First of all, I would like to thank Ryder for giving me the unique opportunity to present my Bullet Journal and of course for bringing such a terrific system into our lives.

My Bullet Journal Story

In order to organize my life and to keep track of everything, I have tried many different planning-systems without finding the right one for me, up until this year. Before I heard anything about Bullet Journaling, I’ve tried using a classical binder planner with pre-printed inserts, a classical calendar and I’ve also tried several apps on my phone. However, none of these options really worked for me, none of them gave me the structure I was looking for. At first, all of these options seemed great, and I put great emphasis into making it work by decorating everything with washi tape and some doodles, but after a week or so, everything got dull.

It seemed like something was not working for me in trying to organize my life.

While again looking for a new method to try out, I randomly stumbled upon the Bullet Journal which instantly enthralled me. Suddenly I was going through Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to figure out how to start and what I need. When I noticed that many others uploaded their first tries to Instagram, I thought it might be fun and helpful to do the same and that is how my Instagram account @Journalspiration was created.


In the very beginning I enjoyed vibrant spreads, but after a while, I more and more tried to follow a minimalistic look. One key reason for that change was that I figured out that my Bullet Journal is not only supposed to be aesthetic, but also that it is supposed to be functional and efficient. That is the reason why I would describe myself as a Minimal Bullet Journalist nowadays, but I will let you make up your own mind:



I couldn’t wait to finally get started, and without further ado, I created my first Key (Foto). Apart from some minor layouts like events, priority and research, I still use the system up to this day.

Bullet Journal Daily Logs by @journalspiration

Future Log

One of the most important pages in my Bullet Journal is my future log (foto). I use the future log every single day to keep track of appointments and events or to write down some notes for next year.

Bullet Journal Future Log by @journalspiration

Just like on my Bullet Journal, I started the future log very colourful which I have continuously scaled down. The reason for that specifically was that I felt like the more effort I put into making the layout appealing, the more difficult it became to actually see what was happening each month. With the current layout however, planning and checking the future log is straightforward.

Monthly Overview

Every Month I create a classical overview to keep track of everything and furthermore to plan everything in a more detailed way than in the future log. Besides keeping track of my schedule, it gives me the opportunity to focus on the most important To-Do’s for this month. To create the monthly overview I use different stamps, just like for my future log. Using stamps has made my life so much easier. Creating a spread now takes about 10 minutes rather than an hour like it used to.

Bullet Journal Monthly Log by @journalspiration Bullet Journal Monthly Log by @journalspiration

Daily Planning

Contrary to others, I skip doing a weekly overview. I am completely satisfied with the combination of a daily log and a monthly view to keep track of everything. Since my very first tries, I always used a timeline. It helps me to remember my appointments and To-Do’s and furthermore to structure my day, I guess I am just very visual. When producing the timeline, I match my To-Do’s and my appointments to the time they are either scheduled or when I just feel like that would be the right time to complete them. By doing it like this my day follows a certain flow what I really like and need to be productive. Apart from time tracking, I plan my Instagram posts, which have become a substantial part of my daily life, and my meals – every time I have no clue what to cook, I can just flip back a few pages and get inspired.

Just like in the Future Log, I use different stamps to ease and accelerate my planning.

Bullet Journal Daily Log by @journalspiration Bullet Journal Daily Logs by @journalspiration Bullet Journal Daily Logs by @journalspiration


Besides my usual “Calendar”, I create all kinds of lists and spreads for anything that comes to my mind. One example of that would be my Job Application Tracker. Right now, as I will soon graduate in architecture, I am facing one of the most intense challenges in life: finding the first job. In order to find a job, I have to start applying quite soon, and most people know how messy that process can get. The Job Application Tracker has so far been a great help in keeping the overview of everything. Another example would be my packing list; I love to travel, and right now I travel all over Germany and to London from time to time. The challenge in that is to always pack for the right conditions. Therefore, I created a packing list which helps me to plan what things I need, depending on the season or even on events I am going to. Those are just two examples of many more spreads I have created over the last 6 months, which you can explore on my Instagram account, if you’re interested!

Job Application Bullet Journal Collection by @journalspiration Bullet Journal Job Collection by @journalspiration Bullet Journal Adventure Collection by @journalspiration Bullet Journal Adventure Collection by @journalspiration

My Gear

– Nuuna Notebook by brandbook

Muji Gel Pen 0.38

Stabilo Pen 68

– Studiol2e Stamps

– VersaMagic Dewdrop Chalk Ink Pads

– Protractor

Bullet Journal Tools of the trade by @journalspiration

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  • Ooh I love this simple, minimal style! Now following you on Instagram and thanks for the pen recommendation… my Staedtlers are bleeding through and my Sliccis won’t write! Argh.

    • Thank you so much, Carrie! Yeah, I had this problem too but I’m happy that I solved it and that I was able to help you out! 🙂

  • Derren Phillips

    Beautiful journal. You talk about ‘stamps’ – presumably for the day and month names? Where did you get them from?

  • Jae

    I follow her on Instagram, and she’s been one of my bullet journal inspirations! Happy for her to be featured here! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Jae! 🙂

  • Beautiful and minimal. Can I ask how big the notebook is? Is it A5?

    • Nyk Huber

      Yes I’m super curious about this also. Your grid also seems much smaller that what I’ve seen elsewhere. I have tiny handwriting and have been wanting my dots to be a lot closer together so I can fit more on a page. Could you link to the specific journal you use?

      • It’s the nuuna notebook by brandbook and it’s in the size L, it’s slightly bigger than A5. Hope this helps 🙂 they have their own online shop but you can find them on amazon as well!

    • It’s the nuuna notebook by brandbook and it’s in the size L, it’s slightly bigger than A5. Hope this helps 🙂

  • This is by far my favorite! Love the minimal aesthetic! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Thank you, Carrie! 🙂

  • Kyle Wright

    One of the better posts on this blog. Informative, brief, and practical. This is the type of information I relish to find here.

    • Thank you so much, Kyle! This means a lot to me!

  • Rebecca Marler

    too bad the photos are too small to make much application of the article to the procedure.

    • Hey Rebecca, yo can go over to my Instagram and zoom in if you would like to see the details. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I am glad I am not the only one who started cute and frilly and ended up going more minimalist. This is a great system and I am thankful for your blog post!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! I love to hear that as well, I always think that I’m the only one who changes up her bujo all the time. 😀

  • kathy baichtal

    Great post! I love the simplistic approach. One question about the calendar (I’m sorry, I’ve zoomed in on IG but can’t tell) I struggle with creating the actual 5 rows x 7 columns. All the measuring makes me crazy. Do you have dotted pages that help you with this?

  • Marauder

    Just wanted to say I love your journal and good luck on the job search front!