La Rochefoucauld

No matter what your goals, to eat healthy you need a game plan. That said, food planning can quickly become overwhelming. The Weekly Food Log provides an easy system for you to plan and track your meals so you can stay on course and waste less fresh food.

To set up the Weekly Food Log, find your next empty spread. The topic should be the time-span i.e. “April 1-7.” The left page will be your food calendar. List the first letter of each day Monday through Sunday vertically, leaving three lines in between each day. Indented to the right of the daily letters, write a list starting with “B” (for breakfast), then “L” (lunch) on the next line, and then “D” (dinner) on the final line.

With your food calendar set up, simply start slotting in your meals. If you’ll be dining out (or ordering takeout), just leave those meals blank and fill them out after the meal.

Now that you’ve planned your meals, use the right page to list all the ingredients that you’ll need to cook them. Voila, you now have your weekly food shopping list!


  • If money is your main concern, you can add the costs to the shopping list.
  • If weight/diet is your main concern, you could add calorie counts next to your meals.
  • Sunday is a good day set up your food log. You know what to buy, and you’ve set a healthy tone for the whole week.

Image by: Maja Petric

About Ryder Carroll

Ryder is the creator of the Bullet Journal. He's a Brooklyn-based digital product designer and art director.
  • Ryder

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  • Jade Carpenter

    My hubby has done something similar with the addition of the page number when referencing a recipe to be made. I’m excited to incorporate this into my bulletjournaling!

  • Dianna McBride

    I’ve incorporated the food log into my bullet journal. Right page is the menu for the week…left page for the shopping list. I number the pages and enter them in the index. What could be easier. I have to say I just started doing the bullet journal this month of July and I am hooked! I love the simplicity of it and how everything is in one place. No more pieces of paper floating around! Thank you so much!

  • Maria T. Noah

    Gorgeous! I’m going to add my medical stats I need to take on these pages, too! So exciting!

  • rht93

    I’ve done a version of this for years, and one other good addition is if you are feeding more than one person (for example I generally good for myself and my significant other as well) you can create two columns for each meal, one for yourself, and one for the other person, so you can make sure you have enough to feed everyone! I also like to break down my groceries by the store I’m going to buy them at, and then by category within that, to make the actual shopping process less agonizing. I go through the recipes as I make the plan, and break down the ingredients into the seperate categories on the right hand page, so that when I’m in the store I can just go down the list in order!

  • Narayan Lakhyani

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  • Celia Roseboom

    I feel lucky because can do all my meal planning online at a local store here in Holland. They have a recipe planner and you can add all the necessary ingredients with one click onto your shopping list and with a couple of more clicks you can then get these delivered to your door. It couldnt be much easier!

  • Lee Eunjee

    Brilliant! Simple is the best. I admire your simple but effective ideas XD