It’s been an incredible year for the Bullet Journal®. Now that we’re coming up on the third birthday of the BuJo® (August 18th), I thought it would be fun to do a recap of some of the milestones that have led us here, introduce some great new site features, and top it all off with a massive giveaway!

The inspiration.

Around 2007 I was sitting across the table from a frantic colleague of mine. She was planning a wedding, and it was clearly getting the best of her. Her desk had transformed into an angry mess of post-it notes, notebooks, and repurposed envelopes.

She’d peeked into my notebook over my shoulder once, and said she could never be that organized. I told her she could because there was a method to my madness, and I offered to walk her through it.

I’d never explained my process to another person before. After all, sharing your notebook, is like letting someone read your mind, which, well…yeah. Regardless, she needed help, and all I could offer was this personal practice that proved immensely helpful to me.

At the time my methods didn’t have a name yet. Explaining it all took some time. I stumbled through it as best I could. When I was done, I found her staring at me with her mouth hanging open. My stomach dropped; now she thinks I’m completely nuts.

There was a brief silence, and then she said “You have to share this with people.”


I had just rolled off a long, frustrating contract. I had nothing lined up, so I decided to create a fun personal project. I gave myself two weeks to design and launch a website that would share something valuable with the online community. I thought back to my lunch with the panicked bride in 2007 and realized that my journaling system could be that ‘something’- a tool to help people get organized.

On August 18, 2013, I launched, with a tutorial video and step by step instructions. For the first few days – nothing. As expected. I remember being thrilled when I passed 100 visitors to the site.

One day I was casually checking traffic and I noticed what I thought was a bug. It wasn’t. I was getting thousands of views..that day! I had been featured on A few days later on, then FastCo. My little website had gone viral.

Soon, the first tutorial video was getting hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. Bullet Journal communities sprung up to share their customizations. I started getting interviewed on podcasts. One particularly fortuitous interview, was with the Pen Addict podcast hosted by the wonderful Myke Hurley and Brad Dowdy. They rewarded my incomprehensible ramblings by telling me about a notebook company called Leuchtturm.


Month after month, I looked on in disbelief as the Bullet Journal continued to become more popular. Blogs dedicated to the Bullet Journal starting popping up. Forums appeared all over. I was receiving a lot of email from users who shared touching stories about the transformative effect Bullet Journaling was having on their lives. But what next? After all, I had already shared what I knew.

Then it dawned on me: it wasn’t about me at all- it was about the community. They were sharing so much valuable information and helping each other in very meaningful ways. Unfortunately a lot of it was getting lost online. So, in September of 2014 I launched a Kickstarter to raise the funds to build a new website to curate the best of what the community was sharing.

By this time I was a Leuchtturm notebook convert, and I thought that a special edition would make a wonderful reward for Kickstarter backers. I reached out to the folks at Leuchtturm to see what could be done. We agreed to create a limited edition designed from the ground up for Bullet Journaling.

So, I launched the campaign for $10,000 to build the new site. Then two unexpected things happened. First, I met the funding goal in 8 hours! Secondly, when all the notebooks sold, people got…upset. Like, a lot upset. It quickly became clear that the notebook was just as interesting to the community as the new site. I went back to Leuchtturm and we decided to create an unlimited edition.

In October of 2014 the campaign ended with the support of nearly 3,000 backers. Over the next year, I focused on creating the best notebook I could, and getting it into the hands of my supporters. All 3,000 of them all around the world. I had my work cut out for me.


In June of 2015 the original Bullet Journal video passed one million views. To celebrate, I launched an updated video introducing new Bullets and the most requested feature by far: The Future Log.

In September the new website launched with all new tutorials, content, and a fresh new batch of notebooks. Along with the new website, The Bulletjournalist was unveiled. More than just a blog, it’s a monthly online magazine that embodies the Bullet Journal lifestyle. The thing that I was most excited for was that it featured the first guest post. It meant the world to me, as it ushered in new voices that could speak to things I simply can’t.


Building on the momentum of last year, we continue to look for great contributors to deliver great content on the site and our social channels. After being featured on Quartz, The New Republic, Vogue, and Buzzfeed, our community continues to grow by orders of magnitude, and with it, the questions that people have.

To address this, we’re unveiling the new “help” section. It’s a knowledge base that addresses the most frequently asked questions. It’s designed to evolve over time to provide the most up-to-date resources at a click. Give it a try by clicking on the “?” in the blue circle on the bottom right of the screen.

The help section also features another one of the most requested features: a FREE downloadable one-page starter guide. Originally created by Kim Alvarez, it has since been translated into over a dozen languages by volunteers from the community – an amazing example of the incredibly positive and helpful culture we’re building together.

This year has also shifted the focus to teaching the Bullet Journal in more specific ways. In addition to our regular programming, we’ve launched two new series: Bullet Journal for Moms and as of today, Bullet Journal for Professionals. Our hope is to inspire our community and help demonstrate how the Bullet Journal can be applied to their lives.

Last but not least – as big thank you, we’re giving away 1 Bullet Journal notebook a day until the 18th, which is the official Bullet Journal day! Click below to enter.

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Photo by: Ian Schneider

About Ryder Carroll

Ryder is the creator of the Bullet Journal. He's a Brooklyn-based digital product designer and art director.
  • Happy (early) Bullet Journal Day! Congratulations for 3 amazing wonderful years of the Bullet Journal growing and shedding light on more and more people every single day 🙂 I’m immensely grateful to you for sharing this life-changing system! It sounds like the experience of sharing the Bullet Journal has enriched your life as much as it has ours. The fact that you care so much about this lovely and special community and continue to think of more ways to give back speaks volumes to who you are. We couldn’t ask for a better pioneer of this phenomenal movement toward mindfulness, reflection, and intention. 🙂 I had no idea that the printable reference guide would catch on as it did and I’m delighted that it made its way to the official Bullet Journal site – it’s definitely in the highlight reel of my life! I’m excited to see how Bullet Journal continues to grow, all of this is exciting and wonderful!

  • Shu

    Thanks for creating and sharing with us this system of yours! The bullet journal has really helped me organise all the things I have going on in my life in an organic, less rigid way. 🙂

  • Ana Mirror

    Hello from Spain.
    Descubrí el sistema Bullet Journal a finales del año 2015. Busqué información, reuní un montón de ideas de la comunidad #bulletjournal y lo puse en marcha en febrero de este año.
    Me llamó la atención su simpleza y efectividad, en solo un cuaderno y con un poco de orden (índice y paginas numeradas) puedes tener todo lo que necesites reunido en una misma libreta. ¡Algo tan simple qué nivel de organización aporta!
    Así que, por mi parte gracias Ryder por compartir con todo el mundo tu método y aportarnos un poco de tu sabiduría.
    Ana Mirror

  • Buttercup

    After I discovered this website, it took a little time for me to abandon my Filofax. I like having only one notebook. Anything going through my mind, I write it down in one place. I don’t lose time anymore looking for the perfect layout, printing my pages, cutting them. I write my perfect layout in 5 minutes. No, it’s not as fancy but it’s mine. And next month, I can try a completely different layout. I also have a bullet journal at work and it’s a lifesaver.

  • Vanessa Michel

    I stumbled upon this website and the bullet journal system 2 years ago but only started using it when I started studying at university almost one year ago. Honestly, it was the best decision I could made. Organizing doesn`t come naturally for me, so yes my bujo is messy and chaotic at times but it helps me a lot with structuring my life and keeps me motivated! My notebook (I am as well a leuchtturm fangirl) is exactly 100% me and that`s why I love it so much. Thank you for sharing your idea, you created a beautiful community along the way <3 . I`m looking forward to getting a next leuchtturm notebook and starting my 2nd bullet journal year.

  • I suffer from anxiety and depression and the bullet journal system has helped me stick to making small achievable goals every day. I love how flexible and forgiving the system is. I don’t need to stress about unused pages. It helps me stay organised without being too overwhelming or rigid.

  • Julia

    I used the bullet journal system for the first time in January, and I will never go back to a regular planner. I started my 2nd bullet journal last week, and I can’t wait to start meeting the goals I have set for my second to last semester of college. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anna V.

    This giveaway is amazing! It’s great that there will be many winners as it only helps spread the bullet journal craze!!

  • Laugrau

    I’ve started system after system of organization, only to use them for a couple of days and then stop. The Bullet Journal system is the first that I’ve stuck with and that grows with me.

  • Susan Jaffe Albert

    I love having all my planning and organizing in one place. So glad I found Bullet Journaling.

  • Tracy M

    I found the bullet journal website in early May and 3 months later, this system has become my organization and brain. Not only am I using it to improve my personal goals and home life, I’ve created separate notebooks for my healthcare job and (most recently) planning my upcoming wedding. Before, I was becoming scattered and disjointed with writing and rewriting on post-it notes. I was starting another battle with depression and feeling detached created a negative feedback loop. Now I feel motivated, ready to be creative, and I have the steps planned for my “how-to-do” depressed brain. I also share with as many people as I can.
    I’m so excited to hear that is coming up on its three year anniversary and I’m glad I’m here in time to share in the community joy.

  • Vanessa M

    I started my bullet journal a couple of months ago and it helped me to stay organized. I never could keep up with planers before, I guess I grew tired of them. Now if I’m bored with my journal, I just change my design. My own BuJo is closer to those artistic ones you see on some blogs than the original concept, but that’s what I like best : it’s so flexible! It is a wonderful thing that you decided to share 😀

  • Das Freudenquietsch™

    I really appreciate your help with your friend and sharing this with all of us.
    Now I finally found what I’ve been looking for all the years. If you want to take a look at my Bullet Journal you’ll find it on Instagram.
    Greetings from Germany to all friends of bullet journaling all over the world

  • Nicole Look-Christensen

    I’m so glad you decided to share your system with the world! Thank you!

  • Victoria T

    BuJo is perfect for SAHM life: adaptable, each day is just as big or small as necessary (no wasted space), can track habits and activities and kids. Wonderful. Concise. Easy. Everything in one place!

  • Annette Green

    I’m only just getting started but it’s helping me be more organized.

  • Elena Liotta

    I love Bullet Journal because my life is really chaotic and rich at the same time, so I often felt like I can control everything. Now I have accepted that I can control everything, but I have one place to organize my time, to keep track of my days and to collect my memories. My entire world in one place… It’s amazing!

  • Anna Davison

    It’s helped me organise my work life as well as my home life. it’s shown me a huge community of like-minded people. It’s fantastic, thank you for sharing it with us!

  • How cool to know the back story! Thanks for sharing! BuJo has helped me regain my focus. I had used a few great apps – but dang that computer and phone are so distracting! Pen and paper help me stay away from the distractions! Having a method to follow helps keep me organized. Thank you!

  • Natasja (CrochetPlush)

    Bullet Journal gave me finally a planner that lasted me longer then a month to statisfaction… As I can change it every month! Like right now, it is my do-pretty-much-nothing summer holiday, so: I don’t need as much space as when I am juggling all my university courses/assignments/tasks and life. And my BuJo just listened to my needs, without me needing a new journal 😀

  • Deirdre Schragl

    I am a bujo mom and I desperately wanted to organize my many thoughts, agendas and tasks. I also really wanted to reconnect with my creative side everyday! I started with a small 5 dollar notebook from Staples and I am so in love with the process. I can be Uber creative or extremely simple, either way, I have all my thoughts in one place and in an sort of order that I can make work for my busy life. Really really glad I found Bullet Journaling!

  • Cassie

    I only just started a couple of weeks ago, but it has already helped me cut down on clutter both mentally and physically, and given me a great place to put all my thoughts/ideas/plans. So far I love it and hope it will be a system that will last 🙂

  • Emma howard

    I am fairly new to this community and continuing to pull styles and ideas from many different people! So far I love it!!

  • Kristin Virginia Campbell

    Bujo has really helped me get my thoughts in order so I don’t forget what I need to do.

  • Genie

    I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the system when I started it earlier this year, but one of the best things about it is that I’m able to just move forward, even if I skipped a day or didn’t do things as I’d hoped. The system is so flexible!

  • Liz Adams

    It’s such a huge help to be able to take all the thoughts in my head and put them down on paper in an organized and easy to follow manner. I’ve become less stressed because if I can’t remember something, a quick glance in my journal will serve as a helpful reminder.

  • disqus_c8lTdHnqi5

    I’ve only just started my bullet journal but already am in LOVE with it. It’s small enough for me to take it with me all the time but large enough for me to be able to use it for good note-taking. I can’t wait to learn more!!!

  • Wang Jun Lem

    I’ve deviated a little from the Bullet Journal guides, but this has been by far the best system I’ve stuck with! It keeps my day (and week, and month) organized properly, and I’ve somehow developed the discipline to continue with it 🙂

  • Chloe Chan

    The bullet journal has allowed me to take control of my life and become more organized for school.

  • fiercemuggus

    I’ve been using a Bulletjournal for 3 weeks so far to help me triage tasks better at work. Loving it so far!

  • Jillian Wilson

    I started my Bullet Journal in 2013, and can’t thank you enough for sharing. It’s been a tremendous help in my life both personal and professional.

  • jslater316

    Still loving my Bullet Journal… thanks again for a great system!

  • Jen D.

    It has made me more efficient and has cleared massive brain clutter.

  • Angelica Wallerstedt

    I needed something to organize all my thoughts and with my first bullet journal I have found something that works and has helped me to be more creative and put pen to paper. Love at first touch!

  • reuben

    The bullet journal has helped me focus.

  • Ruby Naz

    Bullet Journaling gives me options to be flexible with my journal/planning! Happy 3 years!!

  • It helped me organise all the different things I’m working on while only taking a small amount of time to actually maintain.

  • Lori McCleskey

    Love looking at the BJ, but am intimidated about taking the plunge. 🙁

  • Raymond Cattaneo

    Today…August 1 is the first day of using it…so nothing life-changing yet…but I fully expect something in the next 2-4 weeks !

  • Erin Bond Haney

    I can’t go anywhere without my Bujo. It keeps me sane!!

  • Rebecca Flansburg

    The process of BuJo has helped me be incredibly efficient, stay way ahead of my deadlines and yes, I believe it has also helped me make more $$ because those two facts! I a very hands-on with my planning and goal-setting. I still use a physical ole-fashioned paper calendar to plot my life and work so the BuJo was perfect for the way I stay organized and profitable. Love you Bullet Journal!!

  • This system has been wonderful for keeping all my projects organized.

  • Micah Carlin-Goldberg

    I just completed my first month using Bullet Journal and I am really enjoying the flexibilty and organization of the BuJo.

  • I can manage all aspects of my life and long term plan! Love my BuJo!

  • Big word – ORGANIZATION – for a BIG PRODUCT!

  • Nuno Neves

    I’m only just getting started but hope that helps me to be more organized.

  • Alex

    I’m still a rookie, but so far it’s the longest run of journaling I’ve done!

  • Niki Le Prohn

    I use the system mostly on weekends and vacations, as my work needs to be separate from my real life! but I love it for tracking and looking back over what I’ve accomplished (or not 🙁 ) and for realizing sometimes what I thought was important (so i put it on a list) really WASNT since i never did it!

  • Mary Roberts Wesolowski

    It helps me organize my household.

  • Sophie Pan

    I like the idea of a dynamic journal. It’s shifting the paradigm!

  • Sarah Marie Arnold

    I love bullet journalling! It make so much sense and makes a world of difference when I keep up with it, which is good incentive to keep it up. ❤️

  • Cal Callison

    I have spent years and much money searching for the right to do app or paper planner. I know I should be all digital because it’s 2016 and yet the pull of the analogue is strong. As a husband, father, pastor, and writer the simple process of the Bullet Journal helps me see everything in front of me.

  • zbeatty

    Awesome concept here, looking forward to giving it a spin

  • María José

    It has made me happier, more organized and I have the chance to express myself creatively through it.

  • Corinne Newberry

    Going through treatment, the BUJO helps me to track all the facets of my health process. I can create the BUJO to fit my needs – tracking meds, tracking symptoms, tracking what I have done for that day, and tracking what needs to be done – which is something I cannot do with any other kind of planner/journal. I am SO thankful for those who have given examples and ideas, so that we can all benefit from a community of knowledge. –

  • Kimberly

    The bullet journal has given me a clear head and i am much more productive now! I love my new structured life thanks to the bullet journal!

  • Rhian

    I get a lot more done with the Bullet Journal system. It’s satisfying, solid, but doesn’t get in the way of my day. It also introduced me to Leuchtturm notebooks, surely the best notebooks in the world.

  • Zoe Ryan

    Balancing the schedules of my 3 family members takes a lot of organization and bullet journal helps that

  • The bullet journal has allowed me to ditch the dozens of other systems I was trying to use concurrently and have just one place to keep everything in my life organized and readily available. It also changes with me as I need it to change and doesn’t keep me locked into just one system that may no longer serve my needs. My BuJo grows and changes with me which is exactly what I need!

  • Leah Danielle

    I’ve just started my bullet journal and I already know I’ll love it. Dayplanners have helped me in the past, but I like how this is more customizable. And that if something isn’t workin for me, I can change it and I’m not stuck to a certain format.

  • Alison Roome

    I’m really looking forward to the professional journaling tips. Would love to use this for work. I have so many to do lists.

  • Adam Lorenz

    Got my bullet journal in the middle of July and spent the last few weeks reading and trying to take in all the ways to use it to start off a new month. Today marks my first day with it and the fears that I would be overwhelmed by it quickly gone away and replaced by a sense of relief. Excited to see how mine will evolve to best fit my needs!

  • jpowhite

    Although I have many sketch journals I am very new to this and am excited to use this great method to see where my thoughts and ideas take me. P.S. I loved the video of the Bullet Journal.

  • Ana Madai Gonzalez

    Bullet journal has given me so much flexibility. I love how organized I can be when I can decide how to lay everything out.

  • Sean McGrane

    Not only have I used the system, I’ve recommended this site so many times over it’s crazy. Glad to see it’s spreading like a virus!

  • Abby Hendrick

    I was already doing something similar with random note pads, this focalizes all my ideas in one, pretty, organized space.

  • Sean Flenders

    The greatest impact the BuJo has had on my life has definitely been corralling the most fringe of tasks into a system where they are not lost or forgotten. Even the most comprehensive task managing systems on my phone or desktop seem to fall short of the small tasks I need to keep-up with that spill out of texts, water-cooler chats and quick phone calls. I am never without my BuJo and it captures them all. I love having an easy way to import all my tasks and relieve of stress of feeling I missed something along the way.

  • tracy shephard

    just started my bullet journalling and now have 3 of them..wieghtloss..daily and blogging :/

  • Amanda Maria

    So much sucess for you. I started to use a bujo and it’s helping me to do everything that I plano!

  • Christine

    Bullet journalling feeds my planning and creative side!

  • It is just the best way to keep my life organized & everything in ONE place – personalization is the key to it all.

  • Rosie

    I am now on my 3rd month of using the bullet journal and it has helped me to finally get shit done!

  • Jessica

    I discovered Bullet Journaling right before entering the full-time professional world, and my supervisor has often commented on my organization skills. This system has been incredibly valuable to starting out my career!

  • Amy Schlotthauer

    I started using a bullet journal this year and have never felt more organized! my first journal has been quite utilitarian so I am excited to get more creative with my second!

  • Kelsey M. Robinson

    BuJo’ing has honestly helped with my ADHD. Having the availability to flexibly work through the pages has helped me to truly stay organized in a manner that I wasn’t able to tap into without organizers throughout the years. Grad school, planning a wedding, balancing budgets, etc. – I wouldn’t try life without this system or specific notebook now. I’m incredibly grateful for this system, and love having my little black Leuchtturm1917 on hand.

  • Pasadena85

    I got more organized through Bullet Journal

  • Emily

    My bullet journal has given me a place to put everything I want to keep track of but never had a system that made sense. It’s a lot of little things, but is definitely making life easier!

  • Kathryn Klaver

    I love the format and the ability to have complete control over my scheduling and lists. It’s so customizable and I can change it as I go to adapt it to my needs <3

  • Getting Organized!

  • Kirsten

    It keeps me organized, both for work and my daily life!

  • Linda

    I love my BuJo. I know it has helped me be more productive, encouraged me to try some new skills and brought me into the bullet journal community that I enjoy very much. My Bujo is a positive thing!

  • Bullet journals have helped me with my commuting time and to be visibly accountable for my day as someone who has to submit expense and time reports.

  • Kapit

    What’s impact has the Bullet Journal had on your life?
    I have a terrible memory and BulletJournal has helped me keep my life sorted and in line.

  • Gina

    I love the structured but unstructured aspect of the bullet Journal approach. I can make it what I want instead of trying to find a format that fits my lifestyle!

  • Windeliz Gohl

    I started a few months ago, in April to be exact. It helps me set goals, accomplish more and remember important dates. It’s easier to feel calm and be focused since I started journaling! (:

  • Nate Dissmeyer

    I’m excited about the freedom yet ability to organize various aspects of my life/schedule in this new format

  • Joshy Kim

    What a journey.

  • Arturo

    I felt more motivated to get organized and do more things without postponing them. To write down what I need helped me having things clearer than with electronic to-do lists and helps being much more flexible and suited for my needs. I just started this year but I do appreciate the knowledge of 3 years. Happy 3 years.

  • Kevin Knight

    Bullet Journal gets my life off a computer screen which I think is very important. Writing is such a better way for your brain to process information – the set up for my Bullet Journal allows me to wrap my mind around everything going on in my life.

  • chantal

    It has helped me keep me and family schedules organized, my bills and just about everything else Thanks

  • Shirley

    Hello. I’m starting off with a bullet journal having tried lots of different ideas over the years such as a book for expenses, a diary, a “smash” journal. I like the idea that the bullet journal encompasses everything I need to record

  • Harry Chamberlain

    I have been using BulletJournal as a method since 2013. It keeps me on-task and focused in a variety of settings, both personal and professional. It’s also easy to teach to others, unlike some other organization methods.

  • rsholman

    I’ve been using Moleskine’s for years, but they quickly devolved into a disorganized mess making me give up on the notebook before it was completely full. Once I implemented the Bullet Journal methodology things just came together. I’m looking forward to using my first official Bullet Journal.

  • Lara Ocumen

    Bullet journaling has pushed me to become more artistic, something that I previously believed to be impossible!

  • Jonathan Armbruster

    Absolutely love Bullet Journal. Started it in January 2016 and it’s evolving into something wonderful for me. After bouncing around from multiple todo apps for years, I’ve finally found the one thing that absolutely works for me and grows with me.

  • Karen Petrich

    I have only just begun with the bullet journal using a notebook. I love the organization it brings to my personal life! Outlook for work and bullet for home. I look forward to my schedule so far and really enjoy capturing memories and accomplishments

  • Carolien Müller

    I am really looking forward to starting my first BuJo, now I’m all on my own work wise. Starting 100% self employment today and really need to get structured and the BuJo method feels like the best thing to do!

  • Carlos Iván Fuentes

    This system gives me clarity on my daily tasks and future planing in terms of weeks and months. By handling all those in a clearly and intuitive way, I feel more in control.

  • “What impact has the Bullet Journal had on your life?” The emphasis that the Bullet Journal videos had on having a super simple layout, and the reassurance of the idea of ‘if it doesn’t work, change it’, I was able to drop the perfectionism I’ve always struggled with and actually make something that works for me. Very glad to have learned so much from this method.

  • janet daum

    I have not tried it yet but have ready many positive comments from others!

  • nighteyeswol

    BuJo has not only let me be more organised, but let me to so without feeling overwhelmed, and it also gave me an opportunity to get creative with each page. A great, compact system that I can pour my life into and have at hand whenever I want.

  • Emily

    I started bullet journaling this year and it helped to completely organise my life! It got me through all my studying and exams while helping me to keep track of all the other important to do’s in my life!!

  • Though I’m fairly new to the community, I have to say that this system has helped me look at my day-to-day life with much more joy AND excitement than ever before!

    I love designing my pages and thinking of new spreads! I love using my trackers and adding to my other pages! I love being able to change it at will!

    The presence of the bullet journal in my life has revolutionized it. It is a system I know I will carry with me until I start treating patients of my own…as a physician!

  • Michelle Phillips

    Bullet journal has helped me become more organized, and has also helped spark my creativity.

  • Deborah Rines

    I am inspired by all the Bullet Journal videos and posts, so easy and flexible.

  • Cynthia Tsang

    What’s impact has the Bullet Journal had on your life?
    The Bullet Journal has been able to help me focus my mind on tasks and become productive. This has really changed my life.

  • I love using my Bullet Journal to habit track! So fun to look back at my progress over time.

  • Brittany Johnson

    My bullet journal has helped me be more productive, while also documenting some of my favorite, more important life events. I love being able to look back at the year and see what fun has been had with my friends and family!!

  • Pinky Chukkles

    One false start because I’m The King of the Procrastinators but new month and new attempt, thanks for the guide.

  • Aleksandra

    I’ve been using the Bullet Journal system since the beginning of my last school year, which is for about a full year now. It took me a while to get accustomed to using it but it made a huge change in my life once I got used to it. I’ve never been more productive!

  • The bullet journal system gave me better focus and motivation two complete tasks. It also helped reduce my constant mentally RAM load. Being able to place any kind of list I want or need anywhere in the notebook that I want creates a mental freedom that I needed.

  • Eve Marks

    I tried to buy a bullet journal online but the South African rand is 15 x weaker than the dollar and it was unaffordable with shipping. I even tried to send a friend to source one in America but it didn’t help because she was only in America for a week so the shipping costs were the same. I’m loving the idea of the bullet journal – I also use it in conjunction with my diary and have handwritten my diary pages! But…. the journals I have found are really not great compared the the actual bullet journal that you have designed. Here’s hoping I win! 😀

  • Zachary Walker

    Really helped me to deal with the stress of going to university. I can throw in deadlines, social events, projects, plans, maps, and everything gets organised. Whilst still being incredibly flexible and easy to change, rewrite and adapt to any situation. I don’t think I’d have been able to cope this year without coming around to the Bullet Journal philosophy, and instead worrying about “ruining” a planner!

  • Sami Williams

    It’s made me such more of an organized person! I love it!

  • Ben Rule

    It has helped keep important tasks fresh in my mind, and create a central location for reference information. I am terrible with dates, and the Future Log has helped immensely with that.

  • Keeping me on track was always a challenge – until BuJo

  • I have been hovering at the edge of BulletJournaling, but I am excited to take the dive today (August 1st AND a Monday seemed like a good time to start fresh!)

  • Marie Chantelle

    The Bullet Journal has helped me keep track of tasks immensely, improving my efficiency – I nerd out and tell everyone who will listen about this system!

  • Jamie Coker

    I love the creativity it provides and also helps me relax

  • swarbles

    Bullet Journaling helps me stay organized and gives me a space to express myself creatively. Moreover, I love that I can customize my layouts to whatever works best for me on any given day/week/month/year!

  • Deann H

    I can finally keep a planner/journal! Bullet Journal makes it so easy.

  • Lynn

    I love the idea and just bought a note book to start. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Beka

    My boyfriend has been bullet journalling for a while now, and after watching him one day I decided to check out your video. I’ve been hooked ever since. Thank you for sharing this with the world xD

  • Bullet journaling has reignited my love of journaling, writing things down, staying organized on PAPER, and above all, I’ve found this amazing community of like-minded people! I never knew there were so many people who loved the journaling experience of writing things down on paper (and not just using a phone and computer in this digital age), until now. It has meant more than just that simple notebook and pen…

  • Maggie Clark

    I just found this via a Forbes article last month (July 2016) and began my first journal. I feel so organized and productive and I still don’t think I have maximized what I can do with Bujo! So excited!

  • I am trying to be more organized with my college and the Bullet Journal method is helping me a lot!

  • Jourdan Rivas

    The bullet journal method has helped me, like the bride to be that was mentioned, to organize all of the thoughts and lists strewn around my house, work, and mind! With less scattered, I feel more together and less anxious that I’ve forgotten something and it honestly lets me spend more time with my family with less distractions. I have friends and strangers that see what I’m working on and always ask what it is I’m doing. I’ve lead many of them here and I hope they take advantage and start a bullet journal too. 🙂

  • Sandra Guthrie Parker

    I am loving the bullet journal and am excited to watch mine develop into a more creative journal. Today it is mostly text but I have seen some beautiful graphical ones which I aim to emulate.

  • Kealy Howland

    I deal with anxiety and Fibro fog. Bullet Journal has helped me organize a chaotic mind, and gives me back some peace. Thanks!!

  • Sal

    I found out about bullet journal because my ex boss recommende it to me (I was a completely mess of a person and too often I would forget about things I neede to do). One year has already passed and now I don’t forget a thing.

  • Theresa Guyer

    Since I started bullet journaling a few weeks ago, it’s really helped me with getting things organized and on track. I’m loving having everything in one easily accessible place.

  • 12ftScarf

    I love the bullet journal. It has helped me become less dependent upon technology and organize my thoughts. I also love how holistic it is. All aspects of my life are integrated together and organized.

  • Marne Deranger

    The BuJo has been crucial in my transition to retirement from a high-pace, super-structured, had-a-secretary career! It keeps me on task in my more fluid and flexible lifestyle.

  • Amanda Richardson

    I really enjoy setting up the pages. As other commenters have said, it’s very relaxing. It gives me an excuse to be creative 🙂

  • Lee

    I have just started using BuJo’ing recently but I can already see its impact on my life in terms of organization, clarity, and ease. I’ve started with my own journal, not an official BuJo, but I would love to have one to further optimize my use for it and its effectiveness!

  • bdizzle

    I haven’t been lucky enough to get a bullet journal yet, but I CAN’T WAIT! I’ve tried so many others, and between moving for the military, EMT school, full time work, clinicals, and something of a social life, this will be fantastic!

  • I am new to bullet journaling. I think this will help me get organized. I love that it makes sense to how my brain works! 🙂

  • Jeff Austin

    There’s so many components to my job – teaching, meetings, coordinator responsibilities, etc. Bullet Journaling gave me a simple and effective way to manage them along with my personal life. I’ve found more work-life balance too.

  • mariannediaz

    I am a recovering planning addict. Each year, I would buy two to four different planners, trying to find a way to fit my thought process inside their little boxes, to no avail. Since I started using the Bullet Journal method, I stopped feeling the need to buy new planners. My thoughts are in order, and I now know each day what I need to do, what I want to do, and in which direction I’m heading with my day and my life. I love it so much.

  • Ashley Hunt

    Bullet journaling has given me a sense of order and control in my life.

  • The Bullet Journal system has helped me professionally quite a bit. I keep track of my to do lists as well as tasks completed and am more organized overall. I also use a modified bujo system for home and I love it.

  • Lexie

    Love this! I just started bullet journaling this summer, and it has been great! I’ve never felt so organized, yet so creative and able to express my ideas. I love that all my lists are in the same place as my ideas and daily/weekly/monthly tasks. It’s also so easy to personalize my journal. Some days I feel creative and other days I keep it very clean and simple. I’m obsessed!

  • Eugen-Ioan Goriac

    The Bullet Journal has brought me all the needed freedom in planning&logging, as well as the natural determination to adopt it.

    I’ve never been totally satisfied with many tried&tested digital solutions for more than a few months, yet I started using Bullet Journals over 1 year ago and something tells me it’s a lifelong keeper.

  • Wendy Boyd McLean

    I can never find a planner that has everything I want. I decided to create my own but was having a little trouble with setting it up. Then I came across BuJo and it’s exactly what I needed, a skeleton system that I could leave bare or build on. I love it. I feel I’ve been able to be more productive, see how I spend my time when I look back on it and also engage my creative side and reduce some stress by doing that.

  • Valeria Naito

    I have always had trouble keeping my objectives and doing what I had planned. I still have some difficulty in completing a whole month of using the Bullet Journal continuously but it’s good to know that I can come back to it and keep going because I get to see al the progress that I had days or weeks before 🙂

  • Katy Taylor

    i have not started using bullet journal yet, but i am intrigued!! i’ve been searching for a system for years, and creating my own mix of Google Calendar with tasks there and in Outlook, as well as daily hand-written lists. i’ve really been missing a good overview. the Big Picture Layouts for Creatives really resonated for me–i’m going to make some time this week to try that. THANK YOU!!

  • Being more productive – becoming more forward thinking and documenting important information/thoughts have all been the result of my Bullet Journal.

  • Trish Haley

    I am almost done with my first bullet journal. My only regret is not finding out about it sooner. I love the community of bujo junkies who get excited about pens and paper and pencil bags–just like me. Using the bujo has changed my life by allowing me to have all of my crazy in one place. Instead of throwing lists and notes away, I can see the progression of my life as I have completed tasks or brainstormed ideas.

  • I found the BuJo last summer and it has changed my life! Thank you so much! It’s been one year now that I’ve been bulletjournaling and can’t imagine a day without it! I blogged about my experience here,

  • vert

    I have always been a fan of notebooks and lists, but the bullet journal system really allowed me to take everything to a new level in an intuitive and easy to use and maintain way that is flexible to changes as you need them. Love it

  • Jennifer LaVoie

    I just began with this system in mid july, and I find it very useful. I have a book for work and a book for organizing my personal life and 2 children.

  • Atticus

    I have had a hard time planning for aspects of my life that would be considered “long term goals” for years. Maybe this is because the extent of my organizational skills was just to enter events into a calendar, and that’s it. The Bullet Journal has allowed me to visualize the relationship between my short term goals and long term goals and see them as ever evolving aspects of my life. As student about to enter a Masters Program with the intention of one day starting his own business, the Bullet Journal and what it taught me has become a priceless addition to my life. Thank you!

  • Spencer Pasero

    I’m entering Month 2 of my bullet journaling. So far, so good, but I have a lot to learn.

  • Not only have I found a community that supports my insane planning obsession, but is totally inspired by it! And that just amps up the benefits of the whole system for me – like it wasn’t already changing my life as it was!

  • Sarah K

    Bullet Journaling has upped my productivity at my small biz significantly while also incorporating all the personal things that I do as a momma of a 1 year old. It is a great combo of my left- and right-brain strengths and I am so glad I found it!

  • Erin Plannerzation

    It allows me to be creative and organized without the overwhelming side affect of needing a bunch of stuff

  • Michael Elson

    BuJo saved my career by finally showing me an analog system that works. Digital has its place, but the BuJo makes me productive in my career and everyday life. So thankful you shared your system with the world.

  • I started bullet journaling only last month and I really love it! I got a Moleskine dot journal to start with and am keeping it quite simple compared to what I’ve seen online, but it really has helped me stay organized. I really like how personal it is! Thanks for sharing the idea & I hope I win one of the original journals!

  • Zoa Schescke

    I am so amazed at how much I have increased my productivity and have added so many great life tools to my day by starting my bullet journal. I started Jan 1 with the method and it has been a total game changer! I am more productive and more organized and just cannot stress how much I love the bullet journal method!!! I have told everyone I know about it and have definitely gotten some folks started on their own bullet journals. Thank you so much for sharing your method! I love it!!

  • Martina Urbanova

    I am loving the bullet journal because it is a very creative way to organise things in life, thoughts, work related stuff.. and it also look very beautiful. And congratulations on your anniversary!

  • Shanlli Fermin

    I have recently just learned of this technique and I can definitely say I love it. I am also trying to show my brother how to bullet journal before he goes off to college so it’ll help him keep organized. I wish I knew of this when I was in school!

  • Celia Quillian

    It’s a perfect way for me to organize all of my ideas and to do lists in my incredibly ADHD mind! I used to use notes on my phone but they’d always get lost. My index pages are EVERYTHING!

  • Annie Naumann

    I’m an Executive Assistant in occupation and a highly organised wife/friend/daughter in my personal life. I used to think going digital was the best way for me to be organised – I have tried, used and bought SO MANY apps. The most i’ve spent was £39 on one program! However, I started to find it made me more stressed than ever and in the end, my maintenance of my lists on digital platforms went by the wayside. I lost interest in my goals and tasks. So, I decided to take it back to analog – old school – just got my bullet journal and oh my gosh – what a difference! I feel like I am more in control, organised and even more creative! I can’t believe it took me this long to realise that all I needed was a BuJo system. I’ve never felt more organised in my life!

  • Samantha Dave Cason

    Congrats on your milestone. Love the bujo

  • Becca

    The Bullet Journal has helped me get everything out of my head that I’ve been trying to keep organised. It’s brilliant!

  • Cr0wscall

    Bullet Journaling has introduced me to a simple and efficient productivity tool that is as satisfying to use as it is effective.

  • Dayna White

    I tried to leave a comment above, but I could not. I am an English, and basically disorganized. I would love to learn how to use this journal to make me more efficient, but I am skeptical of how much time this will take.

    • EdRo

      Dayna, it doesn’t take time, it creates time. Look at some video’s and start. You’ll love it if you want to change

    • Dayna White

      I need a printable version of the technique to help me get started. I am not always on a computer, and I need that reference. I am also curious how many users have ADD or ADHD — how hard was it for you to get started? Anyone with fine motor skill issues? The videos look so neat and precise — what about the sloppier among us?

  • suza

    Taking care of a freelance biz, two teenagers, my house, an aging parent and her house and being almost 60 gave me information overload. I couldnt remember anything! With the bullwt J. Now i know exactly what has to be done and when. No more post it notes on every monitor, mirror and appliance in the house. No more forgotten appts or lost phone numbers. Its been a miracle for me.

  • Liz CKM

    I’ve always struggled with organizational tools and was never able to consistently use any sort of planner. I love the flexibility but also structure off my bullet journal. It’s enough guidance that I’m not constantly changing my system, and forgiving enough that if I forget to use it for a day, I’m not frustrated or constantly reminded that I messed up.

  • Fiona Skye

    BuJo has helped tame the savage Stress Beast.

  • Alex K

    I’ve only been using the Bullet Journal for under a month but already noticed myself getting more things done, being able to remember more of what I need to do and spending a bit of time every day reflecting on my day and what I need to do the next day.

  • Jennie McGrath

    Using Bullet Journaling has helped me immensely with my anxiety. I love how I can take notes on the minutia of the day and write longer pieces as well.

    The big thing I have yet to master is going back through to look for patterns, assess and modify goals, etc. I’ve just entered my 3rd month of journaling and have already felt comfortable to experiment with several different layout styles. I’ve been comfortable letting go of “perfection”.

    Weirdly, it feels like less of an obligation to use, even though it is always with me, than a regular journal or diary ever did. I’m using it to practice my Japanese on top of everything else. I am so glad my friend Jacky encouraged me to learn about Bujo!

  • anita

    I love my BuJo and I’ve never been so organized as now – thank you for this wonderful inspiration and very helpful tool.

  • Tabatha Drum-Dickson

    I have been journaling for many years, specifically for my work. Finding BuJo has provided the missing component to my system. It has created order to my notes and the ability to find the relevant entries that would get lost in the day to day activities. Most of all I love the idea that my books reflect who I am and my unique needs when recording my activity. I can now finally see how much I truly achieve throughout the year and celebrate those victories.

  • Sharon

    The Bullet Journal system has made me more organized and productive. At night I create my to do list for the following day, as well as add to an ongoing to do list that I can pick items from as I have free time. In the morning I review the list from the night before and adjust as needed. There are times I can’t bring my book with me, I just snap a picture of my page and I am never without it.

  • Sasha Touille

    I have just started Bullet Journaling after reading tons of blogs (including yours) about it. I love it so far! It is very rewarding to see what I have accomplished, and relieving to know it’s okay to reschedule 🙂

  • GP

    I am so glad I found the bullet journal system it has changed my whole life around! It has made me more productive. It is a great tool to combine everything I need into one book

  • Carrie Farrell Yeager

    I just started Bullet Journaling and am excited at how simple and efficient it is. I started with a blank notebook, would love to have an actual bullet journal!!

  • endarthur

    I have heard about bullet journal from about the beginning. Since then I have been using it as a way to organize my geologist fieldwork notebook. It has been really great!

  • SophiaBV

    As a writer, I love using the bullet journal to help me plan. The system allows me to keep outlines, character sketches, notes, to do lists, and deadlines organized in a way that is very helpful to have on hand while I write.

  • Mollie Kay

    It’s helped me remember more of what I need to accomplish. Between my BuJo and my Outlook calendar, I’m way more organized.

  • Hannah Barnes

    So happy I discovered the Bullet Journal. I look forward to sitting down and writing, creating new spreads, encorporating colour and just having fun being creative. I include it as part of my “me time” a few I’ve met some lovely people through fan pages from Bullet Journalling so I just want to say thank you for this. I don’t know what I’d do without it now.

  • Susan Marie Foote

    After just a month, I AM loving BuJo. It’s meeting so many needs.

  • Jenny Smillie

    I just discovered the bullet journal these past few weeks and I’ve already started separate journals for my busy mom life, one for each of my kids and school, and one for recipes and my etsy shop.
    I’m a very visual person and I love getting organized and keeping all my thoughts in one place.
    Thank you for sharing the method to your organized madness!

  • melonkelli

    I’ve just started using the BuLlet Journal methods– I feel like I am starting the month off right!

  • sarah chang

    I love how versatile and customizable the BUJO is. I can change my mind at any time and the journal easily accommodates that. I like that I can see at quick glance all the information I need. It has helped me organize my person and professional life immensely.

  • Cassandra Gallagher

    Congrats! An amazing journey. Bullet Journals are great. Every year for as long as I can remember I’ve always bought a new or different style of journal/planner/notebook. No journal or planner has really ever been able to fit the free-form particular way I take notes or plan my day. Bullet journal offers that that flexibility while still giving me some structure. As a perk, I’m a designer and it’s given me the ability to get a little creative every day. It is an awesome system and I”m never going back.

  • Lauren

    I love my bullet journal and love seeing how other users have taken the concept and given it their own style. It makes me feel more organized – I can start each day with a clear picture of what needs to get done.

  • EdRo

    Incredible it took me till June 2016 to start a bujo myself.
    Always been on the lookout for these kind of things but never took the dive away from agenda’s. This is way better! Thanks again Ryder

  • Chris

    I started using the Bullet Journal technique about a month ago and it has really helped get me organised for my first proper job.

  • Lourdes Rosario

    Bullet Journal has changed my life 100% – I no longer have lists everywhere or worry that I’m forgetting something. It’s amazing!

  • jld12381

    The Bullet Journal has impacted my life in that it has been the first system that I have actually been able to use and keep myself organized. I think my favorite part are the collections because the one thing I’m always losing is lists that I make.

  • Fabiana Lavor

    Bullet Journal helped to finally organize my tasks and keep track of them. I has changed my life and now I share this experience with everyone through my blog!

  • Ashlyn

    This is such a helpful tool for busy people like myself. I didn’t know about this until my college friends showed me this brilliant idea…”bullet journaling”! It’s fantastic!

  • Kimo Aleman

    I was always overwhelmed with the idea of journaling. I had good intentions of jotting my thoughts and ideas down but soon lost interest and gave up. Bullet journaling has helped me stay organized and also keep track of cool things going on in life.

  • I have struggled with finding a planner/journal for such a long time and have spent lots of money on fancy planners. I love bullet journaling because I get to choose what to include – I love that it’s free form, yet organized.

  • thecuckoo

    It helps me stay organized with a full-time job and three kids–all of which have very busy lives and lots of activities.

  • Lisa Davis

    The brain dump concept. It helps me clear my head and keep on top of things!

  • Máté Schnellbach

    I just started using BuJo a month ago, and it kind of gave back my life. (OK, together with some other routines like doing sports.) What I really like about it is that it’s extremely simple, and easy to start, keeps my focus on the most important stuff I have to do, and gives me the satisfaction of solving things plus the certainty of going back to things I have to postpone. That means happier days and calmer nights. 🙂

  • Samus

    The Bullet Journal has helped me stay organized and track very important parts of my health. I am able to give better descriptions to my doctors. Its amazing how much it has helped me!!

  • gretel taylor

    I have only recently discovered this method and i love it. I am a designer and have dyslexia, i love the visual nature of the bullet journal. the system is easy to understand, i have been using it for about a week in an old note book to see how i got on with it. So far I am finding this the best method for me! Love how i am writing less complex lists. the visuals are strong enough to work and simple enough not to completely baffle me. I love putting pen to paper, i can see the appeal of a digital version, but for me the physical act of writing is what enabled me to manage my dyslexia. I learn and work visually so this has been great!! THANKS!!

  • Katin Jennrich

    I use Bullet Journaling at work, and it has transformed my desk and my mind into a clear, motivated powerhouse! I used to be the Post-It Queen, with little yellow stickies fluttering from my monitor, covering my writing space, even stuck to my lunch box if it was a reminder to do something at home. But now I’ve got the perfect To Do list, and the motivation to knock out tasks before Migration Day each month! I work faster and smarter, and my brain is less exhausted knowing that I have all my tasks in one place – I don’t have to mumble reminders to myself over and over. Thank you for this elegant, efficient strategy!

  • christopherpantoja

    It has been helpful in organizing my life. I can go back I see important events that may have happen and know what day it occured on.

  • Ellie Hudson

    This has been so useful for keeping up to date with everything leaving university, moving flats, finding a job etc!

  • Megan Jackson

    I happened upon a post a few months ago, where a fellow homeschool Mom had mentioned that she loved Bullet Journaling, and she shared a link. I couldn’t believe what I saw!!! I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to get started. I grabbed an unused journal from the cupboard and started right away. My life has never been so organised before!
    I am a list writer, and a single Mom of three children that I homeschool. Our days can get a little hectic and I often have numerous lists on the go – and thanks to the Bullet Journal method I no longer lose them all!!!
    I am so grateful for this method, and while I would love an official BuJo I am glad I can do it with the supplies I have on-hand.

  • Holly Carter Holland

    I just recently started my bullet journal, and it’s been life altering. I’m a much more productive person. I’m healthier. I’m more motivated. I’m kinder. I’m more grateful. I save money. I can’t even describe the difference it’s made in my life.

  • Roberta R. Melim

    i bought a regular notebook and i’m trying to keep as close as the way you tought here on how to do a bullet journal. i’m loving the way it’s turning out, and the best part is that i can keep up with my schedule without missing anything! <3

  • David S

    Rapid logging has been a great tool to help my daily task list, but I need to get more organized. I’m still all over the place with all my notes, and a BuJo might be the solution

  • Shibahn Landry

    I started bullet journaling back in January and it just instantly made sense to me. I loved how if I was thinking of something I needed to list out, there was a space for that. I needed to have daily to do lists and keep track of appointments. There was a space for that. Most of all, bullet journaling has helped me reflect on a lot of things. One of the things I try to do everyday is jot down things that happened that day, to include if something bothered me, was really exciting, etc. When 2016 started I literally listed out my resolutions for the year and planned to check in each month to see what goals I accomplished. When I found out about bullet journaling a couple of weeks later, I copied my resolutions into it. Then, at the end of every month, I do a written reflection of how I did for that month in achieving my goals. Talk about bringing peace of mind to me! I feel like I’m more driven and so much more aware of what I’ve accomplished and what I still need to work on. I try not to be hard on myself for anything not accomplished and celebrate the strides I did make. This whole journaling process has done that for me all while keeping me organized. Thank you for sharing this wonderful system with the world!

  • Kim Nguyen

    I’m currently a student and I’ve gone through various planners and apps to help me get organised; nothing compares to the bullet journal! Not only does it make me feel happy when I open an organised journal but also keeps me motivated to be organised myself. I particularly enjoy the creative output and how you can do as much or as little as you want with decorating it and it would still be very efficient. It not only has helped me be organised with my hectic school life, but also gave me time to myself each evening to plan ahead for the next day! I will be starting university this October and would love to take a brand new journal through a brand new era of my life!

  • Adam Cooper

    Just organise my life. Schedule, reminders, everything. Perfect.

  • Rhea

    It’s a life changer to have ALL my data in one notebook! Personal journal, work, etc! FAB!

  • Rachel Heaton

    I love having all my lists in one nice looking place!

  • Lisa McCarthy

    After watching countless YouTube videos I started by first bullet journal today! So excited to get going!

  • Mickey

    Bullet journals are the best. They make my unorganized self organized!

  • Aimee G.

    Have the fluidity to create pages that reflect my needs week to week and day to day has been a gamechanger!

  • Heaven Brown

    The bullet journal has changed my life in so many ways ! As a person who has really bad memory issues this system has helped me remember more than any other system I’ve tried !

  • Kimberley Le Gallais

    The Bullet Journal has been the BEST thing that has happened to me. It combines my love of planning and crafting all into one and I can customize it ANY way I need to. It’s the best!

  • Amanda W

    I’ve always been terrible about my schedule, which left me forgetting to do a lot of items that I had previously agreed to do. My bullet journal has not only helped this but it’s become kind of a meditation when I’m working on it at the end of the day. It gives me a moment to step back from the world and put things in perspective. I can see what I’ve accomplished and a reminder on the items that I still need to work on. It’s also provided me with just a simple place for all my idea dumps. Which I’ve found, helps me in my creativity as well since I don’t forget ideas that I have through out the day.

  • Isaac Del Toro

    Thanks Ryder. Use my bullet Journal everyday.

  • Billy

    Since I’ve started using this amazing format, I’ve been able to schedule my entire life, from my schoolwork, to my day-to-day activities. It’s truly made my life better!

  • Ned

    Bullet Journal has helped me to keep all of the tasks in my head organized with a system for writing it down.

  • Isakdp

    I’ve seen many different bullet journals but I never really knew how to get started on one until I found this website and the tutorial is so helpful and I can’t wait to start my own bullet journal! It isn’t only a great way to get organized but it’s also a way to show my creativity and to make my days more productive! I can’t wait to get started!

  • Ashley Adelaide

    The bullet journal system very seriously saved my marriage. I had been so disorganized I didn’t do anything at all on any given day. Now I’m motivated and moving and getting things done! I’m less forgetful, I don’t miss appointments, and my life is just better overall for being able to utilize such a helpful tool. Thank you!!
    – Ashley Wilmot

  • Laura

    Bujo has helped me recall useful information from meetings and brainstrom sessions that may have otherwise been lost. I love rediscovering the art of handwriting and note taking through my bujo.

  • Michaela Herrmann

    I’m still working on integrating BuJo into my daily routine, but it’s already helped me get organize and focus better on my goals. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

  • tubathespian

    I like having one “go-to” place for everything. All my appointments, plans, reading lists, shopping lists, birthdays, to-do lists, etc., are all in one convenient place for me to have access to!

  • Brett

    a phenomenal contribution to the lives of all of my ADHD patients. thank you!

  • I’ve been using the BUJO for about 3 months now, and cannot imagine how I survived without it! It never leaves my side!

  • Terri Hamilton

    I’m 100 pages into my first bullet journal… it’s really working for me! Definitely want a Leuchtturm for my next one… hopefully one of yours!

  • Rita McGregor

    You are brilliant! The Bullet was an answer to my multi-list prayers. I’ve been using the system since Jan 2014 and have modified it to fit my needs. That’s what I love about it the most–it is totally adaptable to anyone’s individual needs. Brilliant, I tell you! 🙂

  • I haven’t yet gotten the hang of the BuJo, too much emphasis on making it pretty, but I do feel like it has helped me establish some good habits like going to the gym regularly!!

  • pingween

    Simply put, over time I’ve abandoned a handful of web/mobile apps I’ve tried and never fit. Bullet Journal just became a habit which sticked. So, in my professional life I only have my zero inbox and my beloved notebook with all the view of fulfilling X signs.

  • Wendy Basil

    It has helped me stay organized in my direct selling business

  • Ricki

    I’ve struggled with journaling. I could never find something that worked for me. One day on IG, the Bullet Journal came into my life. You can journal everything & be creative too if that is what you want included. It’s a way to express yourself & grow. I feel more calm & less stressed. And it makes me happy to have my memories of my family written down to cherish. Thank you for creating this system!

  • J Rorrer

    Congratulations on getting to this point with the bullet journal! We only recently discovered you and started with our first journal a few weeks ago to keep track of unschooling. It’s been very helpful in having a place for both myself and my son to look at to see what happened, what is needing attention, and what is ahead. My son likes it so much that he keeps asking for a journal of his own to use. He would be thrilled to be one of the lucky 18 people to get a copy for his uses. 🙂

  • mgring

    As a Humanities (Rhetoric) professor (already absent-minded?) who grew up in Latin America and with a non-Type A personality, I seem fated to be disorganized (or at least somewhat). I have tried multiple electronic and analog systems but to little avail. This one makes sense to me–and is one I am interested in doing (even better). It can be as simple or complex as you need it to be and as you want it to be. Thanks, Bulletjournal.

  • Amanda Marsden

    The Bullet Journal is genius especially for a college student like myself.

  • Michelle

    I love the flexibility and the creativity this system has opened up for me. I’m having fun planning!

  • Pia

    Bullet Journaling has absolutely changed my life! It has given me the opportunity to not only connect with others, but to accomplish huge goals and find that creative outlet I’ve been searching for for far too many years! Not only that, but I’ve now launched a blog in the bullet journaling niche!

  • Sparrow Morgan

    I’m still figuring it out!

  • Gosia Gąsior

    I love how flexible Bullet Journal is. It helps me to get organized and allows me to be creative.

  • Sara Eliz

    I’ve been wanting to start a BuJo for a while now! I’ve just got to get myself started, which starts with getting a notebook to start with!

    Congrats on the 3 year milestone!

  • Kim Chau

    So thankful for the BuJo community! Thanks Ryder for sharing!

  • Jennifer

    I am just discovering this awesome idea and think it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Congratulations on turning 3!

  • Lynne B

    I’m a newbie at bullet journaling but excited to have found your site.

  • Vivian

    It’d be great if you could start a “Bullet Journal for Students” 😀

  • Demetria Doty

    The bullet journal has given me such a great place to be myself, and has really inspired me to be more artistic. It has also brought me into the wonderful planning community which is full of really nice people and I couldn’t be happier. I’m really grateful for the Bullet Journal.

  • Shanyce Boom

    Bullet journaling took me out of my head, which was the greatest gift. Often we don’t trust others with our thoughts, but your journal is always a safe space. Bullet journaling took that and elevated it with a focus on productivity, so it’s like having your head on the page. I’m really grateful to it all.

  • Sydney Ashby

    I still need to work on it, but the Biko is really helping me to stay organized, and this has helped with some of my anxiety issues.

  • Mia T

    I started bullet journaling just last month and love how much more organised I feel and that I have all my lists in one place

  • Danielle Kelly

    One of the things I love about the Bullet Journal is that, since I create it as I go along, I don’t feel bad about what I do or don’t put in it. When I’ve had planners with pre-built blank spaces to be filled in and I didn’t fill all the spaces (ever) then I would feel like I was doing it wrong or being a “slacker” or some other negative thing. Now, it is exactly what I need and exactly what I make of it. No judgements. Perfect.

  • stacia4him

    Bullet journaling has helped me stay more organized; I am not as forgetful or stressed as I once was

  • Since April, my bullet journal has changed a lot, but I’ve really become attached to the process. My bullet journal is a super valuable member of my productivity team.

  • I just started Bullet Journaling this summer and I am hooked. I’m not as consistent with it yet as I’d like to be, but when I am it really helps me organize and takes the edge off my anxiety. Such a great idea!

  • Tami Glatz

    By simplifying the millions of tasks and random notes into a streamlined system, I feel I have control over my day, my life, my destiny! I haven’t tried the Lechteurm journal yet – I’ve been using a disc-bound system with grid pages that I print myself, each with the tiny note at the bottom “i can do anything”.

  • Nancy Ging

    Happy birthday, Bullet Journal! And congratulations, Ryder! How does it feel to do something that makes so many people more productive and relaxed?

  • Bethany Fisher

    So thankful for the Bullet Journal! I used to have numerous lists constantly going on scrap paper. I would continuously rewrite my list and never accomplish anything except for rewriting my to-dos! Bullet Journaling has brought all of my lists together into one happy yellow notebook that I can keep with me! It has really come in handy as I deal with mommy-brain after the birth of child #3 this past March!

  • Nicole Ong

    I’ve been bullet journalling for a while now, thanks to Ryder, and it’s keeping me sane! Even come up with some hacks for my own lists. To receive the original BuJo would be amazing. It’s my birthday today, so I hope it brings me some luck in this giveaway 🙂

  • Thomas Anderson

    I remember hearing about Bullet Journaling early on during a podcast and the idea sounded great but I was already trying a different method (which later fell apart). Fast forward to 2016 and the Bullet Journal has been awesome. I’ve adapted to what I need out of it and tossed the parts that didn’t apply well to my work. I love it!

  • Jeanne Clairwil

    Bullet journaling is so intuitive and it has really helped me since I can keep everything important in one place.

  • Toni Newman Maritima

    Bullet Journaling has combined all the features I needed and wanted in one place so I can organize my activities, thoughts, plans, hopes, and feelings. I love how easy it is to add to. I especially enjoy the opportunities for creativity. Yes, I love pens, paper, and washi tape!!

  • Rick Samuel

    I have immensely benefitted from the BoJo concept. And, the community as a whole has taught me the best ways to tweak the basic idea to suit my needs. I enjoyed this blog post as a behind the scenes peek at what has returned a sense of calm to my previously chaotic mind. Thanks, Ian and to the community for the dedication to getting things done right.

  • Adam Skura

    This is incredible and very well thought out. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your work with us! Congrats on 3 years 🙂

  • I am a newbie to bullet journalling – and am also launching my business – after hankering to do so for the past 3 years. It is amazing what retrenchment can inspire! I use my bullet journal to keep track of the millions of things scrambling around in my brain for attention and to ensure I GSD! It has made such a difference in the past 2 months to how efficient and effective I have become.

  • Holly Casselman

    I leverage bullet journal task tracking at work and it has helped with keeping my deliverables on track.

  • cjeong

    Bullet Journaling has made me realize the power of analog over digital organization.

  • Carin

    It is too early to write about how my life has been impacted as I am just getting started with Bullet Journaling. I’d love to win an official Bullet Journal to help guide me through the process. I think Ryder and his BuJo concepts are amazing! Congrats on turning 3!

  • Candice Artis

    Discovering Bullet Journal has absolutely streamlined my life! I have 7-8 different notebooks that I use daily/weekly – meal prep, workouts, prayers, quick thoughts, reflections, business, devotional and one for workshops/conferences I attend. Plus, a planner for day-to-day activities and lists. With bullet journaling I can store all of that in one place! The last several times I wanted to purchase THE bullet journal it was sold out. Glad to see they’re back in stock, and to have the opportunity to win one. Congratulations and happy 3rd birthday, Bullet Journal!

  • Stephanie

    Nothing works better for me to get and stay organized. I love the Bullet Journal system.

  • Linda Xu

    Bullet journaling has helped me to become more efficient on a daily basis and has motivated me to get all my tasks done!

  • Dixie Hamilton

    Loving my Bullet Journal. It has made me much more efficient and also cognizant of how I am actually spending my time

  • I love that there are no boundaries or limitations as to what you can do with your bullet journal! Definitely something made for me 😀

  • Fallon K

    The bujo has helped me get better organized at work and im kicking butt!

  • Ruthie A

    The bullet journal has become another way of life; keeping me organized and helping me accomplish small task to big goals that I struggled with. I am grateful!

  • phil

    I am never stayed long with any kind of organising techniques, until I found BuJo. It is one and only method, that allows me to deal with a mess in my head on paper, and I used it already more than a year at row. Thank you!

  • Joyce Mebed

    I’ve been using the bujo since March and it’s been a loooong time since I have actually used a planner and stuck with it! I like the customization and being able to get my crafty side going on a daily basis of decorating or just improving my penmanship. I have also shared this with my niece and it’s fun to share supplies with her! Thanks for an amazing system that works for getting things done!!!!

  • Priscilla Ramirez

    I’ve been researching the Bullet Journal for a few months now and definitely plan on beginning a journal of my own. Love how customizable it is!

  • Jacob

    The bullet journal keeps me conscious of the things I want to get done.

  • mamamorgan

    Bullet journal helps me stay organized in one place. It’s everything I was doing on my own, but amplified, accelerated, and streamlined.

  • KathyA

    Although I still use Google Calendar for my appointments, the Bullet Journal has allowed me to keep all the other stuff I need to be organized in one place.

  • Brandy F

    Congratulations on 3 years! Bullet Journaling eliminated all the post-it notes and bits of paper scattered everywhere in my life, that I could never find again once I had written on them. I appreciate a method where everything I need/want to remember is all in one place and organized in such a way that I can actually find it. Thank you!

  • Beth

    Bullet Journal has helped me FINALLY keep all of my thoughts, appointments, ideas & lists in one place!

  • DJ

    I love how versital it is, and how easy it is to pick back up when I forget about it, no more stress and guilt from partially used planners!! It also gives me the physical copy of my life that works so much better for me AND gives me a nifty place to briefly journal about my day! 🙂

  • Andressa Santos

    I started my Bullet Journal this year and it has helped me stay organized. I love it!

  • The Bullet Journal has organised my life a lot more. I forgot loads of things over time and now I don’t anymore because I’ve always got my “back up brain” with me. I can also easily look back on everything that’s happened in the past, which comes in handy!

    • Oh, and apart from being the Bujo’s third birthday today, it’s also my cat Bougie’s third birthday today. Yay!

  • Michael Letzel

    I´m not yet in to 100 % – Still giving other systems – analog and digital – a try. But since more than 1.5 years now I always come back to BuJo after testing other systems. And the periods before coming back get shorter and shorter…! I think the day is near, when I´ll decide to stop testing other stuff and just keep on going with a BuJo… Greetings from Germany. Michael

  • Cirrus Just Cirrus

    Loved the bullet journal from the first time i saw the first video. Confrats with the 3rd year celebration.

  • LT

    The bullet journal has helped to bring self-discipline and accountability back into my life’s as a stay-at-home
    Mom. I enjoyed this article as it lent greater understanding and appreciation for how the bujo developed and how many others are also benefitting from it!

  • Kay

    Simple and efficient – what more could one ask? This is a very innovative idea!

  • Crotha

    I too still use Google Calendar too, the BuJo has my life in it. The google Calendar is just a easier way for me to plan stuff and appointments, convenience.
    To *really* sit down and plan (more extended stuff, not a doctor’s app) I need pen and paper – a BuJo!

  • JillG

    I run two businesses and have two children under five – using a Bullet Journal has helped me organise my world and achieve more in the last three months than I have in the last year!

  • Joel Schmaling

    Love the Bulletjournal!

  • Michael

    Organization, organization, organization—and better recall as I write things down!

  • Jessica Blackburn

    I feel so much more organized and in control of chaotic life with my Bujo! I love it!!

  • Stella

    Bullet journal has let me be who I am today. Before, I was suffering from a messy life and thus an uncontrollable amount of stress; all the schedules were collapsing in me one by one due to bad planning and I couldn’t organize my life effectively. Agendas were sadly boring and notes would get lost, so when I started bullet journaling, my life instantly was more exciting and organized. I now call myself by not only planning in my journal but also doodling and enjoying myself on the free time that now I can plan and notice easily.

  • lindzthecanadian

    Bullet Journalling helps me be a little bit creative while still being practical and useful for my everyday life!

  • Erin Rowland

    Bullet journaling has given me the ability to keep track of my insane schedule and make sure that I’m using every day to the fullest. I’m so grateful for the system and the way that it has shaped my perspective on life.

  • Brennan Sang

    I’ve been Bullet Journaling for the past several months. I love how deliberate I need to be when planning on paper. It’s taken planning from something I have to do, and turned it into something I enjoy doing.

  • Anna Mariah Acevedo

    The Bullet Journal has come into my life at a time when I needed something to feel excited about. As a self-proclaimed “messy, organized” person, traditional planners just never fit my style. I have had many notebooks in the past that I used as a collection of thoughts, schedules, to-do’s, and whatever else I needed it to be. So when I found out about BuJo’s, I loved the idea of keeping something that had been so innate to me, but adding an additional layer of organization. I’m still filtering through which things will work for me and which won’t, but it’s helping me work on my perfectionism. This month, I’m inspired to let go of the need for it to be perfect and beautiful and just get started. I want to experiment and take advantage of the freedom a BuJo has to offer. I’m excited to let August be the month that I really allow myself to fully dive-in and not just get hung up on all the amazing ideas the community has to offer. It’s time to begin!

  • Lyssy

    I started bullet journaling in February 2014 when I (geniusly) forgot to pack a planner for my internship abroad. I’m picky with planners, but I did have a random notebook I picked up at a museum so I used that. Fast forward 2.5 years and my planner has evolved to catch so many things in my life. It got me through that 5 months abroad and the subsequent 1.5 years struggling to complete my degree while balancing a crazy ever-changing timetable of tutoring, interviews and classes. Being introduced to this community was the best thing ever. I managed to graduate, and now I juggle my teaching job and my own business. The many ideas flying around here also challenge me to be better every day!

  • Nicole Gilbertson

    I discovered bullet journals accidentally. I was using a traditional planner, but was supplementing with a spiral notebook. I didn’t realize I was already trying to bullet journal without knowing what it was! Now that I’m a bullet journalist, my life is more organized, I am more at peace, and I find I have more time to do what I need to do since I can look at everything in one place!

  • Mark Ingalls

    Using a bullet journal has allowed me to see more clearly everything I have accomplished over a given period.

  • Amanda McCain

    I am itching to start a bullet journal… It initially popped up in my Pinterest feed and I wasn’t interested at all. But then I started looking a little more closely and I’m fascinated and can’t wait to start. I bought a cheapie graph paper comp book, but I really want something nicer. 🙂

  • Sarah Moses

    I’m two months in and one of the best impacts I’ve had yet: no more hunting down or corralling a thousand post-its and index cards. Everything in one place. My brain can breathe again.

  • Elizabeth Halpern

    I only recently discovered your site but am so happy to have re-discovered the joy of a written organizational system. At first I was a little overwhelmed by all of the ways people were adapting your system, and I had to stop Googling and reading about it and just start. I love how brilliant, simple and flexible it is. I feel in control and more mindful of my life. I’m very grateful that your friend encouraged you to share it and that you finally did! Thank you and congratulations!

  • I’m just getting started in bullet journaling, but it’s already helping me. There’s always so much going on in my brain, and now I have a place that I can put it AND be able to find it when I need it later!!! Good by to the tons of post it notes and numerous to do lists!

  • Jinky Laurel

    I haven’t tried it yet, but seeing the video and reading all the comments make me want to try! Winning one may just be the push I need. 🙂

  • Very excited about using the bullet journal in my workflow.

  • Paul G Sybrandy

    Bullet Journal has made a huge impact, not just on my personal life but on my professional life as well. I am upset that I havent learned about this earlier!

  • Joan Kristine Batacan

    I am a notebook and pen lover. I have lots of them but I don’t know when and where I will use them. And doing bullet journal was the answer. Now I am not afraid to use my notebooks because I know a bujo is for keeps. (and i have an excuse to buy new ones) I am new to this system and is still exploring the best format for me which is the best part of bujo: Explore your own system on the every next blank page.

  • Erika Ramirez

    congrats on the success. this system has made such a huge difference in my life immediately upon using and surprisingly it has been flexible enough to change alongside my own circumstances yet continues to remain minimalist…those two factors IMHO have made this system so successful!

  • Naomi Quinlan

    I was using an agenda, a journal and multiple notebooks with different notes and tasks. i feel so organized with everything in one place. So much easier to find notes from meetings and ideas

  • catriona lauder

    Finding the bullet journal has changed my life and improved my mental health so much! With me planning my day in advance as well as tracking my mood and how anxious I was feeling it has helped me to see what triggers me as well as to actually get up and do stuff with my life!

  • Jose Turgallium

    It’s the best way to keep my growing notebook collection in constant use. Thanks Ryder!

  • The Buklet Journal has seriously changed my life. Congratulations on another great year!

  • Catherine Sykes

    Who can’t use more organization in their life! Happy Bullet Journal Day!

  • Jessica Surdyk Sakal

    I love the confidence it builds knowing that when my life didn’t fit in someone else’s box, that was ok! Heck — the confidence it builds when it doesn’t have to fit in my own “box” from last month, last week, or yesterday! <3

  • Aakash Morris Garcia

    Happy Birthday!!! The BUllet JOurnal has helped me clear off my desk and clear out my purse. My mind is not racing trying (and failing) to remember everything! Thank you!

  • Vicky Flores Najas

    Bullet journals have provided me with the ability to organize my life and increase my productivity. They have also served me as a creative outlet and have inspired me to create more.

  • Elizabeth Hortega

    As a busy mom of four young kids, my bullet journal has provided a sense of order in all of my chaos. From the random things that pop into my head, to actually keeping track of all that needs to get done, my bullet journal keeps track of it all. Thank you, Mr. Carroll, for taking the leap and sharing your system!

  • Liz Crouthamel

    I saw information on BuzzFeed about the new BoJo trend. I’ve been looking for something in my life to help me be: organized, creative, and productive in my personal and professional life. After solidifying full time work only one year out of college (sometimes difficult this day) I have found over the last few years my personal goals/interests take a back seat to my professional work. I’m hoping my new Bullet Journal (whether I purchase one or win one!!) will help me keep things in perspective, give me more of a critical insight into how my life is, and help me accomplish goals (personal and professional) that I’ve been meaning to reach of late. I’m super excited to join the trend, trade ideas, and just journal!!

  • Miss Doom

    When I figured I wouldn’t find a planner that suited my needs I decided I might as well make my own. Bullet journal has been a wonderful help on what could have been a disastrous attempt.

  • Kate Anderson

    Thank you Ryder! As a designer, I love a system that creatively solves problemsand looks good doing so! I look forwardto opening my Bullet Journal everyday…

  • Debbie Rodgers

    So far, only excitement because I’m a rank beginner.

  • Leslie Kiley

    I am so wanting to try bullet journaling! I know it would make my life and recording family events so easy and wonderful! I am a avid recorder of family events and history! This would be perfect!

  • Felipe Alves

    Great i am a big fan of your work man. Thanks a lot for sharing

  • Sherri Wright

    Congrats on your 3rd birthday. Love bullet journaling and the flexibility and customization that you can do with it. Keep up the great innovation.

  • Cindy

    The bullet journal has given me the perfect way to plan and keep track of so many things. I love that everything is in one place. That makes it so easy to carry with me. My life is simple and I am not creative but I love bullet journaling because I can make it what I want it to be and can try new things.

  • Allison Gingras

    Bujo revolutionized my life

  • HY Goh

    It has helped me get more organised with my commitments in college and my volunteer work.

  • Paula

    I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of three kids six and under. Organization used to be easier before kids; I also used to be more paper based, but have gradually given those jobs to my phone and that’s not working out as well as I’d hoped. I learned about bullet journaling and so far it has helped me to become more hopeful, optimistic, and motivated about getting more successfully organized again.

  • Santhip Kanholy

    Love the Bujo! It was amazing to see the community grow and evolve around it. Great stuff and to more organised folks!

  • Adam MacDonald

    This has made me so much less forgetful.

  • Charis Smith-Smith

    for years I have had multiple spirals around the house with notes and lists and collections of important info. When I needed to find a particular thing I had to locate every spiral and flip through them all till I found what I needed. Bujo has simplified my life by becoming the one place where everything goes. It’s been great for helping me track everything daily tasks to creative ideas to the efficacy of my current meds. I’m very thankful that someone took the time to distill this method into a simple process that anyone can learn and adapt to their own use!

  • Georgina

    The Bullet journal helped me to be definitely more organised because I’m at college and I was a total mess so it did help me a lot to do all the things I’m supposed to do, I recommend this method to literally anyone

  • TheMacyLady

    The bullet journal has really helped with my lesson plans for teaching middle school. I’d love to see any of other bujo teachers’ layouts for inspo….

  • totoro14

    I always have had this insane problem with organizing my life! Once I heard about this, I decided to re purpose a composition book into a BuJo, and I was saved from my ‘monster’!

  • Melissa Woodward

    Just started BUJUing a couple months ago and it has done wonders keeping me on task for both my personal and business life. I own my own business and it has made tasking and completing those tasks so much easier!

  • Steph

    I’m a mom of two young children. I stay at home with them and do freelance work. The bujo has helped me keep everything organized without having to be on my phone checking my calendar all day. I keep meal plans, cleaning schedules, and sketches of designs all in one place. It’s given me a little control over all the chaos!

  • Sans Souci

    Truly inspiring

  • Jenny B. Goode

    Bulletjournal has help me get organised and makes it so much easier to have an overview of all the things going on!

  • Anne Kooijman

    All my life I’ve had this planning system where I would keep two notebooks, one where I laid out the week on one page, and make notes on what to do on the other, and one where I would let loose my creativity and save admission tickets to things I’ve done and all that. Lately I discovered the bullet journal, and it put a name and true concept to the thing I had been kind of trying to achieve for years. To me the bujo system is a marriage of the two things I always did, with the marvelous addition of making me more productive.

  • scmurley

    I have been using the bullet system for the past year, and it’s greatly helped me track my days, much better than any calendar/to do list I’ve used before – electronic or meatware.

  • Jessica Earl

    Listers gotta list, it was a miracle moment when I discovered actual bullet journaling versus all the post-its and random notebooks I was previously using!

  • Judy Hudgins

    Congratulations. I love my bullet journal!

  • Tyler Selena Morrison

    I barely found out about the Bullet Journal system late last year and since then I’ve been completely hooked. The fact that I can structure it to my standards and adapt it to my OCD needs is the most fulfilling thing I have ever felt than with any other planning system. Thanks for this awesome creation, Ryder! I look forward to using this system once I start university this month!

  • Vihar Sheth

    My bullet journal has been an incredible tool in being more productive and less busy. I’ve already hooked three others to it!

  • tsilver

    I am new to this style of journaling/todolisting and already love it! Would love to see more examples to get inspiration for collections and organizing daily tasks.

  • oco

    In a week I will be in my first year of college and bullet journal could be the ultimate tool 🙂

  • Christy Necaise

    It has helped me get on top of all my medical issues/stuff. I can track everything and easily show my Doctors what is going on.

  • Vihar Sheth

    I love my bujo. I’m definitely more productive than busy and I’ve hooked three others!

  • Elli M

    My bujo is the only reason I get everything done. I used to have different notebooks (and programs and random scraps of paper) and wondered why I felt so scattered. (Duh, right?) No more. I heart my bujo. 🙂

  • Gregorio_GL

    Bullet Journal is a simple and effective way to be organized. Love it!

  • Lizzie Tillstrom

    The bullet journal let’s me be both creative And organized! Even the practice of giving over my usual way of organizing is a creativity boost, seeing thing from a completely different point of view

  • Chris Lin

    I really like the idea of making the journal your own unique way of recording your life. So much fun!

  • Kryzia

    I love my bullet journal! It helps me stay organized during the busy school years as a medical student.

  • Marlo Munoz

    <3 what a great giveaway! I truly love bullet journaling. The system has entirely changed the way I keep track of my life, and I've even gotten to share it with friends and family. I could never go back to the old planners!

  • Matt W

    BuJo has helped with my anxiety and productivity. Thanks BuJo!

  • It makes me WANT to be creative and organized!

  • Betsi Joy Lamer

    My BuJo is how I can stay organized, even though my brain is a jumbled mess, even if sometimes my BuJo looks messy or confusing.

  • Shelley Lovelace Ramsey

    BuJo helps keep track of my thoughts, my activities, my accomplishments, and my memories.

  • Cat Sanchez-Stephenson

    My BuJo helped me keep on top of things at my new job, it’s been a lifesaver!

  • Arthur Allen Vanderbilt

    The Bullet Journal is the most effective way I’ve found to stay on top of things. Its flexibility is key to its usefulness for me.


    It makes more accountable for my “to do” list and allows me to understand what I really need to be doing.

  • Becky Sarjeant

    I’ve been in love with bullet journaling since April 2015, I have so many projects on the go (a lot of long-term assignments) and needed something to organise my brain. Ryder, you’ve certainly created a legacy!

  • Barbara West

    The Bullet Journal has changed my life! I retired three years ago and after keeping a planner and calendar at work for years, in my new unstructured life I began to drift. To complicate things, I had to take on a caregiving project for a relative. I was growing disorganized and frantic because I couldn’t keep track of my own issues and plans, much less hers. enter the Bullet Journal concept. No more trying to fit everything into a pre-formatted planner. No more dependency on an electronic calendar and to-do list. My system is not perfect yet, but who cares because it’s working and it’s so flexible that I can change, add, or eliminate features as circumstances change.

    Blessings on you, Ryder, and on the friend who urged you to share your system with the rest of us.

  • Mariana Missio Rocha

    I have all I need in only one place, instead of a bunch of papers with annotation

  • Naïna van Wingerden

    Next month will be the 1 year anniversary of me using the bullet journal and I feel so organized! It’s such an easy concept and I love how I just personalize it whenever I want it to. Thank you for showing this amazing concept to me!

  • Philip P

    A friend referred me to Bullet Journalling a week ago, and it’s already made a huge difference in keeping my head organized. Thanks to all the community members who do an amazing job showing how adaptable and personable keeping a journal can be!

  • Bullet Journalling gave me the ability to track my day as it happens, rather than few a slave to a timeline that does not reflect my priorities.

  • Laurie

    Even though my bullet journal adventure is still young, it’s comparable to having an old sage by my side!

  • Lauren P.

    I joined in Jan of this year and I can’t even tell you how much I love it!! And so many people see my instagram and say “I could never be that organized or creative” and I always tell them “but it’s so easy!! You just make it whatever you want it to be!” I’m spreading the BUJO love as best I can. 🙂

  • not_so_hip

    The Bullet Journal concept has given me such an excellent framework for task management, goal-setting, memory-keeping and all-around inspiration. Congratulations on your success and thank you!

  • Alice Dilts

    It has helped me to be more organized.

  • Jayne

    Three years later, I keep finding new ways to use my Bullet Journal to organize my life and track everything! Thanks Ryder!

  • Jasmine

    My BuJo has helped me keep track of my accomplishments (I actually have accomplishments now, too)

  • I’m new to the whole Bullet Journal experience, but I’ve been trying it out in one of my personal planners. It’s nice to not have to constantly refer to my tasks, since I’m mainly using the BuJo method for Monthly and Future Log tasks (my daily/weekly tasks are recorded in the planner).

    I like the layout of it and am seriously considering sticking with using a simple BuJo for next year. (However, if I win a free BuJo, that may soon change, lol). My current planner has lots of great features, but I want something more minimalistic and customizable to my needs at any given time. Pre-determined templates just don’t allow for that.

  • Diogo Mozer

    BulletJournal has changed the way I manage my activities. Thank you so much!!!

  • Love it! A system that works well for most, and with customization, it works great for me!

  • Ryan Ketrow

    Bullet Journaling has helped me reduce procrastination. When you rewrite the same task day in and day out, eventually you will just complete it so yo don’t have to keep writing it down!

  • EmiJay

    I’ve never tried the Bullet Journal but I would love to!

  • David Sletten

    I must have found the Bullet Journal right away because I think I started my first one in November of 2013. I’ve used it every day since. I live an extremely digital life, but this analog system helps me to bring greater focus and deliberate attention to the managment of my time and energy.

  • Keith Mantell

    The bullet journal is great: the book, the process, the community. It is physical and can go anywhere. It is fast to add content and simple to keep organised on the heat of the battle which is the working day. There is lots of advice and handy hints to cope with a myriad of situations. Everyone should use it.

  • Sierra

    Bullet journaling has made me WANT to be productive. I have organized my life, begun to do all the habits I always wanted, and began budgeting! I love my bullet journal and the impact it has had on my life.

  • Miranda

    Revolutionizing the way I stay organized and journal

  • Krystal G

    The Bullet Journal has helped me organize all my school work and balance it with outside projects! Thank you 🙂

  • Paul

    Bullet Journal has done a great job of keeping me on track for short and long-term goals. The open and personalized concept has been awesome for adapting my notebook to my needs.

  • Lorene Tolleson

    I have a notebook that I write down smart things I have heard, so that I can remember them.

  • Sean

    I discovered the Bullet Journal last June and am still new to using it but I absolutely love the flexibility and organization. As an elementary school principal, there are many topics and task being thrown at you everyday. The Bullet Journal has helped me catergorize and schedule short and long term tasks. Thanks for the videos and tips!

  • Ivy Yu

    The bullet journal seems so simple yet so effective.

  • Jeremy M. Carnes

    Bujo has helped me to balance my life as a father of 2 and a Ph.D. student working on finishing all the stuff that comes along with that.

  • Aisha

    It’s the simplest, most efficient planning method I’ve ever seen

  • Mercedes Roman-Manson

    As a creative in Theater Arts, my mind is split in a million ways. I always used punch lists (my dad’s a contractor), but the Bullit Journal gave me a way to organize these lists and calendars and lots of little splintered thoughts and ideas in a much more workflow friendly way. It has not changed the way I take notes but streamlined it in such a way that I can find things so much more effectively and I love that I was able to integrate it into my existing system. Thank you for sharing the Bullit with all of us who needed a new way of organizing of all the info in our lives.

  • k8seren

    The bullet journal has helped me keep my work and personal life organized. I’ve used it to track symptoms of the depression and anxiety I’ve battled for years. I’ve shared it with friends and love following the community on Instagram. I’m inspired by Ryder, Kara Benz, and Kim Alvarez and so thankful for a system that-FINALLY-helps me manage all the things I need and want to do with my time. I’m moving, and using collections has made the process less stressful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Gina Shillitani

    I am still struggling with making a workable system.

  • Iman

    Bullet journaling, has helped me with my anxiety. It is a release, I feel safe doing it.
    Not to mention it’s hella fun doing it and being organiszed!

  • Andre Guimarães

    Now I remember my tasks!

  • Courtney Strahan

    The bullet journal has been great for me. I like to make lists, and I love to journal, and a lot of other things that had they’re own space. But with this I can have it all in one place. I love it. The thing it’s helped me with most is paying my bills on time and helping me to save money. One of my favorite pages is my monthly memories page. When I want to remember something fun buy maybe not write a complete journal entry for it.

  • SaraSchmidt

    I just started bullet journaling. I’ve been a planner junkie since I was 16. I work full time, homeschool, have a hobby farm and run a few clubs in our community so I need to stay on top of everything with the most efficient system possible! I like how open ended yet simple the bullet system is.

  • Suzee Neal

    Love having everything in one book.. messy or neat it all works!!!

  • Andrea P

    Before I would just write down the date in a blank notebook and begin to take notes, and so on one day after the other. I was surprised (in the best of ways) when I found BuJo; I had tried so many methods before and none of them had worked, but this was just like the method I had naturally develop myself, just taken one step (or should I say two, or six steps) forward.

  • Kimberly Pina

    Super excited about this!

  • Simone Hammer

    So clear, simple, good and everywhere and anytime possible. I structured my life!

  • Katie Bertha

    This thing is great. I don’t know how I ever got by without it.

  • Bullet journaling blew my mind open and finally gave me a way to keep track not only of my daily tasks but also of my ideas and projects. I love it so much!

  • Cole

    I love this system! It helps me keep everything in my life in balance.

  • Claire Warner

    Love the bullet journal system. It’s helped me get organised at work and go from forgetful to sorted!

  • Elizabeth Bewley

    I love the bullet journal system – I was using something similar, something that I found online that had to have been inspired by this. But finding the actual system has been wonderful! Between Ryder, Kim (tinyrayofsunshine) and Kara (bohoberry) I’ve gotten WAY into this system. So much so that I’ve brought several of my colleagues at work into it. We’ll sit in the break room and plan our days or weeks and it’s just wonderful! Plus, it gives me a place to put all my to-do lists and track all the things that I could desire. And I can change it at the drop of a hat, which means I’m never bored!

  • Becky F

    BuJo has been a fantastic way for me to brainstorm and get things out of my head in an organized way. I’m able to focus my thoughts and refine them while keeping track of the mundane in a logbook way – keeping in mind that especially with two young kids, the mundane is precious, and makes life rich.

  • Tommy

    All I did before I discovered Bullet Journaling is write down a daily list of things to do on a sticky note and try to get them accomplished. Now, I’m able to plan things a couple weeks, sometimes months, in advance and not worry that I’ve forgotten something. It’s been great for getting my world so much more organized.

  • Michael Lukins

    Believe that there is no degree of hyperbole in the statement that I would be a disorganized mess without my Bullet Journal. Simply the easiest and most flexible method to keep track of EVERYTHING.

  • Leslie Camacho

    I’m in my second year of Bullet Journaling and there is no other way to put it… it has changed my life for the better. It’s so simple but flexible and powerful at the same time.

  • liblily

    The Bullet Journal has revolutionized my planning system. It’s perfect for my work & personal planning.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jeremy Garcia

    I have tried many scheduling methods before, but BuJo has been the only one that I have been able to stick with. I’ve had mine since March and I absolutely love writing in mine! I love the creativity, flexibility, and uniqueness of BuJo. I don’t know of what I would have done without it!

  • Rach Whitman

    I have been bullet journaling for the last two months. I am noting what I need to do as well as what I have done. Even on days that it doesn’t feel like I am getting much completed, when I look back, I can see that I really have accomplished quite a bit. It is helping stay organized, and get away from technology, at least a little bit every day.

  • Lisa

    I’m a long-time journaler and must admit that I was attracted to bullet journaling by the creative lettering, not by the planning… But the more videos I watch and the more articles I read, the more aspects of actual bullet journaling I find myself incorporating. I find I’m getting more things done almost despite myself! The brilliance is the customization. I can make it exactly what I want to be; I can’t get bored because I can change what I’m doing at a moment’s notice. I’m now on my second volume. Thank you, Ryder!

  • Bullet Journaling helps me to organize my schedule and thoughts! The best part is I can customized how I want my bullet journal to look

  • CRM

    I’m just learning about this system. It is intriguing and I’m exploring the ways in which it might help me organize my brain.

  • ejtsang

    No system really worked for me until i happened to stumble upon bullet journal. It’s really helped me stay organized.

  • Justin Eckbledt

    For a long time I journaled in the more traditional sense of the word and long stretches of time would pass between entries. Since I started bullet journaling I’m more organized, I write in it every day, and it allows me to compartmentalize my thoughts and routines in a way that’s definitely changed how I go about my day. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

  • Christina Marie

    I started bujoing in March. I adore the system and started doing it with my 17 yr old daughter. Its gave us something to do together and we are so much more organized. I love it. With school about to start its a godsend.

  • Aly

    I started Bullet Journaling two years ago and it has changed my life.I now can keep track of work, social and personal life without missing any appointments and deadlines.

  • Steve Kane

    I’ve gotten new traction on habit formation and feel more confident in my task mgmt system.

  • Eugenie Verney

    Love my BuJo — love not having to shoehorn how I think and work into someone else’s template and keeping multiple print and digital resources on the go. Totally inspired and inspiring 🙂

  • Andrew

    Bullet Journal has led to a huge boost in productivity as a startup owner.

  • Since discovering bullet journaling, my life has gone from messy to organized. From procrastinating to focused, and from delaying to achieving! Thank you so much, Ryder!

  • Julie

    I have tried every type of planning and journaling. This is by far, the most forgiving and flexible system I have found and also the most able to meet the unique planning needs that I have. It has transformed how I organize myself – I can find my notes! Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  • Daxter Ledbetter

    I love my BuJo. I have one for work and one for life. I keep a similar system for each one, and they have really helped me keep focused on what is actually important. I’d love to share my love for BuJo’s with another human if I win one!

  • Phil Schneider

    I’ve been using a modified Bullet Journal system to great effect.

  • Kinna McGuire

    I’ve used several planners in my life, most notably due to the level of schooling I’ve had (I complete my Masters degree in December). One of my biggest complaints is never being able to find a layout that works consistently for me. Having moved from a Vera Bradly to the bullet journal (created in a Miquelrius picked up at B&N), I will never go back to a pre-format planner again. So far, my BuJo consists of future plans, habit trackers, assignment schedules, budget, reminders, personal development notes, and many many many other things.
    I love it. Thank you so much for sharing this best practice.

  • Phil Williams

    Bullet Journaling is something I aspire towards. I’ve never gotten in the habit of a fully realized journal, but I’ve adopted bits and pieces of the system and I’ll hope to go full speed one day and really get control of my personal and professional life!

  • Jennifer Stout Cameron

    I tell everyone about the bullet journal system. The best part is it’s so SIMPLE as long as you don’t complicate it. And it’s totally customizable to your needs and doesn’t cost a small fortune. So if you don’t use it a few days weeks or months, there’s no guilt associated with it.

  • Greg

    I’ve been using a non Bullet Journal to bullet journal and when I do keep to it it keeps me more on track and less focused on problems I’m having

  • I have been using other methods for planning and tracking the various areas of responsibility and the Bullet Journal came across my radar by accident, but have seen tremendous potential for improved productivity.

  • Kathy B

    The Bullet Journal has revolutionized the way I keep myself organized at work. I used to have sticky notes littering my desk with tasks, phone numbers, and data; now it’s all neatly organized in one place and I don’t lose anything any more!

  • Ewelina Sajnaga

    I’ve been bullet journalling for over a year now. I always knew I need a simple and uncluttered system and BuJo is the best. It helps recognize tasks at work and at home. I use it for my teaching job, for organizing my family. Thanks!

  • Joshua Adamson

    I’ve just started using it and I have a long way to go to make it a consistent tool—but I love it!

  • Rachael Johannes

    The Bullet Journal system has given me clarity in what’s really important in my life. It’s helped me simplify my life through thoughtful planning and goal setting.

  • suz

    I love the bullet journal. It has made taking my notes so much easier and i actually go back and reread what i wrote which has increased my effectiveness as a teacher.

  • Mhairi

    I’m enjoying using this as both a mom and professional. It’s making life so much more manageable!

  • Kara Sjoblom-Bay

    I have so many different projects going on and have always had a lot of difficulty keeping track. Bullet journaling has made it so much easier for me to manage everything!

  • Heather Cyre

    I’ve finally had enough time to figure out this bullet journal thing 🙂 so I’m excited to finally get organized! Thankfully I can leave my work at work but organizing the rest of my daily tasks, committee commitments, and community volunteering has been jumbled at best. I’m looking forward to not relying on loose notes, un-sticky sticky notes, and receipts to organize my life.

  • Diana Taylor

    This has helped me stay organized and has got me writing again!

  • Jacks Lo (Lo Lita)

    Bujo has helped me figure out a lot of random health symptoms I’ve been having.
    Who woulda thought a system so easy would help me get a diagnosis after 10 or so years !!!

  • Milozzy

    Thank you Ryder… Really.
    Not only for The give away, but for The amazing system!!!

  • canadian sadie

    At first, I thought ‘wow, this is something I can do’. But then I made the mistake of liking at the Bullet Journaling ‘community’ and was immediately intimidated. I am not artistic. I am not creative. When I try, I become a perfectionist. I am not the kind of person that can turn a mistake into a pretty flower, and it hurts my soul to rip pages from my journals. So I was disheartened, and disillusioned. I decided not to bother.

    But I needed the bullet journal in my life.

    So I took an old, half-used, beat up spiral notebook. And I tried. The basic way. The way Ryder’s video showed me. And surprise! It worked; and it worked well! I didn’t need fancy banners, or stamps, or coloured pens.

    I’m a stationery addict, so I KNOW I would love (and need?) an actual bujo journal. But I also know, now, that i’m perfectly fine, and infinitely more organized, with my coiled notebook.

  • Thomas S.

    Thanks for creating the bullet journal idea! Been using it for over 3 months now!

  • Denise

    The bullet journal has completely changed the way I work. I don’t forget things or put them off as much and there’s a lot less stress. It’s been a wonderful tool for preventing anxiety. I play fast and loose with the system sometimes and I love that it’s possible to do that.

  • Is there a section on this site that shows different layouts for bullet journals?

  • Nicki

    Using the bullet journal has helped me synchronize my life. Before, all my ideas would be in scattered notes on my phone or an old notebook. Having such an intuitive system of organization is so calming for me, and I feel like I have total control over the creative output of my mind. I use it at work and in my personal life. My bujo is not fancy and beautiful like those on Pinterest and Instagram but it gets the job done – more importantly, it helps me get the job done! I am so thankful I found this system and I’m an evangelist for it.

  • Paul H Dunlap

    Bullet Journal is an amazing analog system!

  • AJ Villanueva

    I’m still pretty new to bullet journaling but I’m loving the system. 🙂

  • Lisa Wright

    I’m a BuJo wanna be. I just discovered it online last week and started doing some research, watching videos. I love being organized and focused. There’s something very satisfying about writing things out, checking them off, getting it done! The beauty of BuJo is customization. And simplicity. And flexibility. I like to start my mornings with a cup of coffee. Adding a BuJo to my morning ritual makes for the start of a good day!

  • Carol

    Absolutely amazing how my productivity grew 200% using the Bullet Journal! Love how easy it is to just use a pen and paper in such a digital way of life these days.. It’s calming, like colouring books voor adults haha!
    Immediately bought an official bullet journal when i got the email it was back in stock again. It just works, thank you so much Ryder!

  • jackiedoss

    I love digital tools, but there’s just something about writing stuff down that has a more lasting effect for me. If I write something in a digital document, I may actually never look at it again and forget it exists. But the physical act of writing, and the ability to open a book and browse through what I have written or jotted down has a way of grounding me. I’m a chronic note-taker, so the bullet journal gives me space to do that as well as keep track of things I have done, and things I need to do. I’m not a perfect bullet journaler, but it’s comforting to know that I have the tool I need to bring myself back into sync.

  • Ann Lee

    I LOVE bullet journalling. I am an avid list maker and this system has just allowed me to keep all of my lists in one place.

  • Michelle Bates

    I love how my to do list, personal journal, wish list, project planner, and whatever else I need in the moment are all in the same notebook. And with the index everything is easy to locate for review.

  • Elizabeth O’Neil

    I’ve kept my Bullet Journal simple – true to the original video and it works. It truly keeps me on track. When my days get hectic and I start to get scattered, I just look at my journal and it puts my back on course. When the panic sets in, I look at my list and it tells me “You got this”. I can’t imagine being without it. It’s the last thing I look at before bed and the first thing I check in the morning.

  • Tabitha Deasún

    BuJo has really helped me to start keeping on track and staying organized!

  • Jocelyn Bayer

    Bullet journaling has definitely helped me stay on track in my college classes. I can put all my due dates in one place from all the different syllabi I get and keep track of my daily assignments. Makes it so much easier to find free time!

  • Wiktoria Tobota

    Bullet journals have really helped me with organizing my schedule and my timing. Also I love how easy it is to go through and how everything has its own space and page.

  • Tina Scholl

    Congrats for this anniversary! I’ve just started to check out this amazing method so the impact in my life is not noticable yet 😉 But thanks for this giveaway and the chance to win!
    Greetings from Germany,

  • Chelsea

    The bullet journal has changed my life in so many ways. I think the first would be in staying organized. Although always and organized person, I had a todo list notebook, a budget book, a diary journal, and I’m sure around my office could find tons of little notes. So after following you on Instagram, I got one consolidated bullet journal, where I keep all of the above, plus some. It’s a creative outlet for me, but also serves a life purpose.

  • Patty Jensen

    Bulletjournal has changed the way I life my daily life! It has organized my thoughts, plans, to-do lists all in one easy spot. And, bonus, I get to doodle-draw all around the page. It makes me feel like a grown up, with my “important” things to do and yet, with my doodles, I can bring in my child side. Yeah! Love it!

  • The Bullet Journal has helped me get organized, accomplish more, and prioritize.

  • Laura G.

    Happy Anniversary, Bujo!

  • John Scibran

    It has me more organized

  • Nikki Bilderback

    My bullet journal just arrived. I have been pinning lots of ideas and layouts on Pinterest. Ready to get started!

  • Audrey Roy

    The Bullet Journal helped me lower my stress level by writing down my daily tasks 🙂

  • Ladymeba

    I would love to win the draw – bullet journaling is fab!

  • Michele White

    I love this idea to organize thoughts and tasks

  • Emily

    I juggle so many different tasks at work. My Bullet Journal is the only thing that keeps me sane!

  • Nora Robertson

    My BuJo has made it possible for me to keep up with a daily planner for the first time in my life. The fact that I determine what is useful for me and that I can change it at any time is amazing.

  • BreAnna

    Excited to try this soon!

  • fruitcup1020

    Bullet Journal allows me to easily list and track my lists without being burdened with too many unnecessary details.

  • Jillian Cosgrave

    I just started my bullet journal yesterday, and I think the act of writing things out on paper will help me remember to actually do them… rather than typing things in an app and then never opening that app again… 😛
    I’m also hoping that my handwriting will improve… maybe I can even learn a little hand lettering!

  • yousillyllama

    Bullet journaling has changed my work organization for the better in so many ways. Every once in a while I change things up a little to make it better for me but the core principals all stay and keep me on track. I love the flexibility from day to day. I never waste a page or wish I had more room like in a dated planner.

  • Nadia Butterworth

    No more scrambling for things I have to remember in my head. Once it’s written down I don’t have to cling to it to make sure i don’t forget.

  • Kailani Fano

    I love the ability to customize to me. I knew this would be perfect for my 16 very artsy daughter and and immediately wanted one. I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

  • I’m able to have what tasks and appointments I need all within a few pages. Updating with new tasks and appointments is quick and easy.

  • Mrs. DenizenMom

    Bullet journaling has allowed me to slow down, disconnect, and add creativity into my life where I would not have done so…

  • What impact has the bullet journal had on my life?

    I am a fanatical list maker with a hundred places those notes seemed to land. This gave me the ability to finally put all of that together in a simplified system that brings me peace of mind. I finally know where all of those things are instead of adding that to the list of things to remember!
    Thank you!!!

  • Adrienne

    My Bullet Journal Journey

    I’ve been faithful to my Moleskine weekly planner for years but found myself frustrated by the constraints of the predetermined layout. I tried an Action Book after receiving one as a gift but it wasn’t what I needed. Then I discovered the Passion Planner and I was floored by the idea of it. After purchasing two (expensive) versions I ditched it almost immediately. The paper quality is poor and it made me dearly miss my Moleskine (which is the main reason I loved Moleskine to begin with). And the layout proved to be even more constraining and frustrating. I hated it. I hated it A LOT.

    I found myself feeling defeated by all planners and found myself completely unorganized. For the first time in many, many years I didn’t have a planner.

    Fast forward a couple of totally discombobulated months and I somehow came across the Bullet Journal. “The what??” I thought. My internal dialogue went something like this: “Oy, another gimmick. Hmm, I guess I’ll keep reading… Wow this sounds pretty interesting. AN INDEX! How have I never thought of that before. Future Log, duh. Okay I get this. I’m gonna try this out. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS IDEA.”

    So I printed off several sheet of dot grid paper thanks to and made myself a mini BuJo. Ten pages and one day into my makeshift BuJo I was totally sold on it. And actually excited to have a planner again, and get to my sh*t together. I went to the store the next day and bought a dot grid Moleskine.

    I’ve almost filled it up and I just placed an order for a Leuchtturm1917. I feel guilty because I did not buy a legit Bullet Journal. I’m sorry, but I really wanted one in a pretty color! (If you released a branded one in Berry I would lose my marbles.)

    I can’t say enough how amazing this simple but brilliant concept is. The freedom to use it however you need/want/can imagine, mixed with the fact that you don’t have to drop serious cash on the system unless you’re a stationary freak and want too (mmmm pens….) makes it absolutely wonderful. For me, my planner is a place to keep my thoughts, lists, schedule, daily journaling, and important info all together. The Bullet Journal approach has helped me organize all this neatly and with SO much flexibility into one neat, sometimes erratic, but always right there bundle. Not a single page gets wasted, nothing gets so lost I have to flip through every single page to find it, and regardless if I have a lot or a little going on, a lot or little to journal, my little BuJo expands and contracts to fit my needs. It’s oddly liberating, calming, helps put my mind to ease and helps keep me on task and in control.

    The greatest things are sometimes right there in front of us ready to be plucked from oblivion. Sometimes we just need someone else to show us the way. Ryder created more than just a system, he’s created an ever changing and growing way for people to take control of and better, more simply, organize their lives. In addition, the community that has popped up around it has created a space for like-minded people to share ideas, get inspiration, have their questions answered, and not feel like a total lunatic for loving a system of organization this much.

    Now, Ryder, if you could just develop a similarly awesome and addictive system for getting the rest of our lives/houses/work in order that’d be great.

    Sincerely and with immense gratitude,
    (who was born on August 18th too!)

  • m.hirano

    Just finished my first month of bullet journaling, and I have found my productivity is increased, my creativity is flowing, and I enjoy looking back on all my memories from the past month!

  • Lori East

    What impact has the Bullet Journal had on my life? Huge. Finally, I am able to work my planner my way, with all of my odd little thoughts and random bits of gotta-dos. I don’t know whether I just needed permission, or just needed that little shift in perspective, but it doesn’t matter. It works for me, however my life needs it to. I appreciate that in a way I can’t even begin to say.

  • Bailey Ludlam

    I’ve heard great things about Bullet Journal and can’t wait to give it a try. Happy Anniversary!

  • gothmom

    I’m so new to this, but excited!

  • Deb

    I started using a Bullet Journal this year and have found that I get more done with this sytem and I love the flexibility to adjust to each of my days.

  • Niki

    I like how easy to use the system and I can combine planning and journaling in a perfect way.

  • Jacob

    I’ve started using the Bullet Journal this year and it has had a profound impact on my productivity and sanity. I did a little bit of blogging about it here.

    Thanks Ryder!


  • Maggie Hogan

    The BUJO method is helping this abstract, random, creative person start to get a grip on organization. Thank you!

  • Joanne

    I’ve just started bullet journaling, and the bullet system alone is what I love the most! With the cross and arrows. It’s helping me to keep track better and feel less discouraged when I move stuff around.

  • I’m new to this and still trying to get a handle on it, but I’m having fun! 🙂

  • Martin Gulbrandsen

    The Bullet Journal system has given me the tools I need to collect all my thoughts, and everything I need to remember, into one single space. I’ve tried several other systems in the past, analog and digital, but none have worked for me like the bullet journal. Now, I have a single notebook containing pretty much my entire life. I treat it as a planner, a journal, a way to track my habits, as well as a creative outlet.

  • Aryan Shukla

    The bucket journal is relatively new in my life. I started this summer when my sister told my about it. I went to staples and got a simple lined notebook that looked cool. It had a little strap and I knew it could take a bit of roughness. So, I looked up the system on the website and started watching videos by the official bullet journal website and other bullet journalists (such as boho berry and studyign). I set up my little notebook and I started writing. I changed a couple of things up in the system, but I kept all of what I liked. This bullet journal, since that day, had made my life so much more organized. I always know what I need to do and when. I am able to plan out my days work. I could have done this with a planner, but I never developed a habit for that. It was hard for me to remember to write in the planner. Plus, my life was a lot busier than the few lines the planner gave me. The bullet journal forced me to have to make the day’s setup in the morning, which would make me fill out the planner. I no longer had a limited amount of space in which I could write all of my priorities and events. I have been more efficient and more organized this summer because my bullet journal is helping me, and telling ne what to do. I can only imagine the tremendous load of help this is going to give me this school year organizing my homework AND life in one list. It will let me put in tests in advance and let me start studying a few days earlier. I am so happy I stumbled upon this system. I am not exaggerating when I say this literally made my life better.

  • Andrea Skaggs

    I am so thankful you decided to take the plunge and share your system with your friend and with the world. Implementing this into my life has brought a peace and confidence that was wholly unexpected. I am even able to sleep more easily because I am confident I don’t have to remember every little detail for my large family. Thank you, deeply!

  • Teresa Berry

    I’m new to bullet journaling but already it has changed my life!, I am keeping track of everything I need to in one place now even though I’m not ready to give up my Facebook yet, I can tell I’m not going to be buying one in the new year.

  • mlindorff

    I have spent the past 35 years utilizing one organizer solution or another, all the time looking for one that not only serves my needs, but one that can be easily tailored to the needs of others with whom I was working. My Bullet Journal has been just that tool. And though just about any notebook can be used to put together my Bullet Journal, it would be very nice to try an official BuJo this time around.

  • Mikko

    I am totally hooked. Keep up the good work!

  • Ashley

    I love how I have everything in one place!! Stress level lowered.

  • Tara Bree

    Bullet Journaling has been wonderful for me because everything is in one place and I can find it easily. I don’t forget anything anymore. I can change things up as my life changes. It’s a life saver for sure.

  • Chris2365

    I appreciate the flexibility this system has provided me.

  • Marythel Pérez Rebolledo

    The Bullet Journal changed my life. In the past I had many small sheets of paper and notes everywhere, diaries, notebooks, post it, and never got what I needed or forgot where I had written. With this method I have everything in one place and its simplicity makes my life more organized. I Love BuJo

  • Frédérique Caron

    I recently discovered the Bujo way of planning and I LOVE it so much!!! I can’t wait to try it out and work with it during my semester! 😀

  • Rita Moore Willmer

    I just heard of this method last week, I’m looking for a notebook today so I can start. I’m kind of apprehensive about the work involved, though.

  • Rita Moore Willmer

    I just heard of this method last week, I’m looking for a notebook today so I can start. I’m kind of apprehensive about the work involved, though.

  • Ceason

    I’ve only just started bullet journaling, but I already love it so much and I feel like it’s going to be such a huge help! My mind is chaos, and I am immensely thankful to have a way to make sense of it all.

  • Ceason

    I’ve only just started bullet journaling, but I already love it so much and I feel like it’s going to be such a huge help! My mind is chaos, and I am immensely thankful to have a way to make sense of it all.

  • Dawn Despard Highley

    I’m new to the bulletjournal and already am in love with it. In just 1 month I have been able to see how I’ve been spending my money and where I need to cut back. Also I am able to get more things done because (1) I want to be able to mark the task as done and/or (2) I get tired of seeing it posted and reposted day after day so I just get it done 🙂 I’ve also always liked doodling and art work since I was a child so now I have a place to do just that and in the process make my bulletjournal look pretty and colorful. I would like to thank my daughter for introducing me to this wonderful form of organization.

  • Karen

    I’m so excited about getting started with the bullet journal.

  • missalyssa122

    the bullet journal has completely altered the organization process for my over active, ocd brain. i keep what works for me and try something new next time if it doesn’t. the freedom and ability to create a space that is so uniquely mine is just incredible.

  • Kristina Goodwin

    Thank you for helping me take an idea that’s been floating around in my head for, quite literally, years!! I just never could seem to work a way to make what was in my mind into a comprehensible, workable piece of writing!! My sincerest thanks.

  • Yaeli

    The BJ made my life more organized and I can do a lot more! Thank you so much!

  • Tara McGeady

    Bullet Journaling, for me was a new experience. I didn’t think that this type of planning would work for me as I’ve tried many forms before. In the end I gave in after seeing amazing things on Youtube and Reddit.

    I then dived into the wonderful world of Bullet Journaling. I’ve got my friends into it too which is really great to chat with them about their spreads. I love keeping track of little bit of my life in a journal that, when I look back on in years to come it will be with fond memories.

  • Frida Galaviz

    Bullet Journaling helped me organize everything, from my school to home life, when my life was a mess

  • Liz Murphy

    The Bullet Journal has changed my life! My memory has been getting worse and worse; I was always forgetting things. Typing the up never seemed to help me remember and all the little post-its were getting out of hand. The Bullet Journal has helped me keep everything I need to do and remember in one place and in a format that helps me actively see what needs to be done. I love it! Thank you Ryder for sharing this simple yet essential method of organization!

  • Angy Gtz.

    I’m new to BulletJournal but so far it had helped me to organise my day to day life and to have a clear view of things. I love notebooks and journals, so I tend to have a lot and for different reasons, but I usually get lost in my stuff, especially when it’s about planning things. I am a very visual person, so I need to see my plans written out to be able to complete the tasks, but also I’m kind of lazy, so normal planners haven’t been all effective, but the bujo system has helped me use my creativity (which is coming out, slowly and shyly but it is making its presence known) and organise my life, which it is very good jajajajaja Also it had helped me to meet other people who like stationery and have some good art to share in their planners, they inspire me and make me relise I’m not crazy for loving certain pens and stuff jajajaja

  • Janette Leipnitz

    Bullet journal has allowed me to bring all my varied interests together in one place and actually accomplish what I want to do.

  • Lindsay R

    Such a fantastic system. I love that you can customize it and tailor it to your own style and needs.

  • Tamera Prevatt Pedigo

    I have always used a notebook/datebook or combo of a lot of them, for keeping up with home, work, kids activities and such. I have now incorporated several of your wonderful ideas to my bullet journal. Let me tell ya…. makes my life sooooo much easier! Thank you, Thank you!

  • Jubilee Pham

    I’m one of those people that tried out diaries and journals in the past, but it always became a tedious chore. I’ve been using the BuJo method for around 2 months now, and not only am I more focused on the daily tasks I need to do, I’m also more mentally grounded being able to look back and know that I’ve actually been doing things because I took the time to keep track of them.

  • Kenneth Johnson

    So far so good with Bullet Journal. It’s keeping me organized — tried many systems before, only to have them fall by the wayside because of my lack of attention. But it sits right next to me, so I’m sill working with it. I do use pencil though, and mine looks nothing like these beautiful pages I see online in multiple colors and with straight lines. I feel unworthy….

  • Patrick Aland

    BuJO has helped me focus more on what is not just urgent but what is really important.

  • Brandie Cone

    My BuJo has made me feel more confident that I’m not forgetting anything important, plus decorating it gives me a little creative outlet.

  • Jennie

    So glad a friend told be about bullet journaling! Thanks and please continue sharing about this great system.

  • Taavetti Lehtomäki

    bujo turned my notes from chaos to organized chaos. or even only organized.

  • Rachel Anna

    I have only recently learned about the bullet journal concept. I am going to start one in September and I can hardly wait. I think it’s going to really help me stay organized and tackle more tasks.

  • Gale Wilkinson

    I am so new to the bullet journal and I am so intrigued by the concept, but I am also somewhat intimidated by it. I would really like to get into this type of journaling.

  • Leith

    Organisation clears the cluttered mind and that is was the Bullet Journal allows. An invaluable tool.

  • Visual Realia

    The bullet journal system is beneficial to me by forcing thoughtfulness about what I place as important.

  • Cori

    Just starting today!! (Aug 1) It has brought some excitement so far 🙂

  • Alma Perry

    I love Bullet Journaling. This has been revolutionary in how I keep track of my many projects at work. And then my home life! With 4 kids, wife and my many hobbies! Everything is accounted for! That has never happened before!

  • Symone Brown

    The bullet journal has made an incredible impact in my life. Because I’m able to organize my life with it, I’m checking it and looking at it every day. I had the plan to buy a planner for college, but the idea had slipped my mind. A friend had shared a photo of a planner she was decorating with stickers and washi tape, and I had thought that that wasn’t for me. Instead of buying a planner, I made my own bullet journal with a journal I had laying around. I’m using the journal more than I use my phone for events, appointments, tasks, and notes. The bullet journal does act like my brain on paper. It’s my life on paper. I track my habits to reach my goals and I always have something to look forward to. I’m remembering much more and I’m looking forward to continuing it for fall term’s classes.

  • Sarah Bass

    I waited a year from trying it out to being a convert. I’ve been so obsessed that I’ve been teaching some of the artists in my area about it even though I really know nothing. Thank you so much!

  • Ashley N. Shillinger

    it’s helped me to realize that my “planner” doesn’t just have to be my planner, it’s ok to get messy and create new things in the same space

  • Emily Bowman

    Bullet journaling seems to be the only way I can keep organised and on top of my busy schedule. Life changing!

  • Michelle

    Bullet journaling is sheer genius. It allows me to be extremely flexible in creating my own planner to suit my needs. I love it and have shared this method of journaling with several of my friends!

  • Laetitia

    I can’t live without my BuJo now !! It helped me organize my life and be more focused. Love it. Thanks

  • Tracy

    I have only been using the bullet journal system for about a month, but I love it!! It allows me the flexibility to plan my life, it a way that works for me. Such a big help.

  • I’ve used countless journal solutions, and only came across Bullet Journal recently. It’s changed my whole perspective! I feel both free and organized, it’s an excellent system.

  • Stephanie Vore

    BulletJournal understands how my brain works in its crazy quirkiness. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Bullet journaling has enabled me to keep my sanity while both working and attending college full time. I was that friend with the post-it notes and to-do lists and let me tell you- there is no joy to be found there. Thank you for helping me get myself on track and focused.

  • Kaitlyn Albers

    Bullet Journal has allowed me to find my creative side and keeps me organized!

  • Gemma McCarley

    Where to even begin? I started using the Bullet Journal in 2014. I was in the middle of my first semester of junior year of high school and I was swamped. I had long stopped using that little planner I bought at the beginning of the year and was writing assignments down on my hand. Then I discovered the bullet journal and it was like magic. All of my classes, clubs, and volunteer work were in one place. My assignments were no longer rushed in homeroom or lunch but done days in advance. I had become the queen of time management and it was amazing. I lost all of the stress that had been weighing me down and I became more involved and energized in all areas of my life. And as this starts to become a gargatuan post, I still have so much left to say about how much the bullet journal has changed my life. So, I’ll leave it at this: I’m about to start freshman year of college and I know how much better prepared I am with the bullet journal, not only for the next 4 years, but for a life of planning.

  • Erica Lee

    I was forever trying to find a systematic way to organise my life but didn’t have the time or patience to come up with one! I had tried many apps and different ways digitally to try and organise my life but none of them felt as efficient as I had hoped, so i stuck with writing in a planner but had no real system too it.

    Then I stumble upon Bullet Journal! Which had the structure on an app yet flexibility of hand writing everything so satisfy my needs! Filling in my bullet journal is so satisfying!

  • Jacklyn

    It’s made my growing to-do list so much easier to manage!

  • jsbutterfly11

    The Bullet Journal helped me to tap into a creative side that I have been looking to develop for years all while being a completely pragmatic planning solution. I LOVE having everything in ONE notebook. I was spending a ton of money on digital planning systems whose format was so rigid, it only took a few months before I was itching for something else. I resorted to paper planning, but the same things happened: formats so rigid that I would need two or three different formats to accommodate my needs throughout the year. At the peak of my frustration, and while browsing the internet for yet another planner system, I stumbled upon the Bullet Journal and Kara. I can never turn back! Ms. Wolff from New Republic articulates my exact sentiments, “…filling a notebook, and filing it away on your shelf next to the others, is a crowning achievement without any digital equivalent.” A crowning achievement that trumps the aforementioned crowning achievement would be to have an Official Bullet Journal to fill and file away!

  • Sandra

    BuJo has allowed me to be so much more organized and put together than I was before. It’s a lot easier for me to keep track of my schoolwork and other activied now that I’m able to track my time. Plus, it allows me to personalize my planning. All my older school planners didn’t allow for as much customization.

  • Lizzie

    I’m new to bullet journaling. I’m only 2 days in a far and I really love it. I already feel more organized and happy with my life.

  • reedrelay

    Not having followed through with it often enough, it has had regrettably little impact, other than orienting me to the possibilities inherent in the practice.

  • Sandi Bixler

    BuJo keeps me from forgetting the little things (and sometimes big) that would have been on post-its all over my desk.

  • Brad Camroux

    I started my bullet journal half way through July 2016. So far I’m finding it to be a fantastic way to keep everything in my life together and on track. I start school in September and am really excited for the potential there, and also when I become a teacher after graduating. Thanks, Ryder, for creating and sharing this wonderful system that works so well.

  • Camra F.

    Bujo has helped me live a happier, more organized life. Hopefully my GPA will reflect the usefulness of this journal.

  • joanne sandercock

    I always struggled with my old Filofax, it was too separate and it didn’t flow right for me, and buying all the inserts that i wanted was expensive, -I never had the knack for printable ones. But with my bullet journal all i need is a pen, and sometimes a ruler to keep abit neater. I love the diversity of the system and the online community is amazing, always prompting new ideas and ways to make it my own.

  • Taleesha

    I have been bujoing for nearly a month (on 8th of August) . At first I had a notebook, which I loved and used that for a temporary bullet journal. However, I yearned for a leuchtturm 1917, so I guess when I got the 1917 (berry pink) that’s when I became serious about being organized and having a more fulfilled life.( Although, to bullet journal you don’t need a leuchtturm or moleskin or whatever people consider to be ‘proper’ bujos. It was just what I personally wanted. My first one was a sainsburys notebook)
    My sister told me about it, and again I was reminded about how great people are, especially geniuses like Ryder. Immediately after I started my bullet journal, I suddenly had everything I loved into one place. My creativity was unleashed onto the pages. I could mess up without worrying, because it was something for me, that had to work for me. The messiness in my room slowly disappeared, because I was adamant about crossing things off in my daily log. Honestly, life without my bullet journal is hard to think of. How would I know to do the cleaning, or write a letter? How would I know what songs to compile into a quick playlist before going for a rainy walk?
    I want to thank Ryder for this creation, I don’t know how i survived before, random collections and to-do lists sprawled out onto the floor in disarray. In short, the bullet journal has become a part of me – especially the habit tracker haha.

  • Louise Hitchcock

    I have only started the Bullet Journal today but already I have seen a difference with my motivation and being able to plan my time to be more effective and efficient. The ability for it to be flexible to my needs as they arise is fantastic.

  • The bullet journal method is strict enough to keep me focused on my goals while still giving me room to take notes and record spontaneous ideas. Perfect for someone like me, a creative type who hopes to work for themselves one day 🙂

  • Robert_Acosta

    Since moving out of the classroom into the realm of private tutoring, creating a Bullet Journal has helped balance the oftentimes crazy world of entrepreneurship. Without it, I doubt I would have made it as far as I have in my private tutoring.

  • Mario Tuta

    I was fascinated by the video showing the bullet journal video showing the principles. I work in the digital marketing area as a consultant and love the fact that everything is done on paper and that you carry your little companion with you. Still I did not order one so far because the shipping costs to Austria are higher than the book itself. What a pity! I would love to bring my two messy journals into a real bullet journal <3

  • Peggy Wilsey Laipple

    I have been looking for something like this for the last 25 years!! It helps me SO MUCH (!!!) track my time and energies so I have enough to go around for all that I have to get done. Thank you so very much for sharing your system with us. It has worked wonders for my peace-of-mind.

  • Just starting out with Bullet Journal and it has transformed my life already!

  • Lee Bloch

    Bullet Journal has inspired me to collect my thoughts.

  • Kim Jones

    I’m ready to start a new journal – I’m in my second year of BuJo. Have tried to defect…always come BACK to my peace of mind – Bullet Journal in ONE book!

  • Stephy Buckster

    I don’t have a bullet journal, but I suspect it would make me much more organised

  • gingernaut

    The Bullet Journal finally got me on the planner habit! Before, I was constantly discouraged by the inevitable blank spaces I knew I’d end up with in a typical weekly or daily planner. I don’t always need every single hour plotted out, every day of the week filled in with endless tasks, etc. I often ended up feeling guilty seeing all that space not being used: am I not doing enough? Did I just throw away $20 on a notebook that I’m not even going to fill completely? I gave up on each planner after a month or so. Not a problem with the Bullet Journal. If don’t need the day planned out? Fine. I just ignore my notebook and go about my day, and come back to it when I DO need it. It works for me, not the other way around.

  • deecmf

    Keeping a bullet journal has allowed me to keep track of everything I need to do and things I want to remember. It’s more than a productivity tool, but a memory-keeper as well. I’m an early adopter and I’ve made the system work for me. I don’t decorate my pages, just simple logging.

  • Ellah Mwale

    The Bullet Journal has allowed me to organise my life without the constraints of an ordinary planner. I can choose how creative I want to be at any point, how practial, how detailed. I’m going to start university in September and I honestly can’t wait to see how my bullet journaling transforms!

  • Natasha Birimac

    Bullet journaling has allowed me to be creative and also have a schedule that is perfectly customised for me.

  • Peter Underhill

    So pleased with my Bullet Journal. I was a chronic to-do-list-maker until I came across this far more elegant system. Thanks a bunch.

  • James Poole

    Bullet Journal has allowed me to gain control of my hectic life.

  • Isabella Maddison

    I’ve only been using the BuJo system for a few months but I simply adore it and love everything about it – it’s perfect for me and it’s so adaptable and easy! So happy I came across this system 🙂

  • R. T.

    Bulletjournal (particularly the index) appeals to the archivist and data management side of my personality. When I discovered it, I was finishing up a summer of being lost and confused after grad school was over, and the lists, checks, and organization of Ryder’s method synced with what I needed. I have never looked back.

  • Cassandra franco

    Bullet journal has brought a calm over my life. Once I started my bullet journal I no longer had to worry about all the things I had to do. Bullet journal has allowed me to keep all of my thoughts in one place and it has also let me express myself and my originality. About a month into bullet journal I learned that BoJo wasn’t just a method of expressing ideas and styles it was a community that welcomed me in open arms.

  • Jan Barlow

    I’m just discovering Bullet Journaling – I think it’s right up my alley. I’m already doing the basics in my existing “pretty” planner. But I want to start fresh in September in a “real” journal. 🙂 It would be great to win one! 🙂

  • Michelle Howell-Martin

    Love using Bullet journal! Mine is quite simple, but I look forward to experimenting with it as I learn more.

  • I started Bullet Journal when I started a new role at work and I needed to keep complete track of jobs. It’s been 3 months and i’m loving it, even incorporating it into my home life!

  • I have always been a list person… and the Bullet Journal has been the ultimate list keeper and everything I have ever needed to plan and be my most productive. Thank you!

  • Jameka

    I’m so intrigued with the bullet journal

  • Helen Namtab Martinez

    Bullet Journaling has combined my love of Planning, being creative, and writing all in one book. I only discovered this on Instagram the other day and now I’m in love. My hectic life is now well-organized

  • I thnk that the biggest impact is the simplicity of how easy it is to keep track of tasks and ideas, even for a person as unorganized as myself. It is something that has impacted me.

  • Isabel Staples

    The Bullet Journal has changed my life. It has brought order and calm into my very hectic life. I love the fact that you can personalize it in anyway that you choose. Overall the bullet journal has changed my life for the better

  • SpirituallyInsane

    As a person with a late diagnosis of ADHD, Bullet Journal has provided just the right balance of simplicity and detail, the right level of organization, and the instant capture needed to help me be successful.

  • tingerlinn

    Bullet journal is what I have needed to be able to remember the stuff I need to, and keep everything in one place! Love love love the bujo system!!

  • Lencephalon

    Before I found the Bullet Journal, I couldn’t find any type of planner that worked for me, and had tried unsuccessfully to make my own system. I also could never sit down and write a full on journal entry, but wanted to be able to keep track of anything exciting I did during the day, and this system has solved both my quandaries! Thank you very much!

  • Bullet Journal has given me a way away from the screen to prioritise and keep me on track throught the day. Always trying other means out of curiosity but return to the Bullet Journal conept everytime.

  • Jason

    Bullet journal has helped my organise my life in one place! Between uni, work and recording work, I had tens of notebooks and could never find notes when I needed them. I love seeing how others have developed the way in which they use the Bullet Journal and love experimenting with new methods of my own.

  • It’s a work in progress as I have to think differently every day. It’s hard to break old habits. It’s good!

  • Emery

    BuJo has help me be more organised and time efficient.

  • Sue O’Mullan

    Bullet journaling is helping me to start to pull together my life!!!!!!

  • Crystal O’Morrow

    The Bulletjournal has had such an awesome impact on my life and I just started a couple of months ago. I’m a stay-at-home Mom of two, dealing with fibromyalgia, and trying to heal my body. Already I’ve lost 12 pounds, feel like when my brain starts going nonstop, I can calmly get it all purged in my journal, feeling confident I can refer back to it and not forget!

  • Amanda C. Phoenix

    I loooooove bullet journal, I’m new to the method but I’m having so much fun with it!

  • Jade

    Bullet journal has simplified my day-to-day. It’s allowed clarity so I have a direction to move in, rather than scrambling through my days.

  • gbb

    I am known for having a chaotic mind that tends to loose everything, so having the bullet journal has helped me sooooo much in organising myself and staying in one piece. It has also given me a visual of my future goals, helping me achieve much more, like a new job.

  • Nazlican Onk

    I like being organised and Bullet Journaling is the best way to make that happen. Also, personally, it makes me more creative.

  • Ami

    I used to be one unorganised mess before I started using the bullet journal method. I have always tried writing a daily diary but fail miserably because it is too time consuming. The bullet journal is laid out perfectly, feeding my minimalistic and perfectionist needs while also looking aesthetically pleading. Love love love it, it’s a life changer really.

  • Sabrina Tourigny

    So far it’s really helped me settle my goal, and I like being organized, so it’s a plus on every aspect!

  • Christa Allan

    My lifeline to myself!

  • Patricia Copeland

    I’ve been using my Bullet Journal on and off. I really, really want to use it every day. I’m a teacher and think it could be invaluable to me to use every day. Am very excited to learn about the one-
    page starter guide and the help section. Definitely need to spend some time there to get myself organized for the quickly-approaching school year.

  • Julita Sochacka

    I like the idea and I have been trying to implement some order in my life starting my own bullet journal. It would be great to actually be one of the lucky winners 🙂 Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • Sarah Doolittle

    The bujo is a way for my left and right brain to work together, not against each other. I love it because I can be creatively organized, and organizedly creative. 🙂

  • Dennis

    Just started two months ago, but it has already made me far more productive with my limited time!

  • Tim

    Great giveaway!

  • Mandi

    BuJo helps me keep work at work, so I can enjoy family time at home.

  • Tina Ku Sleeper

    My Bujo is indispensable! I use it for my personal life (bills, to-do lists, diary entries, baby tracking, lifestorming) and professional life (daily to-do lists, ideas, meeting notes, professional development). It’s the perfect combination for me – I always felt guilty writing to-do lists in my old journals and found it difficult to mesh the personal and professional. To-lists in random notebooks got lost. To-lists online or otherwise electronic were not always accessible. And meeting notes were never right there when I needed them. Now, one book holds my whole life, and it really works. Thank you!

  • Marilee Cruz

    I, too, am new to the Bullet Journal. I have tried, with minimal success, to transition myself to be completely virtual/paper free. But, for me, there’s really nothing like sitting down, pen-in-hand, and planning out my days. I would miss the days when the writing muse would take over my hand I would write my thoughts. The Bullet Journal keeps it all in one place for me. I didn’t know there was a whole community dedicated to helping others “keep-it-all-straight”.

  • Love my bullet journal!

  • Rebekah Zazzo

    I’m new to the bullet journal method, but I love how it keeps my head clear of all the little things I used to try to remember.

  • Shana Ray

    The bullet journaling system has given me (a list maker) a way to keep organized that works for me much better than a traditional planner or scattered to-do lists!

  • Kelly

    I have been Bullet Journalling for the past 9 months and it has been an incredible way to stay focused and organized. I had given up on trying to keep a digital agenda, and regular daytimers were just useless for me but I have been consistent with the Bullet Journal because it just makes sense! And it’s FUN! Thanks for a great tool and community!

  • debbieyd

    I love having everything in one place. My BuJo gives me a space to organise my time, get creative, plan goals, doodle, flesh out ideas. It also works seamlessly with my digital calendar.

  • derek wall

    This journaling has revolutionized the way I have been able to get things done and keep things in order for me and my students! Congratulation and keep up the great work!

  • Brandy Forden

    I have only had my bullet journal for a week and I am hooked. I am already less stressed and getting more accomplished. Just what I needed!

  • Mallowtree

    I’m brand new to the bullet journal process but I’m already discovering how much it benefits my life. I’ve been going through the Konmarie cleaning process and bullet journalling is really showing me what’s a priority and what isn’t. When I see something being carried over again and again, I know it’s time to address it move on. It’s been so great to weed out extraneous tasks and information.

  • ParsonBoots

    Bullet Journal has helped me manage tasks, notes, ideas and prayer lists in a way that suits my personality.

  • A.K.A.Mum

    I am really new to BuJo (well, I found it about a year ago but I’ve only really touched the surface and done it sporadically) but I already love that I have a central place to write down what I need to remember instead of having countless lists floating around the house that are often pretty much duplicates of each other because they got lost. Think of a movie I want to see on the weekend? BuJo it. Think of a job I want to get done on my day off? BuJo it. My son mentions something and I want to keep it in mind for when his grandparents ask for birthday gift ideas? BuJo it.

  • Luna

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful system. I’m only on my third week, with a scrappy cheap notebook and terrible handwriting. But somehow, I’m getting incredible things done! I am excited to see where this takes me.

  • Heather Ash

    I’m loving using my own bullet journal for the first time. I’d love to win one! So far it has helped me by adding an index so I can find things… I was basically doing something similar, but without an index, which made it next to impossible to find anything. I look forward to learning and growing more in my use of it.

  • Ashlee

    The bullet journal is life changing in terms of getting stuff done!! And its an everyday pop of creativity!

  • Trish Birk Smith

    I am just starting out but this seems like it’s just simple enough to work for me.

  • Nancy Wilcox Coppock

    New to BoJo and can’t wait to get started!

  • EelyHovercraft

    Organisation tailored to my needs

  • Ulyssa Silva

    Your method has helped me improve my writing organize my thoughts and most importantly, organize myself! Thank you!

  • Sandra Tan

    I need organisation in my life – will be giving BuJo a go!

  • Cassandra Allan

    I have found the system really helpful for prioritising my work diary and at a glace knowing whats completed and what is remaining

  • ElaineReads

    I use a hybrid method of paper calendar and separate bullet journal for collections.

  • Elva Lin

    I am really new to the BuJo life and I am so much more organised now that I use it <3

  • Happy BuJo day!

  • Midnight Sierra Joe

    It has helped me to realize that I can put my mind on paper to see everything at glance, and makes sure I don’t forget anything.

  • Bridget McCall

    i have just started a bullet journal, I love notebooks and pens. so I started on a scrappy cheap chinese notebook with a bic ballpoint pen to have a go and not be too worried about getting it right or messing up a beautiful notebook. I am loving it so far but when my “real” bujo arrives, I will be looking forward to making it really beautiful! (and the pages not tearing when I write on them!) talk about levelling up with list making!

  • Kristin

    I have a very simplistic bullet journal method. I love it. It’s really helped me at work.

  • Melody Koa

    Bullet journal has greatly increased productivity in my life and created motivation to work hard for life.

  • Valerie Cross

    My daughter and I love to bullet journal!

  • Emma

    I have never been as productive as this before!

  • Isabella

    Such a simple yet extremely effective way to consolidate every day/week/monthly/yearly tasks!

  • Loraine Ellis

    It’s helped me to stay organized with bills

  • E.C.F

    I love having all of my notes in one place.

  • Visualize my day to day. I keep mine simple but it is amazing to check off things from the to-do list!

  • Leslie Berger

    L.O.V.E. my bullet journal. It offers me much more flexibility with my task lists than the planner I had used for so many years previously.

  • JulieRBlack

    One month in and so, far, so good. I do feel more organized!

  • Tiki

    BuJo is a big time saver. Thanks!

  • Michelle Joseph

    I also have spent time effort and resources on finding the best planner for my needs. Bullet Journal satisfies both my professional and creative needs. Recommended as much to those who know what they want as to those who wouldn’t have a clue where to start

  • Ruth Kitchin Tillman

    I’ve been doing it for about 3 months now…once I separated out my work and the rest of my life into two entirely separate notebooks (combining was giving anxiety) it’s been so useful! As others have said, it combines my love of journals with my love of to-do lists. And, MORE importantly, the part where it gives me a place to log stuff that I need to remember but can’t actually do right now, it’s been huge. I’m much less anxious about that part.

  • Aimen N.

    I remember showing your bujo video on youtube to my sister. I have never seen her so excited about something.

  • Scott Brandt

    I suppose I should turn this into inspiration to start up the next months’ worth of bullet journalling.

  • Joanna Mei

    I honestly haven’t found my way into Bullet Journaling because I’m still attached to my old system. But my life needs a change and a kick in the right direction.

  • Christine Yoo

    Thank you for sharing a system that has made me excited to see projects accomplished and live life to the full.

  • Kirsty Waterford

    Only having recently discovered bullet journaliing – I now use it every day at work – it is the best concept ad makes things clear and concise!

  • Ethan

    I haven’t yet gotten a bullet journal, but I know it’ll help me organize my time and energy efficiently!

  • Li-Li Lim

    I discovered bullet journaling in Dec 2015 and have not looked back since! It is so vibrant and adaptable to changing needs.

  • Annette

    I’ve been using the Bullet Journal system for a little more than a year now, and love how it’s helped me tame all those scraps of paper that masqueraded as my planning/time management system. I’m a pretty strict adherent to the original system (i.e., a member of Team Minimalist), but I love that, should the need arise, I can create a customized set-up for a day, a week, a special project, etc.

  • Melissa Yatzeck

    I’m new to bullet journaling and have only been doing it for a few days, but so far this is helping me stay more organized and focused. Looking forward to figuring out how to make it work better for my life!

  • Susan Norton

    I’ve used every method available, but analog versions always failed because I couldn’t find past information. Technology saved me with search and alarm functions, but technology fails at times, and usually in the worst possible moments.

    I’m now on my first bullet journal for my personal life, and only a couple of months into it, but persuaded our purchasing people to add a quadrille notebook (index pages and page numbers) to do a bujo just for my my work projects. Thanks!

  • Suzy Huff Brooks

    I’ve been sharing the idea of Bullet Journals with my teachers in PD. A great way to track the past, organize the present and plan for the future!

  • Marthalynn

    This system gets me excited! Excited to plan my day, execute that plan, and reflect on what I’ve accomplished. It’s more than that, though. It takes the “guilt” of not journaling away!

  • Kyle Anderson

    My bullet journal has allowed me to make sense of my chaotic life in a way that is minimal, elegant, and productive. I’m going to university in a couple of weeks and I look forward to utilizing it there! Perhaps a bullet journal for students is in order…

  • Andrew Van Slaars

    The bullet journal keeps me organized at home and at work. I love the flexibility of the system and change my approach whenever I find a new idea and if I find that something hasn’t been working for me, I stop doing it in the next notebook, or the following day/month.

  • Arden19

    The Bullet Journal system has been an instrumental part in overcoming my bout of quarter-life crisis and social anxiety.

  • Kanisi

    The Bullet Journal gives structure in which I feel free to create or explode. I’m one of those people who need some kind of structure to guide, but very much love to change the boundaries. This system is fundamental. Great job for sharing it with the world.

  • Katrina Carr Krych

    The BuJo and BuJo community have been an invaluable tool and resource to me as I transfer into a demanding job with 1000’s of responsibilities. I love the ever changing and evolving nature of the BuJo!!

  • Shihui

    I had just recently started BuJo one month ago and I absolutely love the monthly tracker. For a procrastinator like me, the monthly tracker just does everything that I want just in a few dots and it helps me evaluate my progress. I really still enjoy BuJo. I’m probably less creative than the others cause I’m just too lazy. But perhaps, my laziness could help me create a system that suits me.

  • April Pruitt

    I am the worst (or maybe the best) procrastinator, and Bullet Journal helps me to be accountable for things I need to accomplish.

  • Joy Thompson Bogemann

    It hasn’t changed my life yet! I am a perfectionist and trying to let go of that!

  • Karen

    I’m very new to BuJo and loving having all my various lists, calendar and daily journal in the one place. It’s a custom diary that allows for my own creative expression and growth

  • Isobel Brodie

    It has allowed me to become more organised in my life in a way that suits my and cane easily customisable. It has also allowed me to write down any frustrations or thoughts i have had throughout the day.

  • I’ve been bullet journaling for about a year and I LOVE IT.

  • Emilycreates

    School has become so much more manageable with bullet journaling and I finally have time to enjoy the things I love. Thank you!

  • RobertInSF

    The technique makes it easier to differentiate between notes and to-dos, and track what’s open vs done. easily.

  • Ellen Nicole Schwarz

    I’m new to bullet journaling, just started a couple weeks ago. It’s really helping me stay organized and de-stress.

  • Allison

    I have my journal all ready to customize, can’t wait to get started.

  • Iridescence

    Bullet journal is so fun, creative and useful. I manage my blog, actually want to do work just so I can tick them off in my bullet journal and stay organised. Such an amazing system! I especially love the flexibility

  • Neotekangel

    I only have enough pages for a few more months in my “home grown” bullet journal. Having a new one to start the next chapter would be awesome.

  • bradley

    I’ve been using my journal to help organize my life and use as a creative outlet. Been bullet journaling for almost a year now and I can’t leave home without it.

  • Sam

    Bullet Journaling has been hugely useful for keeping dates in order and keeping my to-do lists in one place.

  • Cindi Gay

    First process that I’ve actually stuck with for more than a month. At my age, it is about time. Thank you Bulletjournal.

  • Ezhik

    It helped me realize the importance of organizing my life.

  • Linda Healey

    I started my first bullet journal in March 2016–it’s nearly full! I haven’t “missed” any of the daily tasks I track since I started, which is saying a lot! It’s now second nature to use my bujo for so much!!

  • I am a list-maker and I love that the bullet journal has organized my personal life and business into one spot. I love the flexibility and creative outlet.

  • Isabel Staples

    I recently started bullet journaling but it has changed my life soon much

  • Caitlin

    It’s made me so much more organised!

  • Michelle Boyd

    I’ve been using the bullet journal method since I started planning work around my pregnancy in 2013. I’ve been an avid follower since the beginning because I could never find a diary that actually helped me organise my brain dumps and daily tasks. Then when I had my baby, I continued to use the system to plan my new freelancing gig around being a new mama.

    Now I’m about to have baby #2, am currently studying a business course by correspondence and launching a small business + blog in Dec, whilst still trying to work it all around my now very tenacious toddler… and BuJo is still keeping me on top of things! All this time I’ve just been recycling old notebooks I’ve kept in a box by ripping out the used pages. Needless to say bullet journalling has been the most sustainable and productive system I’ve implemented into my daily home/play/work life. Love what you do.

  • Hannah

    The bullet journal has helped me be more organised and time efficient. Especially when I have multiple assignments due around the same time.

  • Carissa

    I love my bullet journal, and I’m actually making my new one for this (school) year right now. I retired mine for the summer because honestly I have nothing to do/write in it. But I am so ready to start again!

  • Rachel Savage

    I love the Bullet Journal system because it’s one thing – instead of the bazillion apps I was using before. It’s brought out a creative side in me, and gotten me so organized. I do more now.

  • Jillian Smith

    I’m still waiting for my journal to arrive, and I’m so excited! The moment I found out about BuJo and its community, a spark was reignited in me. I’ve been doing a lot of the bare minimum lately. Adjusting to 2 kids is rough. This is the answer I’ve been praying for.

  • Laura K

    Happy BuJo Birthday!! It has been so fun to really see things “catch on” and come alive recently! It is the system that can be all things to all people, and I love seeing how each person builds their own system to fit their own needs.

  • Jill Turner

    Happy Birthday to Bullet Journal! Bullet journaling has gotten me organized, planning, completing things and being more creative. Thank you!

  • Aisya Abu Bakar

    Bullet Journal was, in a way, a jolt to the system to make me become more organized. It’s not just an ordinary journaling experience.

  • Corrine Lam

    Reading this is so inspirational to me… you inspire me to start a bujo right this instant!

  • I don’t possess a bullet journal, but I’m hyped to get one in this raffle. I’m kind of nuts for productivity, and I haven’t found a suitable method of organization for me just yet. I hope the BuJo is the “one”. 🙂

  • Christine

    I used to bring a lot of notebooks with me everywhere I go, such as a planner, a sketchbook, a notebook for ideas, etc. The bullet journal has allowed me to be more organized not just in my day, but also in the things I bring with me. I also love the flexibility of the whole thing. I love that I can change things up if something doesn’t suit me, and that I can be as creative or as minimalistic as I see fit

  • Avril Dickey

    I’ve used Bullet Journal at work for a few years … but now with a new baby on the way I am loving these “for moms” posts. So many uses I had never thought of!! 😀

  • رضاب النفيدي

    Love the flexibility of the bullet journal in my life even when my consistency is lacking! Thank you so much for sharing your system with us – it’s amazing how a personal venture ended up having universal reach. Awesome!!

  • Using BuJo has greatly helped with organizing my life. I was very messy for the larger part of my life until one day I saw BuJo on Designer News. Then my professional life changed forever!

  • JadeAnkh

    Three years! I thought this had been around forever and id just missed the boat!

  • Beth Ann Lapierre

    So looking forward to bullet journaling!!!

  • Michelle

    I just started bullet journaling recently, but I love it. It gives me an outlet and a way to keep my millions of to dos and projects organized. I’m looking forward to the new Mom focused blog postings.

  • Heather Lynch

    I have been using this system only since June but I love it. I can’t believe how organized I feel. I love how flexible this system is and if I don’t like something all I need to do is turn the page

  • Carol Wooden

    I’m new to the BuJo and I already love it. My daughter is so scatter-brained and she finally has a course to follow. Thank you!

  • Marla Espiritu

    BuJo has helped me re-purpose my journal experience. I don’t have to carry a bunch of notebooks on my bag anymore. Rather, I have this one journal to fit my needs.

  • Jeremiah D.

    I love how the bullet journal system has given me the daily organization I needed.

  • ash aquino

    I’ve only just started using the Bullet Journal system but already I feel more productive, not to mention creative.

  • Louie Cristine

    Bullet Journalling for 7 months now an my life hasn’t been more organized. I love how flexible it can be compared to the other journals I had previously, where I’m constrained to use only the page allotted per day. Your creativity is really the limit when it comes to bullet journals. I really love it!

  • KSClifton

    The Bullet Journal is my unicorn planner: it’s perfect. I’ve adapted it to fit my life and my work life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Barbara Nikki Gaona

    The Bullet Journal has freed me from having to conform to any style. I plan by how I feel that day and have found that I am most productive that way because life changes.

  • Hatter M

    It combines the two things I love, list making and record keeping. From events to my workouts. So glad I found BoJo.

  • kendall erica

    it has provoked the desire and fire to start journaling again.

  • Emil Brown

    Happy birthday, Bullet Journal!
    I don’t remember anymore where I came across your system, but I’m pretty sure I saw someone’s post on Instagram, and was intrigued. I’ve always had a fascination with journals/planners. I would buy planners with high hopes of getting my time-management act together, only to find them unwieldy–they’d always have too much stuff I didn’t need or find useful, and not enough of what I wanted, namely, flexibility.

    Thanks, Ryder, for sharing Bullet Journal with us!

  • Jans Munoz

    It inspires me to be more organized and be more conscious of my daily activities. Also helps me improve on my artistic skills..;)

  • Ian Cowling

    Love the digital detox of the analog bujo

  • Jordan McEntaffer

    This journal has helped me to incorporate more art into my life by doing daily doodles and such.

  • Cheeny

    Bullet journaling helped me to become a more organized person. Learning its simple, yet effective ways and methods, I really became more time managed. I usually look forward to bullet journal everyday, and it also unleashed my inner creative person. I love it!

  • hobbit_queen

    I’m naturally a pretty forgetful person, so missing out one or two tasks was normal (and problematic) for me until I stumbled across bullet journaling – and it completely changed my life around! Now I’m more organized and efficient, both in my personal and professional lives. Thank you, Ryder, and congratulations on your creation’s 3rd birthday! 🙂

  • Marie-Claire Jalaguier

    As a student, I like to be extremely organised but the method I was using before the bullet journal didn’t give me consistency and I would still end up with the same level of stress. The bullet journal has made my life less stressful and more clean. I’ve never had more fun being organized!

  • Claire

    Bullet journaling has completely changed the way I organize my life. I was missing appointments, my to do list was a mile long, and I was always stressed. Now I feel like I’m in control.

  • Dylan T

    No impact yet, I haven’t started yet!

  • Irene Lund

    I discovered bullet journals just a few months ago and I’m hooked. I find the time spent making my lists and being able to make notes on whatever page I am on to be freeing and calming.

  • Jean Hoang

    I actually use Bullet Journal as my own therapy. Not only it organizes my plans but my thoughts as well since i tend to overthink way too much to be considered healthy! I’m so glad i found out about this system.

  • Lillie

    I stumbled upon Bullet Journaling on Sept 26, 2014. I knew immediately that this is what I was missing. I’m a mom to five kids and I was struggling to keep my thoughts and schedule organized. I’ve always loved journaling and never liked the generic calendar journals nor keeping everything digital – this is why BuJo is so perfect for me. Organizing my crazy mind & life in a customized way – love it! I was so impressed with it I started the very next day in the middle of my journal and I haven’t looked back since!

  • Jessica Mironov

    It’s made me feel so much more creative AND professional – a tricky combination!

  • Eve Pybus

    I only recently started bullet journal-ing (in a random notebook I found around the house, so having an actual journal would be heaven) to find an easier way of organising my life – especially university – and already this semester is less stressful and going so much more smoothly!

  • Just heard about the study that says people who write down their goals are more successful…. seems so obvious. So now I’m here!

  • Mama Pickles

    It’s so fun to see what works best for me! So far it’s forcing me to try and be more organized.

  • Anne

    I love my bullet journal- feel like it’s easy and keeps my brain centralized. Thank you!

  • Alex Tanner

    I started just 2 weeks ago and I already feel more purpose and direction in my life. For a procrastinator like me this system is really working!

  • cynthia cortez

    I have just started using them and it has helped me see what I’ve done so far. It helps me see that my day has actually been productive and boost my self-esteem in that way. It also lets me use it as a note taking area without worrying about the layout of my journal and add in all the events or fun things I end up doing, like a mini diary or scrapbook. Its been really fun so far and am in love with it.

  • Eva Gamboa

    The BuJo system brings order and creativity to my life.

  • Kaustubh Adhav

    Cannot believe that it has been three years! Must have been quite a journey. I am a designer myself and a bullet journal user. You have certainly put a comprehensive system for note taking! Kudos!

  • Paul Stares

    The main thing it brings to me is the ability to focus on the things i need to focus on whilst not forgetting the things i don’t.

  • Beth Braun

    Congrats on the success of your journals! Using your system is as close to journaling and keeping organized as I have ever been

  • Marianne W

    I’m still pretty new, but it’s helping me to keep ideas in one place rather than jotting things down on random pieces of paper.

  • Jennifer Browning

    I’m trying to get more organized. Bullet Journaling seems like it was made for me.

  • I’m looking forward to starting with this new system. I love organization and I’m hoping this can become my go to book everyday, while having a sort of journal to look back to over the years. I have 4 kids, so there’s a lot I need and want to Remember!

  • Kinjal Kamdar

    I am in live with bullet journal…. I couldn’t afford an actual one but I keep my bullet journal in my bag and everywhere… It has helped me to get more organised, think better and achieve my goals…. I want to own the official journal…

  • Sara G.

    Bullet journaling freed me from the avalanche of post-it notes that were taking over my desk, car, home, and life. I literally had notes stuck to everything so I could remember tasks, ideas, things to buy, dates to remember… It was insane. Finally a friend introduced me to the idea of bullet journaling, and I haven’t looked back since. Now everything is in one place… To-do lists, appointments, memories, photos, sketches… It’s all right there and easy to reference and reminisce over.

  • The Bullet Journal has forced me to be proactive and accountable for my use of time. It’s greatest strength is its versatility and its flexibility to be customized to your personal needs.

    I’m so convinced of this system that we just trained all 112 of our incoming freshmen on incorporating the BuJo into their organizational toolbox

  • After trying countless other notebooks and digital task apps, the Bullet Journal methodology and format is the perfect blend of syntax to actually get stuff done and take notes that matter. Thank you!

  • Shae Mostro

    The bullet journal has given me a way to combine all the things I need and want into one notebook. It’s incredibly versatile and it keeps me creative and mindful. I love having a record of my life.

  • Randiok

    I love being able to break down larger goals into smaller, easily attainable daily steps. It helps to see progress being made.

  • CG

    My to-do system is entirely digital, and I miss pen and paper. This method speaks to me.

  • DebraMarrs

    I’m a complete newb with BuJo. I discovered bullet journaling on Instagram about 30 days ago, and I can’t wait to begin my own version of bujo. I’m a lifelong journaler, lifeplan organizer, and goal setter, so this format is very exciting to me. Thank you!!!

  • Norma Pérez

    From a month’s experience, two of the things I can associate with the Bullet Journal universe are support and consciousness. These have brought me plenty of comfort in a difficult time in my life through the act of planning and the resulting possibility of giving things their due place in my mind. I’m yet to see the full potential of the BuJo in my life –a big part of which is being a student– but my expectations are high and I’m looking forward to making the most of this brilliant tool.

  • disqus_VtpJ830nhu

    tried the idea on a regular note book and works wonders. great method to organize and be super productive. cant wait to try the bullet journal

  • Rotlaus

    It really helped me to ease my mind. Too often i panicked because of forgotten things todo.

  • Rebecca Tan

    Bullet journals have helped me to organise my life and made it much simpler to complete tasks!!

  • Feld Effekt

    After years of experimenting with my organiser and other notebooks to stay ahead of all my tasks and duties I came to the conclusion that the GTD-approach does not work for me whilst the bullet journal approach does help to clear the chaos of thoughts in busy times very efficient. Thanks so much for your wonderful contribution to us all by sharing your initial system for providing a pivotal point for its further development.

  • Desiree Payne

    Writing in my journal is very important to me; it is a place where I can put my thoughts and memories together and they are all in one place for me to recollect. The Bullet Journal makes this easier for me, allowing me more time to do my writing and less to no time working on stuff like indexing or page numbering. Thanks Ryder!

  • Han

    Many happy returns! Thank you for giving me a way to use all those notebooks I’ve been hoarding for 20 years without feeling like I’m wasting the paper by not making there most out of it!

  • Gabriell Anderson

    Awesome neat thing to organize your every day life.

  • Rigel Dayrit

    I’m bad at tracking things. While I’ve tried multiple methods, I would almost always end up dropping the ball at some point. The bullet journal has helped me improve and make sure that I am able to deliver the best work I can possibly do and help keep the team on track as well.

  • OkieWriter

    I am very interested to see how it would work in my life. Right now I use Franklin Covey daily. I hope I win a Bullet Journal. I am very curious. Fingers and toes crossed!!

  • Bullet journal has helped me develop a daily writing habit 🙂

  • Ann

    Bullet journaling has helped me develop a somewhat more organised schedule. I’m still trying it out and learning how to use it to best suit me!

  • sharon888

    Awesome way to journal as well as keep organized and track things.

  • MegO

    I’ve started drawing again which had lead to several other hobbies that got left behind as I became an adult. I feel so much better when I can open my bujo, write everything down and then commence to drawing!

  • Alissa

    I want to use this new form of organizing to really prioritize what is important to me!

  • Jeff Free

    I’m currently in the process of integrating bujo into my life.Its already made me a lot more focused and productive, and has taken away the stress of a messy system. I’ve been using Pomodoro technique and Eisenhower method previously to organise myself, and am working on bringing that to Bujo. Also, as a full time high school student, I am slowly starting to use this in my life. So thanks!

  • Bianca Boman

    bullet journal allows me to excel in my university studies

  • Toby Friend

    Started using Bullet journal 2 months ago and I have had the most productive 2 months ever. Thanks.

  • Nadja

    I’ve just started bullet journaling this month and am very excited to see where it can take me!

  • Victor Nieves

    It was great to read a bit more on the history of the last three years! I have only recently been introduced to Bulletjournal and I am still learning, but it has helped me be more purposeful in my note taking.

  • DB

    The bullet normal means that consistently get things done now, and don’t have to hold all the little tasks I need to do in my head!

  • veravisscher

    I’ve just started with a new Bullet Journal. I’ve got two jobs and I’m a student. I had to organize my appointments and deadlines. So far it helps me focus my attention to the stuff I need to do. I will never go back to a regular planner. This helps me so much!!

  • Philipp Rudics

    Found this by accident some years ago before it got highlighted by FastCo, LH,… & was totally blown away how he managed his Journal.

    Afters giving it a try, i deleted all the fancy iOS and Android Apps i used before, literally burnt my old method, bought a new Personal Planer and adapted with some minor tweaking his method. And, i’m glad i did!

    Thank you!

  • Dibba

    It is really inspiring to read the Bullet Journal story in a timeline like this and it makes me even more determined to get the most out of my journal. Since discovering the Bullet Journal method, I have been able to cut down on all the excess planners, accessories, apps, etc etc that were cluttering up my life and holding me back from concentrating on what really needed doing!

  • Ian Morton

    I work in IT, so I’m surrounded by various technology to record To Do lists etc.
    When I get home in an evening, the LAST thing I want to do is fire up a device to read through what I need to do. The BuJo fits my offline world perfectly.

    Thanks & happy birthday!

  • Bullet journaling makes me feel as though I have control over my life, which has drastically improved my anxiety disorder! 🙂

  • Els

    Bullet journalling has changed my life completely at work. I’ve gone from a overwhelmed mess to someone my entire department thinks is a totally calm and organised superstar!

  • Annet Kloprogge

    Thank you Ryder for creating Bullet Journal, it has made my life a lot less complicated and it even got me as far as freaking out whenever I forget to bring it haha!

  • Alessia Raio

    I love how bullet journalism is helping me face daily adventures, and express my creativity through doodles and tables!! Thank you!!

  • Jan Allsopp

    How did bullet journal change my life? By helping me become the person I always intended to be, but never quite got to. Thank you Ryder and congratulations!

  • Debora Santo

    The bullet journal makes it easy to track all the things I need to do.

  • Jim

    I love Bujo, it had transformed my life!

  • Jessica Grahn

    The bullet journal was just what I needed. It has helped me structure my days, and keep track of what I need to do with bigger project in the future (so they don’t look so scary). I love tracking things and building up streaks, this way I keep up with studying and workouts.

  • It has made me neglect my expensive 2016 diary and helped me organise my life both at home and at work.

  • Laura Malone

    Using the bullet journal system has helped me keep my anxiety under control in the midst of a busy life. I’m a pathologist and have a zillion projects going on and things I need to do to maintain my credentials. Add on top all of the “life stuff” and if it’s not down on paper in a way I trust, my brain doesn’t handle it well. Thankyou!

  • I’m still pretty new to the BuJo experience and although I’ve found it perhaps a bit too rigid for my personal life it is an essential at work. Most recently we’ve had lots of discussions around project management apps that the whole team can use and while BuJo obviously isn’t shareable I have found that when managing my personal workload it does make me far more productive than any desktop app I’ve found. Thank you!

  • cancoi

    Would love to have this to jump start some disorganization

  • Nicola McMillan

    There’s something special about writing things down these days. Everything’s done digitally and things just seem more special when written in your favourite journal with your best pen. Even if it is just a doctors appointment.

  • Sarah Arquette

    I love how the Bullet Journal has helped me organize my home, life, homeschool and home based business all in one place. I would be lost without it! Thanks Ryder!!!!!!

  • Firstly, congratulations on your anniversary! I am so grateful that not only did you create this amazing analogue system but that you chose to share it with the world. I’ve already blogged about my BuJo and am now considering adding a dedicated menu to Bullet Journalling on my blog. I don’t know what I would do with my BuJo – I can attest to it’s effectiveness, in that I have NEVER been so organised in my life! And actually getting things done. Than kyou, Ryder!

  • Jana Cvijović

    Unfortunatelly, I didn’t yet have a chance to use Bullet Journal, but I hope it will change my life soon… 🙂

  • Annemarie Kobel

    I was always looking for a handy solution to join a simple note book with my calendar. Usually I only had one of those with me and missed always the other. A Bullet Journal gives me the opportunity to have everything I need in a book. I can write things down immediately and won’t forget a thing. I love it!

  • Jason

    Bullet Journal has completely changed the way I organise myself. I couldn’t live without it now

  • BrochTuarach

    BuJo has had a huge impact on my life, regular planners/diaries don’t work for me as the amount I want or need to plan and/or document varies on a daily basis. I have now incorporated aspects of the BuJo key (squares for tasks, bullet points for notes, etc) into all aspects of my life, I even use them when writing meeting minutes!

  • Me

    I am only just starting on the BulletJournal (the last three weeks) and I already love how much more organised I feel and how flexible the system is. I am sure I will change it around quite a bit more before I am happy with my setup, but i LOVE the idea behind it! Big Fan!

  • I have been using the bullet journal system since January of this year. I just got my first ‘official’ bullet journal. I am loving it! I am a small business owner and it early helps me to focus on those essential tasks I need to take care of that day. I still use a digital system to manage the employees, but when it comes to the tasks I must handle, the bullet journal sits open on my desk all day. Thank you Ryder!

  • This is an amazing system and has had a very cleansing impact on my jumbled thoughts!

  • Charlotte Peng

    The BuJo has helped me become more organized, efficient, and it has saved me a crap load of sticki-notes and paper!

  • Anna Clayton

    I have finally found “planner peace” with the bullet journal. I’m ADD and BuJo has helped me become more productive and less forgetful Thank You!!

  • Jacqueline Sabbagh

    I’m new to the method of the bullet journal but it has helped a lot in my every day life to remember everything I need to do and check it off.

  • Tiffany Sheri McMillan

    Bullet journaling is a great stress reliever and helps my anxiety!

  • Amshwa Essie

    Using this journal has helped me be more ambitious and has helped me set me priorities straight, it’s made things a lot less stressful and it even helped my emotional and mental health! I love it soo much <3

  • Claudia Hall

    I have ADD and bullet journaling has helped me gather my erratic thoughts immensely and finally get things done and FINISH projects that I start. Thank you so much for this.

  • N bass

    I am new to Bujo. I would love to receive an official notebook and see if that makes it click for me.

  • Annemarie Ruijsenaars

    I have found peace in my chaotic head since working with a Bullet Journal, so thank you Ryder and many many more people sharing their knowledge of this system. It’s so easy to adopt to your every need.

  • Марк Лебедь

    I love bujo cuz if i get lost in months or whatever i can continue without losing pattern

  • Leah Sherwin

    So excited for this giveaway! I have been looking for a planner system that works well for me for YEARS. I’m giving the bullet journal a shot, since I am already an avid, active, and addicted journaler. 😉

  • Julia Bomalaski

    The bullet journal has allowed me to make sense of my freelance work, three different clients and my personal life (wedding planning!). It’s also allowed me to express myself creatively while staying organized. As someone who starts a journal then immediately loses interest or moves on to another notebook, the bullet journal has kept my interest, because it’s a no pressure, fast way to document thoughts and ideas. Love it!

  • Christa Myers

    Bullet journalling has changed my life! I’m a newbie just two and half months in but it’s upping my productivity by leaps and bounds and more importantly it’s teaching me about how I approach my work – I pile it on and then beat myself up when I have to migrate so many tasks. I’m learning to do less but better with my bullet journal. I would rather do one or two things well each day then attempt twenty things and do seven or so poorly. Bullet journalling is helping me lead a more intentional life. Thank you so much for creating this system and sharing it with us all!

  • Elizabeth Harrison

    I love the BuJo, its really helped me with school, skin care, finances and so much more! I’m 13 years old and have always had trouble with when to do my homework and how long to do it for, now with the BuJo I can track my average time spent and now I try stick to that time, I can organise what I want and need to do so I can fit my homework in.
    I have always had things I want to do and never got round to doing it, now with the BuJo I write them down and eventually get round to do it… Which never happens!!! It’s really helped, I can track so many things and really love it!!

  • Nick Nunes

    I’ve been searching for a method that will help me to organize my personal life and my work for so long now, and after trying Bujo for 2 months during a project for college I think I found the method for me!

  • The Festivus SheHulk

    Bullet Journal has helped a lot with my novel writing and diabetes management. (And other stuff).

  • Congrats on the amazing success you have had with this project! Bullet Journaling has really helped me keep track of my thoughts and processes!

  • Anna

    I’ve really loved taking my lists offline, I feel like I’m addicted enough to my phone and laptop, without constantly checking my next actions on it! I’ve dipped in and out of using my bullet journal, but find that I’m much more productive when I am using it.

  • snowfloks

    I have used countless ways to plan my life but none has caught my interest as much as bullet journal 🙂

  • Socrates Perez

    It’s been a great way to have a clean visual representation of the mess in my head! 😉

  • I’m going into ministry and starting my own home business… I can’t wait to try this!

  • Megan Richardson

    Bullett journal has helped to get the jumble of to dos in my jumbled ADD mind down onto paper to make it possible to actually follow through.

  • Courtney Newlin

    I’m a stay at home mom trying to expand her own photography business (Courtney Newlin Photography) so my mind is always going in 100 different directions. My bullet journal is a way for me to put my thoughts, goals, to do lists, etc all in one place in my own way, without boundaries. My bullet journal is truly an expression of myself and what goes on in my brain.

  • Alej Lara

    I just recently got into the Bullet Journal system after being endlessly frustrated with to-do apps and productivity tools, I have finally found a system that can actually help me, rather than to stress me more about (not) getting things done!

  • This is my 4th week using bullet journalism and so far it has helped me to remove the anxiety of having to commit to everything as if it were fixed; I love being organized, but I don’t like to feel guilty if I don’t do something as i had planned. The bullet journal has helped me to remove that too.

  • Claudia

    I have used the BuJo system for a while now (nearly six months) and, as surprising as it might sound, it has helped me find inner peace. I have developed important organising skills that I didn’t even know I needed or had. But what I find most useful about this system is the fact that, although being organised is the ultimate goal, it also focuses on creativity and on giving importance to the things YOU find important. I can customise it however I want and I don’t need to follow any ‘rules’ or templates, opposite to what happens when you buy an already-designed planner. I just love it!

  • Deepak Rao

    I have been using bullet journal system for the past one month and I have finally found a system that’s dynamic enough to allow my varied interests be mapped in one place.

  • I’m more organized and I use the space in my agenda more efficiently. I hated to have those agenda with bunch of empty pages, then full ones where you didn’t have enough space. Now I organize everything as I want!

  • Anna Roybal

    The bullet journal is the one system it took to finally get me organized. Nothing else (& I tried a lot) stuck with me, but the customization that a bullet journal allowed for kept me coming back. It also provided one of my favorite communities on the Internet.

  • Bridget Todd

    This bullet journal has helped me to be a more efficient less forgetful organised mother of 4, deputy manager of children’s nursery, grandmother sitter and wife!

  • Karen Jansen

    I’m new to the method but impressed with it so far!!

  • Jason Couture

    Thank you for this encouraging backstory and all the new resources! BuJo has helped get me more organized than before, and the new resources will help me further integrate it in my daily GTD system.

  • Lauren Camus

    After spending years of searching and WAY too much money on planners that I thought were going to be “the one”, I can finally say that I have found something that works for me with the Bullet Journal. There’s nothing better than having a tried and true system that you can implement at any time of the year and then mold and customize to make completely your own.

  • kelli

    I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on planners that didnt help me plan. Yes, they were pretty, and some parts were functional, but overall not so much. Then I discovered that I am a to-do list kind of gal. The bullet journal allows me the flexiblity to see my month in a to-do list. The ablity to migrate tasks, and make random notes in the middle of my daily spread is life changing!! I’m now working with my two ADD children to track their school work in a simple yet functional bullet journal. My daughter is requesting the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal in more colors — pretty and functional.

  • JenE

    I’m a newbie, but after years of rambling journaling off and on plus long lists that constantly get lost or have to be revised, I’m looking forward to more method to the madness!

  • Phoebe Doherty-Ozobiane

    I’d never kept a journal or planner or diary or anything like that. I could never keep it up linger than a few days and even then it was inconsistent. I have nowhere to write down notes things I need to do, they go on my skin (on my hands and up my arms when times get bad) and there are always millions of post-its littering the place. Stuck to walls, my bed, the wardrobe, the desk. When I started my bullet journal, it wasn’t all that good (and it still isn’t) but there are now less post-it notes and paper scraps everywhere and there is little to no writing on my arms! It makes me feel organised (where my room us not) and more reliable if I have everything written down in one place.

  • brunodg

    I must say that this method helped me A WHOLE LOT in my life, I’ve never been so organized and productive, and it’s all thanks to Bullet Journal. Thanks A LOT!

  • Liz N.

    The BuJo has changed my life. I love that it is completely customizable and that I don’t have to rely on refills and formats with wasted space. Whenever I’ve set aside the BuJo and not kept up with migrations, noting tasks, and plan, I find myself becoming more and more anxious. The BuJo has alleviated a lot of those anxieties because I know that I have, at least, written it down. I have incorporated ‘collections’ that have helped me stay centered (daily gratitude lists, books to read, doodling, recipes to try) and keep the BuJo experience engaging. I love sharing the Bullet Journal with friends and colleagues. Many have become BuJo users and share the same excitement and borderline obsessive compulsion about it! Thank you Ryder and the BuJo community!

  • Jaret S

    Thank you THANK YOU Ryder for helping me to get ALL THOSE sticky notes off my desk once and for all! I am so in love with this system. Has absolutely helped me to feel in control of my life and my thoughts… and the occasional sticker embellishment. LOVE. Again, Thank You! <3

  • I love bullet journals! Prioritizing and revisiting the relevance of my goals helps me to stay focused.

  • Bullet journaling was the “click” in my planning and organizational approach to life. It applies to everything and is so completely adaptable: I’ve changed my system repeatedly and, in fact, it’s never “done” or “set.” That’s probably the best part of bullet journaling for my busy life as a work-at-home wife and mom.

  • Thanks for all your work Ryder! From a kickstarter supporter. 🙂

  • Mikhela K

    My first year of college was a mess. High school tries to scare you into behaving, saying that “college will be so much worse,” and that “in college, cell phone or laptop use will result in suspension” or “you can’t go to the bathroom during class in COLLEGE.” When I actually GOT to college, I found that a) NONE of those things the high schools tried to scare me with were true, and b) high school had NEVER taught me critical real-life skills, like organization, time-management, planning, etc.

    When I failed an entire term, I knew that I had to fix it. I went through several kinds of planners, several kinds of free planner systems, and eventually discovered the bullet journal. My personal and professional life has soared, and my experimentation with the system has helped me realize that I want a minimalist lifestyle. Thanks to the bullet journal, I went from a complete mess to a college girl who’s got her sh** together.

  • Eric Bateman

    I’m a bullet journal newbie, but this sure feels like a winner! I don’t know what it is, but it just feels somehow different from other systems out there.

  • Valentina Zanin

    I love this journal! It helps me to be more organised and I don’t forget nothing 😀

  • Ellie Jane

    BuJo has changed the way I think about the tasks that I have to do, and enabled me to articulate my long, medium, and short term goals much more clearly. I use is primarily as an academic (and I would love to see more academics adopt the system!) but it also enables me to visualise what my life *outside* the academy looks like, and to keep perspective on work-life balance!

  • Vanessa Ho

    For the longest time, I’ve relied on post its, on various to-do list apps, on my google calendar, and my partner to keep me on track and get down with my projects and my goals. For the longest time, I’ve had post its blown around the house by my fan or used as toys by my cats; I’ve snoozed my to-do apps thousands of times; conveniently ignored my google calendar; and have my partner give up and go to bed rather than reminding me. Bullet journal has changed the way I work and more. It has enabled me to find a way to track and log memories — things we give up so easily in order to keep up with the rush of each day. Bullet Journal has been revolutionary for me, to say the least.

  • Amanda

    I’ve been looking for journal that fits my use for years. Now I have one that I can shape as I go along.

  • Tsze Tsze Chin

    Congratulations BuJo! And I’m so glad you shared this with others, it’s certainly helped at least to get a little more organized ^^ And I love that it’s a pen and paper format. Thank you!

  • Brittany

    Reading your success story to how the bullet journal came alive is quite amazing! And amazing how it has helped so many people including myself. Thankyou bullet journal community for being supportive and very helpful to life!!! Go bullet journal!!

  • Dave

    I’m new to bullet journaling, but am very happy with it so far. Really looking forward to hearing more about bullet journal for professionals.

  • Happy anniversary!!! I’m so grateful for you sharing your knowledge with us. THANK YOU.

  • Clara

    I have just started with the Bullet Journal system after searching for a way to get organized and be more productive. My lifestyle is not very routine and I needed a system that was flexible but easy to understand and use and the BuJo was the perfect solution! It allows me to be as structured or as creative as I want and I am loving it! I look forward to planning now!

  • Lacy Simons

    I’m a total paper person (and writing by hand, and handlettering, are my favorite things ever) but I tried for years to use apps to keep track of projects and to-do lists. I don’t adhere to all suggested aspects of BuJo, but I do use the basics, and with much success. It’s really nice to have that physical aspect back in task tracking and list making!

  • threadbndr

    I’ve probably spent several hundred dollars and many hours on the search for the perfect planner. I’ve used several of the ‘big names’, but premade formats always left me with either too much or too little space. And my lists, oh the lists with nowhere to live…..

    Bullet Journaling is the best solution – flexible from one day to the next – a day could be one line or several pages. And my lists and notes now have a place to live and I can find them again (as long as I remember to index them!)

    This system is transforming. Thank you!

  • Rebe Goebel

    the flexibility is so key for me. I love that the next blank page can be ANYTHING and whatever is needed next. After trying a LOT of “solutions” that didn’t actually work for me, I found the Bullet Journal system in April 2015 and have not even glanced backwards! thank you Ryder for sharing it with us!

  • Colleen Burns

    I want a real bullet journal but don’t have the money I’ve been scarping pieces of paper together in a binder.

  • Miranda Newell Nichols

    I’m still trying to make this a habit, so I can’t really comment on any impact yet!

  • The impact: a sense of community across like-minded beings in this vast world & a place to expand the mind and its creative potential.

  • Kathleen Brune

    Tired of spending LOTS of money on the “perfect planner”, I found your site and realized the perfect planner only took a notebook and a pen (or pencil). What a revelation! I can make it as simple or creative as I please. Now, I’m totally hooked, and tell everyone I know how easy it is to use and to customize it to suit. I won’t ever go back to any other type of planner.

  • Courtney Walters

    I’ve always wanted to keep a daily journal and be more organized. I tried various apps and paper journals, but I’ve never been able to keep one up for longer than a week or so. Because the bullet journal method is functional, rather than simply reflective, I’ve been able to keep up with it for nearly three months. I feel like I’m more organized, and more thoughtful in how I plan my days (I’m a full time mom and part time librarian). Within about a month and a half, I’d tackled quite a few things that I’d been putting off for quite some time, simply because I had them staring me in the face in each daily entry, and I was sick of migrating them each day. In addition, I’m actually making notes of events and milestones for my kids – again, something I’d always meant to do but never seemed to be able to keep up with!

  • Paige

    I’m just starting to Bullet journal and it’s helping me stay focused and organized. I also love seeing how others use their BuJo’s with all the inspiration on Pinterest!

  • I used to keep a ‘brain book’, a little spiral notebook and pen I kept with me at all times just to jot down things I needed to do, buy butter, call doctor, email so and so. I’d write it down immediately and at the end of the day move them to the appropriate list. It was very effective, but not fun.

    The bullet journal is fun, and much more thorough. I’ll never be the great artist so many other journalists are, but at least I’m enjoying myself, and most importantly, getting things done!

  • I have struggled with organizing my work and life forever. This is a system I’ve stuck with for over a year — most last for a month! Love this

  • Ilika Trivedi

    Bullet journal has helped give a structure to all the tasks and to-dos in my head. Yeah, we have apps and calendars in our phones but there’s something about a planner on pen and paper that transforms thoughts into actions and Bullet journal has helped me a lot with that. I am a student and I’m preparing for a very tough competitive examination in India for which I have to study various subjects and unlimited topics. BuJo has helped me organise my studies in a way that I could never have done on my own. Thanks a lot! Happy Birthday Bullet Journal!

  • Cw

    I’m so excited to give this a try!

  • Cherry

    Thanks for feeding my odd necessities with everything the Bullet Journal provides.
    Best regards

  • I don’t own a bullet journal but I would love to have one! That’s why I’m entering this giveaway 🙂

  • Paula Castelan

    Bullet Journal has been helping me to be more organized and creative, allowing me to keep better track of my time, even helping me with my anxiety

  • Bari

    I used to buy all kinds of planners, expensive ones, not so expensive ones and I would use each of them for a few weeks or maybe a month, but they never worked just right for me. I always ended up throwing them away. The Bullet Journal system is perfect for me because I can make it what I want. I have been using it daily since February and will never use another planner! Thanks, Ryder and the rest of the BuJo community!

  • Carina Kamara

    It has helped me to organize my chaos and I love every moment of time saved!

  • Kari B

    I used many planners but never actually felt like I was getting the tasks accomplished. All these tasks and ideas would float around in my head and drive me nuts all day because I had no where to write them down! The bullet journal found me and saved me! I know feel like I can relax and shut my brain off- I have a place for a brain dump & the tasks actually get done!

  • April

    My english is “good enough” to read all articles and blog about the Bullet Journal but not enough to really express what I mean so excuse me the following will be in french (the community stand all over the world 😉

    Le BuJo est en train de changer ma vie. J’ai le sentiment que c’est vraiment le système qu’il me faut, mais pour l’instant ma désorganisation continue à primer. Quoi qu’il en soit, je continue à m’habituer à son utilisation et à l’adapter totalement à ma vie jusqu’à ce qu’il me convienne parfaitement. Notamment je dois trouver le bon équilibre entre le numérique (mon agenda sur smartphone) et le papier que j’aime passionnément et qui donne une vraie importance aux mots car on ne peut pas les effacer aussi facilement.
    Merci pour cette innovation, cette idée pas du tout vaine lancée sur les internet =)

  • Victoria Crockett

    Love the bullet journal! Recent convert couldn’t be happier!

  • Deborah Brady

    I am new to the idea but I am so excited to get started. I can already tell as I look at my desk covered in random papers with random notes how much this will impact my life and sanity.

  • Isabel Staples

    The Bullet Journal system is phenomenal and I really enjoy seeing how everyone has made it personal to themselves.

  • Elisa

    It’s a great way to organize my journals.

  • Brittany H

    I have not yet used Bullet Journal, but I am a new mom and your blog series and all the beautiful inspiration on your website seems like just what I need in my life for organization and tracking.

  • Allison Bloom

    the bullet journal has made me more thoughtful and organized, and helps me figure out how to spend my time.

  • Ann Dubree Feltz

    I’m just getting started with Bullet Journal in just the most basic way. I love the concise way it allows me to track and plan!

  • Kit Dunsmore

    I discovered the bullet journal system in June and it’s already transformed how I track and plan for my creative work. I’m still finding my way with the bullet journal I use for house and personal stuff, trying to figure out what I really need and what works best for me. I love how flexible the system is and that you don’t waste space if you miss a few days. So glad you took the plunge and shared this with us!

  • Firdous Khalifa

    In my life I have to organise every little thing, it’s just the way I am. For school, home, appointments i always made lists and lists on spare pieces of writing paper that just looked so messy and I hated that. Creating my own original bullet journal and being inspired from this website helped me put my lists in a very organised way to put my mind and heart at peace. Thank you so much for all the help and congratulations for all of your success Ryder, you really deserve it ♥

  • Sara Varela

    I’ve always kept all my stuff in just one notebook but I didn’t have a system. It was a mess. In my attempts to get organised I tried paper planners and digital productivity apps without ever managing to get used to them. I discovered the Bullet Journal website in 2013 and immediately adopted the system. It felt like a natural progression. It was just putting some order into the mess I had but it made a huge difference and 3 years latter I’m still a fan.

  • Steren7

    I’ve always used to-do lists and collections but they were very disorganised and messy – bullet journaling has provided me a way to organise them and see exactly what I need to be doing at a glance. Thanks 🙂

  • Chris Vander Meulen

    Using Bullet Journal since 2014 has allowed me the love and feel of staying on task, while still detaching from technology. Be it studying, note taking, task-keeping, wire-framing, designing, or just doodling, BuJo gives me ultimate flexibility.

  • Shauna Sanders

    Finding BuJo was like finding my best unorganized ideas, all in one clear place. OH WAIT! It is EXACTLY like that! I love bullet journalling so much. It’s changed the way I do business and my personal to dos…

  • Gaby

    I remember when i came across this bullet journal idea I was mind blown it was exactly what I needed. I had given up on planners because they were all so rigid and I need a more flexible system and that is exactly what a bullet journal has given me. It’s so simple and effective

  • JC

    The BuJo has helped me to refine my dailies. Tracking food, tasks, notes, and brainstorm sessions.

    Fantastic tool

  • Marcia Edwards Ford

    This is the only planner I’ve ever used past February. It’s August, and we’re still together! I love it.

  • mjlv

    Bullet Journaling is the best organization tool I’ve encountered so far. It has helped me get my life together a little bit more, while still being able to get in touch with my artistic side and also keeping me mindful about my surroundings.

  • Danae Troupe

    I had just about reached that breaking point where I couldn’t keep track of anything. My walls were a mess of to-do lists and my phone was overloaded with reminders. However, it just didn’t seem to be working. As I was surfing the internet one day, I stumbled onto a blogger (whose name I don’t recall. sorry.) who talked about reasons that a bullet journal changes your life. Skeptical, I looked it up on Google. I was extremly surprised to read people’s transformations and journey. After trying it out for myself, the results were shocking. I can’t say my life is completly in order but I can say that the change has been drastic. The idea itself is so efficent and helpful it makes me so overjoyed sometimes I can hardly function. Honestly, the fact that there can be “improvements” astounds me every day. The bullet jounral is a miracle in itself and I am eternally grateful.

  • I never heard of bullet journaling until a friend had shared hers and I was very curious! I needed to get my life organized and thought this was a perfect idea!

  • Sue W

    So pleased I found your website! I’ve passed it on to my niece who badly needs to organise her business life. At present she uses apps and a ‘white board’ !!! A simple notepad open on her desk and carried with her at all times. After reading your blog she’s ‘up and running’.
    Thank you.

  • Joy DiPaola

    This is exciting! Happy Birthday, Bullet Journal!

  • Eli

    Bullet journals allow me to keep everything going on in my mind all in one place. I balance marching band, high school and personal life with it and it works a lot better than the planners I used to get for school. And they look cooler

  • Anick Globensky-Bromow

    I am more focused and I have everything in the same notebook, always with me. It’s the ultimate convenience

  • Steve Moyer

    As an engineer, I learned how to keep an engineering notebook. While this transcribed my thoughts at the time and might have been useful for patents and copyrights, there was nothing in that process that actually organized my work. To-do lists, appointments and schedules were often in three (or more) separate places – it’s amazing I didn’t forget more!

    Finding instructions for bullet journaling has finally showed me that you can organize your life in a single small booklet. I’m on my third year and still learning more tricks but I can’t thank you enough for getting me started.

  • wandren

    By focusing my energies into a journal. It’s also changed the way I remember things.

  • Rachel Bruner

    Bullet Journaling really helped me out of a difficult time in my life. I had a TON of stuff to keep track of from multiple areas (personal, business, church) and I couldn’t keep things organized until I tried the BJ system! Thanks for sharing this awesomeness!

  • Mike

    I’m just getting started with BuJo but so far it totally jives with my brain. Like others I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect organization and productivity tool. I’ve tried many electronic variations and none really stuck. BuJo just feels right. Congrats and thank you for sharing your ideas with the world!

  • I used to have a day planner. I’d use it for a while when my life was crazy-busy (like planning a wedding, or a move) but I didn’t see much value in using it day-to-day when my life was “normal”. I’ve been using my BulletJournal now for 9 months and I don’t see an end in sight. It can be what I need it to be – simple or fancy, but it’s always the essentials to keep my daily life in order.

  • Belinda Forgy

    It hasn’t yet, but I can’t wait to start!!

  • Evelyn Dabelko Cruze

    They were called “diaries” when I started! Lo, the many years and kinds/types I tried, but couldn’t do a planner consistently – until I turned my Franklin into a BuJo. Now the only days I miss are when I’m too ill to write. Thank you so much Ryder for sharing your idea with the world.

  • Alba

    I sarted using this method because of a necesity to the best plannification and the result was the best!

  • phwree

    I used to feel constantly stressed out as my mind would run through to do lists for each of the various ‘hats’ I wore. Now I write and prioritise all my tasks in my BuJo and get to stop and smell the roses a whole lot more 🙂

  • Ilana MacDonald

    I have been using the bullet journal system for two years now (actually, Aug 1st was the two year anniversary!), which is much longer than I have ever stuck with any sort of productivity or journaling system. It’s just such a perfect marriage of simplicity, functionality, and flexibility that I never feel bogged down and it really does help me get stuff done! Thank you, Ryder, for coming up with, and sharing your excellent system!

  • bethany

    I’m new to the idea of bullet journaling, and am so grateful to have found your site. It’s beautiful—and so helpful. Thank you.

  • Michelle Creutzberger

    Bullet journalling had absolutely changed my life for the better!

  • Ithatchet123

    Your system changed my life brother.

  • Katie Schauer

    I stumbled upon the Bullet Journal at just the right time. We had a big transition at work and my husband and I were building our dream home. The Bullet Journal has enabled me to keep on task and move ahead, while keeping my thoughts together and planning for the future (immediate and distant).

  • Julie Ashley

    When I found BulletJournal, it was very interesting. I’ve been using a similar method for years with a little cheap graph notebook. It helped me put in order the ideas I was already using. Great website! Great community.

  • Jennifer

    I feel like I’ve finally found the right system for me. I’m not artistic, so the planner world can seem a little intimidating. There is a lot of emphasis on creativity, which I appreciate and enjoy looking at, but I’m just not as artistic as others. I love the simplicity of The Bullet Journal system, it makes so much sense to my Librarian personality. Thank you, Ryder for sharing it with the world.

  • Sara

    I found this incredible method at the end of July and stated using it in August: I absolutely love it so much, it also helps me be more creative and open minded.

  • Chris Depew

    Always loved this way of organization. I have used it from time to time on different projects. It doesn’t always fit my projects well but when it does it is my go to.

  • Gina

    Helps me organize myself at work! MUCH better than the haphazard system I had before!

  • Erica

    My bujo is still evolving, but the most useful part for me at the moment is my monthly budget. I can now track how much I’m spending each month, and on what.

  • Amanda Savarese

    Aside from helping me organize and plan my daily habits and chores, Bullet Journaling has, incidentally, lead me to a wonderful community on Facebook filled with fellow Bullet Journalers. The guidance and support that these roughly 45,000 people show on a daily basis is astounding.

  • Lauren Eissler

    I’ve just started using the Bullet Journal method, and it’s been helpful! It’s a process for me to move from the other way I’ve been planning and taking notes, but I’m seeing the organization and structure that Bullet Journal allows. It’s also really easy to move tasks from one day to another!

  • Bradley Fielding

    I love analog workflows. Not only does dumping everything into a single notebook keep me organized, but it also relaxes me and provides a pleasant change from our fast-paced, digital world. Writing things down is therapeutic. Thanks for providing a framework for my organizational habits.

  • Kathy B

    Keeps me organized and on-top of things. With ADD and Fibro Fog, I’d be completely lost without my bullet journal.

  • This is the only journaling system that I’ve tried that has worked for me, and I’ve been keeping a journal/diary/calendar system of one sort or another for over 25 years!

  • Emily Anna

    I learned about Bullet Journaling a few months ago and love it! I was already using a similar style of outlining my days, but love the extra structure that BuJo adds to my planner. It keeps me on track and I don’t forget about appointments or meetings anymore!

  • Lorie Morris

    I found the bullet journal system late last year – better late than never! I started small in October, not sure if this was going to be another of my flash in the pans “this will help me to be more organized” planner attempts. This system has been life transforming! I have found planner peace!! Thank you Ryder for sharing your system. I have shared it with my adult ADD daughter and she is loving it as well!

  • Ronnie

    I have been able to stay more organized!

  • Gwen

    This is a wonderfully simple yet complex idea! I have been scared of starting a business because I wasn’t sure how to go about organizing all the elements with even learning HOW to start a business. The bullet journal makes me feel like there is hope yet – it will help organize my jumbled mind. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie Smith

    I have never been fully satisfied with the to-do lists and calendar apps that I have used in the past. Then, one day, I came upon the Bullet Journal online. It completely changed the way I looked at a planner. I feel so much more productive and organized. Love it.

  • Laura Reyes

    I was a mess until I met BuJo , it changed my life, has help me be more organised

  • Jenn Dee

    I have been bullet journaling for a year now. But, as it turns out, I have always been a Lister, and had scraps of paper around all over. Putting my system into a journal, adding some symbology and then migrating tasks….what a great way to pull together everything that I was already doing. It’s nice to pull it all together!

  • Joel

    Congratulations of the anniversary!

    Thank you for sharing Bullet Journal with the community and sharing all the wonderful things that you can do with the system.

  • Dunja

    When my second son was Born 13 months ago, my hashimoto’s thyroiditis was really bad. With à new Born and a 2,5 year old, it was so hard to keep forgetting my to do’s. After a while, when I had to work again, it was even worse. There were post its everywhere, but I felt like I lost the overview.
    But then…I discovered the you tube video about the Bullet Journal. That was my solution! My head started to get clear again!
    I love how it brings together my family, my work, my passions! I haven’t found the official BuJo in Holland yet. I’d love to transform it to my agenda as well. That’s my Bullet in my monthly log this months!

  • A.J. Lenowicz

    Bullet Journal is my favorite system for keeping my life together and tracking my goals.

  • Thomas Lynch

    Thanks for BuJo, it’s the first personal management system that has clicked with me right off. Only been using it for about a month but it’s working and I’m getting results.

  • Robert Gibson

    The Bullet Journal system is fantastic! I’m in the military and due to the nature of my job in IT, keeping notes on projects, planning for missions, daily admin tasks, and even personal objectives has been difficult. Not anymore! I love my bullet journal and I don’t know what I would do without it. Great system, Ryder. You deserve all the rewards that are coming your way. You helped thousands of people and I share your system with all my colleagues and I’m sure the Bullet Journal will grow exponentially!

  • Byrun Ratliff

    I was searching for the perfect planner/notebook to take to college this year. Unhappy with my search, I remembered I saw something about bullet journaling online. I did more research and came across Ryder’s website and was immediately sold. Now I plan to use this as a valuable tool in my college career.

  • stacey

    I like the flexibility and customability of the Bullet Journal!

  • luna621

    I just started and am loving how much more organized this is making my life. Looking forward to writing in my Bullet Journal (my first order is arriving today!).

  • Dan Gregson

    This has been the best thing for my personal accountability and organization. Plus it allows me to be creative – which I love.

  • Kahmali Cole

    This is the best planner or organization system and it is so customizable. Kudos and Bravo!

  • Greg Lee

    Like many, the Bullet Journal has helped me become more organized and has allowed me to manage my time better. I procrastinate less, which makes me feel pretty good.

  • Jennifer Fong

    From seeing everyone’s life in their bullet journal videos, I can say that maybe I’m not as ambitious as them (yet) but currently BuJo is doing me wonders for what is deemed “big steps” for me and my recovery. Each day I look back to what I did the day prior and reflect before I decide on what I should do next (such as go out and take a small stroll) and although they may look like baby steps, it reminds me that I can do things and slowly but surely change for the better.

  • Mary West

    Bullet journalling has proved more versatile and flexible than any other planners or planning methods I’ve used before. As a busy college student, the best way to be productive is to have everything in order. After discovering the bullet journal system, I’ve never turned back. It saves me money and allows me to have a good creative outlet while I stay organized.

  • Joshua Grey

    I reenlisted in the army with a renewed interest in being a good leader. In order to take care of my soldiers I need a memory that doesn’t let anything slip, and a positive plan for the future.

    Bullet Journaling has helped me to start being very organized and ensure my soldiers and my career are on the right track.

    After less than a week I made the mistake of leaving it behind, and after realizing all the details I couldn’t remember I won’t be making that mistake again.

  • Anthony F. Navarro

    Using the BulletJournal system has definitely been a life changer… When I don’t use it… it shows! Now I need to revamp my routine using all the new ideas for the latest posts!

  • Steve Danielle Thomas

    The main thing the Bullet Journal has done for me is calmed my anxiety ridden mind. I always have a million things bouncing around in my head and the BuJo has provided a space for me to get everything down and feel more together.

  • cate polacek

    I love being in charge of not only the things I need and want to get done, but also how I organize, plan, and track them. That latter part is what I’ve never found in other planner systems. Thank you!

  • fredbred

    I have not yet experienced working with the bullet journal, but look forward to doing so.

  • Yaëla

    The bullet journal helped me so good. I am a hsp ( high sensitive person ) that means everything has to be perfect, planned and done. I made lists ( a lot of lists ) on what to do, shopping lists and I wrote down everything think that need to be remembered, so everything became a big mess and I didn’t have the time to clean it up. Until I discovered the bullet journal and it changed my life I get things done and I keep track of everything in one notebook, it’s perfect. So thank you for inventing this amazing system and sharing it with the world.
    I love it

  • natsora

    Thank you for sharing Bullet Journalling with us. I am using it everyday to make sense of my life and to-dos.

  • Igorterroso

    Bullet Journaling has improved dramatically my capability to organize and retain key content from each day!

  • sbonfeus

    The bullet journal was a revolution: i used to have a journal, a wall calendar, a to do app, a calendar app and an habit tracker one with different tasks and reminders and i struggled to keep up with everything that was going on with my life. Now i just have one thing to keep organized and every morning i wake up knowing what i have to do

  • justin

    I have been looking into bulletjournal for a couple of months now, and it looks like this system might save me.. Traditional agendas don’t work for me, I skip things and they get lost in the past. And I can’t move them to the future because very often that place is already filled with other events, that is one of the things I like to solve with bulletjournal. As of now I have 6 weeks of holiday, almost nothing planned so I Will wait for this raffle to end, and After that straight away order one.
    Kind regards

  • lemonstuff

    I love a paper organizer better than any electronic alternative, even though I have a smart phone with me at all times, I just like the tactile feel of writing things down. I’m a list maker and a bullet journal approach allows me to corral everything I need in one place. It’s a work in progress, but I enjoy seeing what works for me and improving on it every day.

  • Amy S. Domenech

    The Bullet Journal has saved my mind- the organization and the ability to “forget” the entry as soon as I write it down b/c I know I will remember again when I see it…it’s freeing of the mind. Thanks to Brooke Carroll for introducing me!

  • Arianna Festi

    This is so exciting!!
    Congratulations and thank you!! Bullet journal was really what I was searching for, I have always searched for an agenda/notebook that could work for me, but I was always dissatisfied with the standard pre-set and pre-printed offers. I am much more organized and relaxed now.

  • Patricia Frame

    I am much more organized and less likely to let something slip through the cracks!

  • Nicole Wyatt

    I’ve found the Bullet Journal perfect for mostly keeping my administrative work under control and allowing me to carve out time for writing, which was often last on the list.

  • Yuki

    Bullet journaling has been life changing. Being someone who thrives off organization and schedules, it has provided me the flexibility to make it my own and most importantly, peace of mind!

  • Stephanie

    I’m just getting started, but I love the ability to combine journal/postits/agenda/doodles all in one place!

  • Angela Hogan

    BuJo has helped me be more focused and intentional with my day, and, believe or not, a lot more creative with the planning process and with my daily pages. Thank you Ryder!!

  • Emily

    The bullet journal has really helped me get organized. I used it last school year to keep track of assignments and plan to do so again this year. I find the flexibility and customization helpful as I have never liked the structure of planners and I always end up running out of room. The bullet journal also gives me something to turn to when I’m bored. I love looking up other peoples’ ideas and finding new things to add and make my bullet journal my own.

  • Jennifer Currey

    Just after Thanksgiving I finished chemo for stage 3 colon cancer. I worked through my treatments, but it was hard to focus on everything. Then when I finished, it took me awhile to wrap my head around what I went through. I found I was missing appointments or going to the wrong office or missing meetings. Then I decided to start bullet journaling to get my head and heart back into everyday life. It has been a huge help and I find that I am on top of my home life and my work life.

  • Kari

    I had never heard the back story of how all this came to be. I’m so thankful that your friend encouraged you to share bullet journaling as it has been the most freeing yet helpful method of planning that I have ever used; and I share that with everyone!!

    Bullet journaling is the most flexible method of planning that allows me to keep track of my many different roles, principally as a human, wife, mom, educator, friend. A year ago, we moved from Brazil to the US. This required a lot of changes in surroundings, job, friends, responsibilities, opportunities, culture, etc. And my bujo has stayed with me through that, grounding me in the midst of what has (at times) felt like great chaos and instability.

    I love most of all that it still connects me to my two worlds. We are an American/Brazilian family, and I don’t want to lose one side or the other. Here’s to bilingual bujo’s!!

    Speaking of family, my husband is a man of lists, and he has one for just about everything. Still, he has never taken time to understand my enthusiasm for bullet journaling — perhaps because we’re different personalities, and he figures what has worked wonders for me couldn’t possibly work for him. Just recently, however, I approached my husband (again) with the idea of bullet journaling (this time with a notebook in hand for him) when I could see he was getting bogged down in his most recent system, and guess what?He’s finally decided to try it out as well! So hip, hip, hooray! Perhaps we’ll be celebrating a year milestone for him this time next year!!

  • Ricky Christian

    Bullet Journaling is really helping me to organize my days. I’ve never done a journaling before. But after I applying this method, I now even write down long pharagraph about everything that bother my mind. Something like ideas, anger, happiness, sadness, everything. BuJo starts as a good base for me!

  • Marlinda Fokkens

    Most planners just don’t work for me. They are to rigid, no personalisation at all. I didn’t get organised, didn’t get things done. That’s when I discovered the Bullet Journal. This meant the first planner that I could personalise at my will. Suddenly I got lots of things done and in no time at all.
    The Bullet Journal has been a big help to me and it always be.

  • JustColourMyDay

    Like many commenters, I’ve spent so much money and valuable time trying to find a planner that worked for me. The flexibility combined with the simpleness of the BuJo has helped me organize myself and have more “me” time.

  • Smealiea

    Life is happening so very quickly. Jobs, Teenagers, School, Clubs, Travel
    But I am not worried that I will forget because I have the most important (and a lot of the less important) documented in my BuJo for posterity.

  • Colleen Kadleck

    The bullet journal has made me much more deliberate about what ends up on my to do list (instead of adding item after item into an app).

  • Crystal Davis

    I am a very visual person and writing is how I can “see” what needs to be done, what has been done and how to break tasks down so that they get done. As a teacher and mom to seven I learned the value of both color coding and symbols to show priority, moved forward, canceled, etc…in the old says we called it ‘calendarizing’ !

  • Jessica

    The Bullet Journal is a fantastic tool!
    The only thing I don’t like is that I haven’t come up with this smart idea to have everything in one place by my self! The Bullet Journal is like life changeable after what you want it to br

  • Anne Fidanzato

    Already made my life less chaotic. I look forward to more ways I can use it.

  • Alexis Trono

    I stumbled upon Bulletjournaling last week, and I’m so happy that there are so many resources. I feel overwhelmed, but I’m taking it one step at a time, trying to figure out what I want to use it for and how it’ll help me be more productive in my own life.

  • darian

    The bullet journal helped me get organized when nothing else could!

  • Mae

    I’m surprised (and pleased) that I’ve been able to keep up a planner system since the start of the year, since the flexibility of the Bullet Journal has really let me adapt as needed and change format to deal with different workflows at different times of the year.

  • Catrina

    I have always been unsure of what I wanted to do as a career, up until last year. I decided to go back to school to pursue my career in science, only I failed. It was because I was unclear of how to achieve those goals, and was horrible with managing the time I had in my life (not to mention, the studying and note taking habit was very difficult). It wasn’t just about failing in school, but that I never had the chance to do everything I wanted within the day. There were family obligations, work to pay for school, etc. The things I wanted to do on my own time (attending events, exercising, reading a novel) were either delayed, or the familial and educational responsibilities were behind because of it. After purchasing the bullet journal, I’ve been keeping track of my daily routines, and it made me realize how much I can fit into my schedule because now I have a visualization of what I want in my future and can keep track of what needs to be done. The bullet journal system allows me to foresee what I have to do in order to achieve my goals, and prioritize what should be done, while delaying what is not as important. If there is anything I need to refer to my notes from class, I have the index from the Bullet Journal to search for the page on that topic. Now, I am back in my program and continuing on to the next semester, spending more time with my friends and family, and keep a healthy lifestyle all because of the simple yet efficient system of the Bullet Journal.

  • Rinike

    I’ve just started my first official month for bullet journaling (did half-ish month in july).
    I’ve always loved writing down things to remember but then they seem to scatter around creating a mess, now with the bullet journal I can have creative mess ;P I also started a gaming bujo which includes my gaming scribbles but in less strict way as I do the personal one. So much easier to keep track of things now!

  • Cherie

    I have always loved notebooks, and have a box of journals, notebooks, planners, and bits of paper. They represent my life. I also love organisational systems. Bullet Journaling is the perfect mix of my two great loves – handwritten data, and organisation.

  • Christopher Kiraly

    I’ve constantly been searching for the right method to help me stay on track… I discovered BulletJournal about 2 months ago, and have been slowly converting my life to it!

  • Yaeli Rt

    Thank you for a great system, now I have more time. That’s priceless!

  • Sheri

    The Bullet Journal has help me to be more relaxed. I am able to quickly jot down tasks, thoughts and information. Writing these bits down allow me to ‘forget’ them until I need them… no more stressing to remember. I have also been able to recall important medical information (dates, time, symptoms, etc) when talking with Dr. and staff… a potential life saver, the act of BuJo.

  • I’ve constantly struggled with how to integrate the various systems in my life, and the bullet journal is really something special that has had a huge positive effect on that struggle. Thanks, Ryder, for sharing this with the world!

  • Cassandra Roberts

    in high school and college, i used a planner to keep myself organized and track of everything .. i’d keep it after each year so i could always look back on the years, see what i did and just to catch up.. in time i let that part of me go away.. now coming across bullet journaling, it’s been a lifesaver and reminds me of what i used to do – i’ve been using a bullet journal for two months now and love the idea!! can’t wait to gets the opportunity to win the 18 books – good luck everyone!

  • Natasha Delgado

    I have always wanted to be an efficient planner but every planner I tried or glanced through felt too restrictive and, at the same time, didn’t have what I wanted.
    When I came across the bullet journal video in 2014 I knew that this was the system that I needed to finally feel secure in the planning world and ever since that day I’ve slowly but surely been finding my way into a more organized lifestyle which then leads to me being secure in my own capabilities to handle whatever issue or situation that life may throw in my face.

  • Rinike

    I’ve just started my first official month for bullet journaling (did half-ish month in july).
    I’ve always loved writing down things to remember but then they seem to scatter around creating a mess, now with the bullet journal I can have creative mess ;P I also started a gaming bujo which includes my gaming scribbles but in less strict way as I do the personal one. So much easier to keep track of things now!

  • M.Renee

    How has it changed my life? Where to begin…? I first tried Bullet Journaling a couple of years ago at the suggestion of a close friend who also happens to be one of the coolest people I know. Since he said it was fantastic, I knew it had to be. Alas, I was not successful in the beginning because I couldn’t get beyond having 2 systems- one for personal and one for work, and of course the ever-present digital calendars and reminders. For my birthday (March), I decided to stop flirting around with the idea and just throw myself into it. Many hours of viewing Instagram pix later, and switching from A5 to 8-1/2×11 notebooks (and back), I find that I am a new “me” that I don’t quite recognize- and I like it! Everything I need to do- meetings, projects, tasks, appointments- I mean everything- is in one place. Stuff gets done. It’s amazing that people refer to me as “so organized” now. 🙂 Although I like to scrapbook and look at the Bullet Journals that have washi tape, etc., the minimalist approach is what is working best for me at the moment- no distractions. Marking off a dot with an ‘x’ is the best part of the day. Thank you, Ryder, for sharing the Bullet Journal with us.

  • Ante Min

    I started a year ago with making some easy to do lists, but I always forgot something. And than I came by BuJo, and it helped to be more straight to do things. I write all the small and big things I need to do. Always helpfull to me.

  • Konrad Hölzer

    Whenever I start a new BJ, I don’t really want to use it. I try always to keep it beautiful, but that keeps me from using it effectively. So, when some time passed, it won’t look like somebody gave a lot of effort, but like somebody really wanted to make it work for him.

  • Pixelatinate

    I’ve always been terrible about keeping up with my work, and the simplicity and orderly nature of the bullet journal has really helped me succeed in school and in life.

  • Michelle K

    For years I have been using to-do lists for my to-do lists and using multiple notebooks for my doodles, ‘must read’ lists, quotes i liked, etc.. It was driving me crazy! My head was always overfull and un-organized. I recently discovered that I have ADD which explains the chaotic mind. I was looking for a (fun) way to create order and structure in the chaos…and then i read something about bullet journaling. This looked like fun! I started reading this website and looked on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and started my first journal! This changed my life 🙂 I get to put all the chaos in my journal in an organized way and it helps me get some peace of mind. I actually get things done! Yay! It also learned me, as a huge perfectionist, that it doesn’t always have to be perfect. So Ryder, thank for this!

  • JaneyG

    I’m new to this; only been at it for 2 months, but I’m trying to use it to help with my memory problems and ADHD.

  • Sarah Ketchersid

    Bullet Journal is a beautiful and simple way to stay organized, and creative enough to keep my interested, so glad I found this community.

  • Natz Schaf

    Only recently I discovered the BJ. The nice and colorful pages brought me here but as a very undisciplined person I knew that’s nothing for me. What made the BJ interesting weren’t the cute stamps and washi tapes which are surely a fun activity but yet another commitment I knew I would never stick to. No, it was the amount of tasks everyone seemed to accomplish thanks to the BJ.
    Piles of random notes on my desk and endless to-do-lists which I had to rewrite everyday aren’t exactly gone I have to confess… but I don’t bullet journal yet. I’m not the type of person to dive head first into new adventures so I just dipped the toes into the water and used simple bullet points until now. It already helped so much though.
    The BJ adapts to my needs and I don’t have to fit my thoughts into the scares of pre-designed planners.
    I’m really looking forward to explore this technique!

  • Anna Ab

    The Bullet Journal has helped me in my school work and personal life. I experimented with it for a while but the basic is how it suits me the best. I still procrastinate but I’m getting better.

  • _homewardbound_

    I’m kind of new to the whole Bullet Journaling thing, but I fell in love as soon as I saw the system online. $54 and a month for shipping later, I had my Leuchtturm and a set of stædtlers and I was good to go. (Everything is so expensive in Canada, why?)
    Except I wasn’t. Not at first. I’m not a super motivated person normally, which was half of the reason I wanted to start Bullet Journaling in the first place, and I was having a lot of trouble getting myself to do it when it was just a basic rapid log and stuff. Even after flicking through the online community using instagram and pintrest, and finding things that like I liked and decided to implement myself, like habit and emotion trackers, I just wasn’t feeling it. It still felt more like a chore, which made it so I forgot to use it a lot of days.
    But then I started to add more. I know some people, (purests), would say I’m not doing it right, but I found that adding things like polaroids, concert tickets, wristbands from festivals and the club, and other trinkets all of a sudden made me just want to do it more. It became fun to use.
    I always used to journal in a more traditional, “Dear Diary” type way, because I liked the idea of being able to look back. But between not actually doing it all the time, and writing almost entirely about how I felt, and not what I was doing, I didn’t get a clear picture of my life across.
    Now, between rapid logging, as also using it as a scrap book/art journal, I am both more motivated to do the things I write down, and motivated to write down more.

  • Solara Mazin

    The Bullet Journal system is just brilliant! I love its simplicity and I like how everyone can customize it with their own way but still stick with the basics. I’m starting a pre-bullet journal to test out how things will turn out before the start of the new school year. Thank you Ryder.

  • Rachael Thompson

    This system has changed my life, I am more organized, more productive, less stressed, and more motivated than I have ever been

  • Kerryl Murray McGlennon

    I’ve been hunting for the right system for me and someone on a project I’m working on is using the Bullet Journal system with the team. I looked through the site and loved what I was seeing. I grabbed a spare notebook I had around the house and set up the core pages and my first month. I’m only a few days in, but the Bullet Journal is looking like the system I’ve been looking for. Thanks for using the down time you had to share this fantastic system!

  • Samia Khan

    I used to fell unaccomplished (even though I have quite a few roles, mother, director, artist). Bullet journaling let’s me keep it real, and I can track my accomplishments and organize my life. Thanks! 🙂

  • Jeff Balch

    Great organizing tool!

  • Carolyn

    Love using my Bullet Journal!

  • Libby B.

    I was sort of doing this on my own, only in 3 different notebooks. Bullet Journaling lets me put everything in one place, and it’s so much easier to find one notebook than to search the house for all 3.

  • Sara

    I’ve been trying new systems, planners, and all kind of notes on the past. At the end, my desk was a mess, with many notes, blocs, and list. Bullet journal let me, first of all, have everything in one place. And take it with me. I’ve tried on my personal life, and now I want to use it at my job too 🙂

  • Julianne

    I’m so excited to see the community keep growing. I’m only a few months in to my bullet journaling experience, but the moment I heard about it I was a convert! It’s helped me conquer all the projects I take on, at home and at work.

  • Julianne

    Bullet Journaling means doing more for myself and my community. I tend to take on too many projects, then become overwhelmed and complete few. With this system, I can plan my time appropriately, and finish all the things I want to do, while still giving myself downtime.

  • Jennifer Skipper

    when using my bullet journal, I am more organized and get more accomplished. On days when I tend to ignore my notebook, I find that I am easily distracted and procrastinate big time!

  • Panna B

    I think I am more organized right now.

    • Iza Lenore

      Same here! 🙂

  • Nezzy

    I just recently started up my BuJo. And im in love. It’s such an easy and creative system. To a great outlet, I end up spending less time stressing about what I had forgotten to do, or what needs to be done. It’s all right there in my book. And all I need to do is open it up! Even though my life might not be as busy as a mother’s, or a professional, just having a simple system to help keep little things in your life on track is a stress relief.

  • Marcos D.

    I have read all positive reviews and comments and I do really need a Bullet Journal.

  • Iza Lenore

    When I first learned about Bullet Journal (just a week ago), I was like “why only now did I find you!” and I was too excited to start my own BuJo even if I didn’t have a dot grid notebook and so I did! That’s why I would love to have my first dot grid notebook! For my BuJo ❤❤❤ Thank you a million times!!*

  • Knicnax

    I’ve always been a lister. I’ve bought countless planners and use them
    for at most 3 months. I thought I was just lazy because I couldnt be
    bothered taking out my planner everytime. Also, I knew that the writing
    space is always an issue. It’s either too big or too small. there are
    days when I need to list a ton of things, and days when I just scribble a
    few lines. I was wasting too much paper and money on useless layouts.

    Then a friend introduced bullet journaling to me, and wow! Planning and keeping track of things is so much easier now.

  • Emily Cao

    I discovered bullet journaling only recently and I think it will definitely suit my lifestyle. I stopped using an agenda when I entered university but I think a bullet journal will be a good alternative. I love the clean and organized look, and rapid logging seems really efficient for someone as busy as me. I heard and read so many positive comments about bullet journaling and I cannot wait to start this for the upcoming Fall term!

  • Billie Beltran

    Bullet Journal helped me FOCUS, WRITE (using my love for fountainpens), DOODLE a little and DREAM BIG 😀

  • Quynh Nguyen

    I love the flexibility of it and how I can create it any way that will help me stay on track with my to do list, appointments and projects.

  • Katie

    Buju is the first system that I have been able to stick with to keep me organized. I like that I can adjust it to my needs

  • purplefeen

    I just started. BuJo a few weeks ago and I have not missed an appointment, deadline, or forgotten a task sine then. I manage both my and my husband’s work and personal schedules in one notebook – it used to take five!

  • Kayleigh Oberbeck

    The simplicity of Bullet Journal has allowed me to quickly absorb my day to day activities and keep my days productive. I have tried a plethora of different organizational strategies and nothing is more concise than Bullet Journal. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world!

  • Kyrsten Wilson

    The Bullet Journal system has been invaluable to me. It’s hard to quantify fully, because it seems to have touched so many aspects of my life.

    I managed to scrape by through grade school, high school, and college without having learned the basics of time management or personal organization –the flesh of it, the basic shape of it, perhaps. But it had no bones, and so turned to jelly at the earliest opportunity.

    The Bullet Journal is like bones. It’s a (still forming) habit that has me sit down and address the way I want to structure my days –to stand my days up on their own two feet and see where they will toddle off to over time, rather than prod them with the metaphorical stick of panic and hope that they ooze into productivity somehow.

    The Bullet Journal also provides a reference. When I get distracted (often), or lose track somehow (easily). I know that I can find what I was supposed to be doing right there.

  • Cindy Simon

    I’ve been using a bullet journal since April, and I’m so happy I jumped in and gave it a try. It’s the only planning system I’ve stuck with for any amount of time and it WORKS. With two very active non-driving teenagers in the house and a husband working on building a business, I’d lose my mind without the journal to remind me what needs to get done when, and who needs to be dropped off where. I never forget to put out the recycling anymore. And I’m using a habit tracker (super simple) to remind myself to take care of ME once in a while too (yoga, drinking water, walking). For a five dollar investment in a notebook, it’s made a major positive impact on my life.

  • Jj

    I have always loved planners and journals. I go to the store and would head straight for that section. And then I would find a journal or planner that ‘spoke’ to me and would think: “This is the one that will get me organized.” And I’d take it home set it up and realize it wasn’t exactly what I wanted or needed. And soon it will be set aside with my other notebooks, journals, planners collecting dust.

    When I saw the Updated Bullet Journal video. And I thought: “That’s way to complicated….but I do like that it’s writen down on paper.” I looked up Bullet Journal artists on YouTube, and I liked what I saw but was overwhelmed, thinking this wouldn’t ever work for me because I’m not able to concentrate or focus on something for very long. But it stayed in the back of my mind… Then one day I decided to try and set up a Bullet Journal. I had paper and pen ready. As I watched each step I paused it and put it down on paper. And I soon begun to realize this wasn’t complicated AT ALL! It’s really very simple… And flexible… Then I got really excited as a voice in the back of my head said: “I could do this. I can stick with it!”

    And have! Does that mean I have daily spreads for everyday of the week? No… Sometimes I skip a couple days. But that’s the beauty of the system. You can create it as you go.

  • I had several different systems running, but wasn’t happy with any of them. Bullet Journal instantly resonated with me. I still use some tech for scheduling, but I love the flexibility of my bujo for most everything else!

  • Meg Compton

    I love the freedom in the bullet journal. It’s easier to be creative, be organized, and be me.

  • Silvia Fuechsel

    Having started in May this year, Bullet Journaling and the community of Boho Berry have transformed my way of working and planning. I am so grateful to Ryder and the larger community for all the different spreads, ideas, and advice.

  • Lorna

    organization through consolidation!

  • Cynthia Tsang

    The Bullet Journal is a perfect planner for me to organize my life. The method has worked amazingly for me, but the continual bulkiness of my current planner has been a huge burden. I hope that receiving this journal will help me use the journal more often.

  • Lin Wenjie

    I just learnt about bullet journal from Pinterest. Am planning to start one soon. It appears that BuJo has a lot of potential for personalisation and creativity yet it can also be as minimal and simple as i like. Depending on the user! Definitely gonna try this!

  • Marina Stevens

    I have tried countless planning systems and no system has worked with the way my brain works and has been something I stuck to for more than 3 months until Bullet Journal. 13 months and counting and I love it even more now than I did when I started!

  • I love this system and I am attempting it this week.

  • Hannah Swan

    I’ve been using bujo for almost a year now, and I love it. I usually experience a productivity boost after finding a new “method” of organizing, but it usually wears off pretty quickly. That’s one of the best things about bullet journaling – I don’t need to buy a new planner for that boost, I can just change up one of my layouts, or have some fun with headers and page numbers… because the whole point is to pay attention to what is working and what isn’t. I even use elements from bullet journaling in my class notebooks and my research lab book, which has been amazingly helpful.

  • Bonny Warby

    I am new to bullet journalling, but LOVE the concept and am quickly falling in love. In the past I’ve bought tons of notebooks, planners, art journals, and etc. It’s kind of fun to have all of that in one journal and being able to go page by page using whatever I need and keeping it all together. 🙂

  • KeepCalm_Jules

    Have always struggled to find the best app to keep all my different projects and goals in check. Since starting my Bullet Journal in July 2016, I am absolutely LOVING it! I have become so much more efficient now and because the habit trackers are visible – I am more inclined to complete and achieve my goals, just to make sure I fill up my habit trackers by the end of each month. Such a good motivator!

  • Hélène Maertens

    I finally found a system to contain the chaos in my head. I work a day job and try to run my own business by night and I could never find a way to make a notebook or calendar work.
    I’ve just started using the Bullet Journal method and I am already ecstatic about it.

    It works, because it’s so adaptable and forgiving, and I love it!

  • Kayleigh

    My bullet journal has saved me so much time in the last year. I used to have various lists in various places or I would have a journal and a little notebook for reminders and notes on my phone of books to read or projects to pursue. It was a mess and often I would just forget about things only to find them months later. By using the bullet journal system I was able to condense them into one space, which has made me more productive overall (and I can actually go back and weed out the ideas/projects/etc. that I know I’ll never pursue, rather than come across them months later and feel bad about it.

  • Sharon Brekke

    Great organizing tool…Looks very user-friendly. What a GREAT give-away!

  • Rsmith12jm

    I’m probably an odd duck here – I just recently retired and was having typical newly retired professional problem – how to structure my time and not go off in 60 directions at once. Bullet Journaling has given my days focus – I am setting and meeting goals and it has been wonderful.

  • Thera Barnes

    I have spent years searching for something that I can completely customize to the way I like things. I have tried to many journals, planners and apps. They all helped me in some way but not in every way and the bullet journal is perfect for a person like me who likes to keep everything in one place. I love the Bullet Journal!!!

  • Rachel Koustik

    I just started using the bullet journal. My productivity has increased drastically. I feel less overwhelmed. With 4 little children I often felt like I never got anything done. I had always been a list maker, organized by nature…but I didn’t realize how mindlessly I was using my time until I started journaling. So thanks:-)

  • Emily Burney

    So awesome to hear all of of the pieces that went into making the Bujo and community what it is today! I’ve been a Bujo user for 8 months now and still going strong! The concept has been a real lifesaver!

  • The Beachlers

    I love being organized and right now that’s pos’it’s all over my desk, the Bullet Journal will be an amazing asset.

  • Denise

    I’ve been bullet journaling for about a year and a half now and I absolutely love its flexibility. My needs have changed over time, and I use the “journal” portion of the formula more than most do, perhaps, but every single day the system is exactly what I need it to be for that day. With no expectation that it should (or should not) be like yesterday’s, or last month, or last year. No wasted pages, and no running out of room. I used to forget to go back to a journal every day, but now the only question is whether I will fill one, or ten pages today. I’ve adapted it to my needs and would give anything to have thirty years’ worth of journals on my shelves, even thought that would have filled at least 150 of my favorite Leuchtturm dot grid notebooks.

  • Nikole Daniels

    A recommended YouTube video introduced me to the Bullet Journal system last year and it was magic for me. As a collector of random pieces of knowledge, I finally had a system to keep all those random items in one place where i can easily catalog and use it when needed. This month, I finally decided to use the complete system as my primary planner instead of my old faithful Daytimer since the refills I love will no longer be offered beginning 2017. Nine days in and I already know I’ll never go back to preprinted planner pages. Thanks so much for developing and sharing this system.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve just started my bullet journal this week and I am excited to see how it works for me. I’ve tried a lot of different planners in the past, but they always end up forgotten within a month or so. I am must more a list person and so far, bullet journaling is the closest thing I have found to how I like to organize. I am excited to see the bullet journal for professionals. I’ve been having a hard time finding examples of bullet journals that are being used for primarily work related use. I can’t wait to check it out!

  • Alison Mclean

    I am a bujo newbie and am obsessed already. Congrats on all of your success so far!

  • Jill Smith-Mott

    Bullet journaling has made my life feel so much less chaotic. Granted, there’s still plenty of chaos, but it doesn’t get to me like it used to. I enjoy taking the time to decorate and bulletize, review and plan.

  • Paula Lepind

    I have been struggling with finding a good planner for me. I have tried various apps and notebooks, but its still not it. Right now i’m using the good old post-it, which is a general mess. Ever since i heard of Bullet Journal, i have been wanting to get my hands on one, but the first time i checked it was out of stock, so now i will have my chance! Cant wait to get it, i believe it will change my life towards organized!

  • Liepa Žukauskaitė

    It helped me become much more organized!

  • Jenn C.

    It is a system that I can actually stick with!

  • Courtney Kintz

    Bullet Journalling has helped me pull it all together in one place and stop living my life on tiny scraps of paper.
    I used to always write down notes and ideas on random scraps from the recyling bin and post it notes. Now I have it all in one spot.
    Now I just need to convince my boyfriend it would help him out a lot too.

  • MrPuzzled

    Bullet Journal has inspired me to stay organized and fulfill a life full of dreams and goals. I knew there are tons of notebooks out there but it’s so freeing to be able to create your own and not resort to just one type or what is officially sanctioned by the creator. I believe this is wonderful gift to give to the community and can’t thank you enough for your selflessness in this endeavor.

  • Johanna De Saeger

    Oh I’d love to start Bullet Journalling! Right now I use a little notebook but every few weeks I have to replace it and I have no system using it. Timte to change!

  • Minan

    Bullet Journal has allowed me to be a more efficient and reliable creative. I have used the Bullet Journal for not only work, but for the tasks of everyday life. It has completely changed the way I plan and work. ☺

  • Eric Aycock

    I actually don’t have one, but I have heard really good things, and think it could help me finally get organized

  • Kate W

    Two weeks in, and I’m loving being able to separate the to-do lists, the scheduling, the planning, and the tracking out from a personal journal. It’s cleaner and wayyy more user-friendly for me.

  • dandydipity

    bullet journaling has helped me keep organized and stay creative

  • elestee

    I first started my bullet journal in October of last year, and it has helped me immensely throughout the school year. I attend a competitive STEM-based high school, so my bujo was a great tool for me to stay on top of my research and engineering projects. I’m a very recent Leuchtturm 1917 convert, and (somewhat surprisingly, considering how much I dread going back to school) am really looking forward to entering junior year with my brand new journal!

  • Noel Kristian

    I am a teacher in college that spends 6 hours in classroom teaching and many hours every day for consultation with my students over their capstone projects, mini-projects and the semester-long projects. Before using bullet journal I was overwhelmed with my commitments to students, my meetings with fellow teachers, my administrative duties and also my personal commitments, for example students told me that I often missed the appointment for consultation with them. I was drained for almost a year and decided to resign in May 2016. But before I submitted my letter of resignation, my best friend introduced me to the bullet journal and I have been using it ever since. Just after 2 weeks of using it, I experience a much better tasks/commitments management. My students are very happy that I never miss my consultation appointment with them and I am also happy that I can complete all my task and have more me time. With that I decided not to resign and continue and improve myself to become a great and inspiring teacher. Bullet journal system have help me tremendously in my professional life and personal life. Thank you Ryder for sharing your wonderful system. People say “sharing is caring” and you indeed has shown that you care.

  • nickhaddady

    Execellent Ryder, thanks for the new information!

  • Dana Woolcock

    I need to write things down to clear my head, I always have too many things going on in my head and not enough organization. I have tried Bullet Journal once before and it worked well but for some reason I fell away from journaling all together. I have recently discovered that I am a much calmer person with my journal, my organization, my space. I am getting back to Bullet Journaling to find my inner peace again.

  • Michelle

    I love bullet journal. It has helped me through my studies while battling my chronic disease. I now can stay organised and I don’t forget what medicines I have to take each day! Even though my university doesn’t recognize my disease, I’m able to stay in school because of planning my days and studies more efficiently! Thank you, Ryder, for sharing you amazing idea!

  • Leanne C

    Simplicity and flexibility are the key advantages of the Bujo. I can make it what i want when I want it and don’t waste any pages in my notebook. Brilliant!

  • Ari Gillam

    I am new to the bullet journal – but I can already feel the impact. I love that my immediate goals & tasks are right alongside my future goals & tasks, plus my collections (wishlists, trackers, trip planning) are right there too.

    There is something beautiful about tasks, big and small, alongside big dreams! It makes every facet of my life and what’s going on in my brain hold equal levels of importance. When you dream big, it’s a wonderful feeling!

  • Back in the early days of the BuJo, I tried it, but couldn’t make it work for me. I love seeing the stories of how so many people use it and now I think it really could work out. I’m excited to give it a whirl. Really glad to have come across Kara at Boho Berry as she’s the one who really showed me how fun and easy it could be, plus she linked to some other awesome BuJo ladies!

  • I struggle daily with organization and being productive enough to match my work responsibilities. A very few, small number of things have helped over the years. BuJo is one of those that does help.

  • Nora L

    I have depression and anxiety and using my bujo has helped me get from day to day.

  • Malin Malmström

    I haven’t even started yet and I’m so excited. I’ve used simplified versions of this, but spread out over to many places so I lose track and just get annoyed. This is so simple, how haven’t I found this earlier?!

  • Amy

    I am just starting bullet journaling. I need something besides my phone to try to get organized. I really like it so far & it’s helping me remember things!

  • Mareka Huitt

    I was chatting with my boss today about being organized and journaling. He asked if I knew about the Bullet Journal. I said no, but I’ll check it out. So glad that I did. Finally something great on it’s own yet customisable. I love it. Starting one now.

  • Marge Päästel

    I needed planner with more space on weekends and less space on weekdays. Now I´ve used bujo allmost a year.

  • Lianne Head

    Love this! Can’t believe you’ve been going for so long. I remember looking at bullet journalling briefly a couple of years ago when you had the old video, but I didn’t think I’d like it…so i tried a million other ‘journals’, none of which worked for me. Finally I came back here and saw the new video and suddenly it made so much sense! I’ve just got a normal Leuchtturm 1917 right now. I will be getting a Bullet Journal one as soon as I can save up the money 😀

  • Margarita Jose

    I have been battling depression and panic attacks since high school. My sister recommended me to start a Bullet Journal to gain more self confidence and be happier, and it did. Since starting a bullet journal, I have more self confidence, I have more positive thoughts, and each day has now been more exciting. I have never been happier than I am right now, thanks to my bullet journal.

  • Maija

    Amazing how a small idea can help so many people! Im a new bulletjournalist, but in just 2 short months my life is suddenly so organised and its great to see what I accomplish every day!

  • Congratulations – a great success story! I use my journal daily – love being organised!

  • Betsy Olmstead

    I’m new to bullet journaling, but it is beginning to help me organize and express my creativity in a way that really suits me best. I am beyond thrilled to finally be in the loop about it!

  • Maria Jonsson

    I have always loved planning, filling out my calendar(s) and crossing off tasks on my to-do lists. I’ve tried countless “to-do” apps and started (and not finished) many calendars. I find that my to-do lists become overwhelming and too stressed to keep up with my schedule. But the bullet journal is a great system to divide tasks and to shcedule them so that you don’t feel stressed that you haven’t checked off every item. So now I have a system that is easier to keep up with, and it’s great that it’s so flexible.

  • Ricardo Baptista

    Starting my Bullet Journal today!

  • Katie Scott

    It’s been so helpful to have a place to journal, draw, organize, and plan. I love it!

  • Stephanie Acks

    I’ve just started bullet journaling and I’ve found the hardest part is setting aside the time to do it, but it has been so helpful to keep me on track with everything in my busy life. Now I just need to use the community to figure out cool ways to further organize (I need some color!).

  • Just… wow. Reading this left me goosebumps, seeing how it all grew. Just amazing, really 🙂

  • I just converted to BulletJournal a month back, and I am already able to organize my heavily unorganized life. Things are getting better – I am keeping my promises, keeping track of myself, checking off several tasks every day – feels like a new productive me 🙂

  • Abraham Downing

    So glad to finally find a form of journaling that I can keep up with and makes sense!

  • Melanie

    I feel like planners and journaling in my life has been like dieting…tried many approaches and none have felt completely successful! I’m looking forward to giving this one a try!

  • Nathalia Simis

    I just discovered the bullet journal system and I’m already so inspired. Thank You for sharing this!!

  • Kylie

    The ability to have a journal that I can use as a planner, and not lose multiple pages/months at a time to lost time of using a planner, is so key. It’s been my frustration with every planner I’ve purchased, and I hope this will be my last journal. As a busy mom of two, and part time nanny, I don’t always have the ability to fill out my weeks as I should.

  • Sarvesh Kulkarni

    I started Bulletjournalling right when i got into my first job, which was about 6 months ago, and it has helped immensely to streamline my life!

  • Abi Morris

    Having M.E. makes life difficult and I’m always looking for things that make life easier and less tiring. I’ve just started my second bullet journal and now I’ve tried a few things, this one is my efficient, thought holding, diary and quote holder, best friend and so much more.

  • Alexis Barton

    I love having an analog to do list open on my desk while I work. I would previously build a to do list in a productivity app of some sort and it would inevitably get hidden behind windows and apps then forgotten. Now I always have it out and visible so that I see what needs to be done next.

  • Tammie Gitt

    I adore the simplicity of the Bullet Journal. i don’t have to juggle notebooks and calendars or carry bulky planners. I have my Luddite moments so I’ve never been able to transition to all-digital syslems. This has been the best of all worlds for me.

  • Teresa

    Bullet Journal changed my life and I never saw it coming! I was just looking for a new way to keep track of my ideas and the combination of streamlined organization with creativity/pretty spreads has been so motivating and inspiring and truly makes my heart feel full <3

  • I’ve just started my BuJo journey, but it’s already helping me to be more productive! I’m a SAHM and hadn’t stumbled across your Bullet Journal for Mom’s stuff, but I’m super excited to check it out now!

  • Sheri Goldie

    My BuJo is still relatively new (under a year with the process) but it is wonderful to have found a system that can change with me as my organizational needs change. I can fill up a day to a page during uni semester, when I am working and studying frantically, or I can have a week to a page when I am on break, and just want to check off that I did the grocery shop that day! I hope to continue with the BuJo system into the future, and see how it will complement my journey through life!

  • Sandra Kragh-Hansen

    With kids, a forgetful husband, hens, an elderly cat, too many hobbies/interests to count, and a high-pressure job as a contract manager, not to mention a house to keep reasonably presentable (or at least clean enough to keep the health authorities away), I have plenty to keep track of, and not many “traditional” planners can encompass it all – the Bullet Journal can!

  • CoJoGo

    I first saw Bullet Journal on FB and was instantly intrigued. Another planner junkie here with none that did the trick. I’ve made a few that mimic BuJo but I was lacking some core organizational ideas that just might pull me together. As I looked and thought about how this could help me stay focused and excited in my busy, I-have-too-many-interests life, I realized how much I miss my creative side and BuJo gives me the ability to integrate creativity into my planning. Yeeessss!! I only have lined journals now but I think my preference will be the dot. Thanks, Ryder!

  • Anthony Gorrity

    I’ve been reading about Bullet Journaling for a while, and I keep telling myself I don’t have time to do it. But the alternative seems to be wasting time, and looking for another solution that’s flexible enough to work. I think I’m gonna just dive in.

  • Alma

    While I haven’t started bullet journaling, I would really like to because I have a crazy semester ahead of me where I would really like to practice self-care by writing positive thoughts into the journal.

  • tishushu

    I actually foung the bullet journal YT vid while being frustrated with finding calendars. I was at target, and couldn’t find a calendar that I liked, so I bought a notebook for todo lists and a calendar. When I got home I didn’t know how to even try to incorporate these together. I just happened to look up planners on YouTube and I found the bullet journal video. Since then it has seriously simplified my planning and I can choose how to plan and change it when I want to. I’m eight months strong and never looking back. The bujo communities on social media really are the best.

  • Jason Tucker

    I am new to the game. Looking forward to seeing how it changes the way I plan.

  • I just found out about bullet journals. As I am moving abroad next year for an exchange i need something to give my completely new life some structure and comfort. I think the bullet journal is perfect for this (: I always loved to make little lists, and at home they are everywhere, but in a new and unknown place it’s much more nice to keep all the little lists close in 1 journal.

  • Marloes Oosterhoff

    All this time I was so unorganized. My whole school was ruined and I never did my homework because I didn’t plan anything. I tried, but I didn’t know how. I discovered bullet journaling and never thought it would be so easy. It really changed my life.

  • Annie Blakey

    I was trying to balance a random assortment of work tasks (full-time secretary), home life (mother, wife, …), and graduate school (teaching credential). I was having difficulty setting priorities and found myself spending large amounts of time on inconsequential tasks while dropping the ball on major tasks. I had tried every organizer known to man, including apps, but the complexity always caused them to fall by the wayside. I found bullet journaling and was intrigued by the simplicity. I gave it a try using a simple steno pad. (I figured that if I used a beautiful book, I would be afraid to write the wrong thing and “mess it up.”) I found that I was much more productive because 1) I could capture any random thought, to-do, or event quickly and in one place. I didn’t have to think immediately about the best place to keep the idea. 2) I knew where to find all of my notes to all of my meetings. When my boss asked me a question about a discussion we had, I didn’t have to scramble as I tried to remember what I had done with my notes. 3) Migrating tasks helped me keep my to-do list both relevant and visually manageable. Each day I would pick my top 3 priorities. The simple star helped me quickly distinguish where I needed to focus my energies. I accomplished those three tasks first before tackling others. I found this incredibly helpful when it came to things that I had to do, but didn’t want to do. I knew I had to “bite the bullet,” so to speak. All in all, I found the simplicity of the system incredibly effective for managing the complexities of life. Now, I’m taking my bullet journaling to the next level. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter and ordered a book that’s a little fancier and more permanent than a steno pad. I’m beginning student teaching next week and need a space to reflect on my experience. So, I’ll be using the monthly calendar to indicate things that have happened, which I had left out at first. I’ll also be including regular reflection pages about what went well, what I can improve upon, etc. Thanks, Ryder, for sharing your system!

  • Aurore Folny (Virid Rain)

    I’m getting back on my organisation lately, and I use the Bullet Journal since April 2014. It was a great way to plane my work and personal project and log my life at the same time.
    Now I’m happy to discover that you have enhanced the system, and I’m so excited to get better at this, I’m amused too to see the popularity of the “Bujo” now 🙂 That’s so cool, well done ! Long live the Bujo, I suscribe to not miss an single update !

  • Cecilia Cramer

    This system has been the best I’ve found so far primarily because it has structure but it’s adaptable to whomever is using it. I have yet to find a planner that gives so much room for creativity, mistakes, and personality.

  • So, I assume if you won the giveaway that you’ve already been contacted, correct? If so, I haven’t been 🙁

  • Adrienne

    Hi! Where are the announcements for the daily giveaway? I can’t seem to find them. Am I just really I observant?