I am honored to be a part of the show & tell series here at Ryder’s. My name is Trine and I live in Denmark with my husband and two girls from 2010 and 2013. I am an executive secretary in a incredible company working with sustainable health, mostly for women. I like all things simple, from my coffee to my bullet journal.

Trine's Monthly Title Page

I have always had a love for systems and putting things in order. As I grew up, I dreamt of creating a calendar system holding all the things I needed. Lucky for me, Ryder has created and shared just the system I was longing for.

Before I started bullet journaling, I had a small analog calendar and an electric one. I had an app for habit tracking and another for notes. I had one for gift giving, one for projects and another for mind mapping. In other words, I used a lot for different apps and solutions to keep track of my life, my goals and all the stuff in-between. As I discovered the bullet journal system I quickly realised that this could be a way to minimize my planning and tracking. As a bonus, the bullet journal could be my “creative space”.

As I continued I realized that I needed a set of rules. I get easily frustrated with myself, and I wanted to be sure that my perfection wouldn’t ruin the many benefits of the system. The rules have prevented me from obsessing over the design instead of the function:

– Do not tear pages

– No ruler

– Work around the mistakes

– Keep it simple, less is more

– Have fun!

As time has gone by, I have changed small bits and pieces, but overall I do what I have done since I started.

I have a futurelog which is also my monthlylog and my family planner. This log has 5 columns: a column for each member of the family and a shared column for things we do together. I fill in the monthly log over time, but every new month I transfer all appointments from a digital calendar I share with my husband.

Trine's Monthly Log in her Bullet Journal

I have two dailylogs: a personal and a worklog. I work mostly from home and my work never ends, so I keep the logs separated so I can focus at one without distractions from the other. My personal daily is a “classic” one which encourage me to evaluate my day, every day. My worklog is more of a to-do-list.

Trine's Weekly Log in her Bullet Journal

I have a list of spreads I like to do in my bullet-journal. I do not do every spread every month, but that is exactly why I love this system. You can do whatever you need when you need it.

– I use a habit tracker to cultivate and maintain habits. The bullet journal is a very easy and effective way to be consistent. As I do my daily log every day, I fill in my habit tracker.

– I use a timetracker to keep track of three things: sleep, work and appointments. I think the key to a good timetracker is not to overdo it

– I think a gratitudelog is a very easy way to be positive. The gratitudelog helps me appreciate the small things

Doodles, drawings and quotes. I love to draw and be creative, but I never got around to do much of that after I became a mother. My bullet journal have changed that. Every month I save a spread for drawing and doodling, and some for quotes

Trine's Rapid-Logging Process in her Bullet Journal Weekly Log

Trine's Rapid-Logging process in her Bullet Journal Weekly Log along with some doodles

Trine's Rapid-Logging process in her Bullet Journal

A huge part of my bullet journal is not only the notebook but also the supplies. At the moment I am using:

Trine's Bullet Journaling supplies

Fountainpen: Twsbi Diamond 580 AL with extra fine nib and Sailor Kiwa-guro nano ink in black

Drawing pens: a Copic multiliner 0.2mm with responsible nib in black and a Faber Castell PITT small in black

Brushpens: TombowABT in baby pink (800) and cool gray (N95)

– Pencil: Caran d’ache fixpencil 22 metal

My bullet journal is my free space, and something I look forward to fill it in every day. Being a part of the bullet journal community has given me so much joy and I am grateful for all the experiences I have had since I created my first spread.

About Trine Sømberg

My name is Trine and I live in Denmark with my husband and two girls from 2010 and 2013. I am an executive secretary in an amazing company working with sustainable health, mostly for women. I like all things simple, from my coffee to my bullet journal.
  • Emilie Sønderup

    Hej Trine, Der er kommet et par danske kommentarer med i blog indlægget, jeg tænker der skal fjernes! 😀

    • Trine Lykke

      Tak Emilie. Jeg har skrevet til Kim og bedt hende om at fjerne sætningerne.

  • disqus_VToWbEYfUS

    Your system looks very beautiful but I don’t know Danish so I’m not sure what is where or how to test drive your beautiful method. But thanks for sharing!

    • Trine Lykke

      Thank you, You’re wellcome – If there is anything you would like me to explain, please let me know 🙂

      • Marie Braz

        Tells us the English names of the sections please!

        • I am not sure which sections – in one of the pictures? 🙂

    • Marie Braz

      Agreed! I would like to know what the sections are called!

  • Love what you have done with it. I agree it’s a good habit tracker!!!

    • Trine Lykke

      Thank you so much Kathleen, I am glad you like it.

  • Joseph N. Miller

    Hi Trine — I was curious about the very last photo in your article. Is that some sort of separate “mini bullet journal” or some sort of insert? It looks smaller and paper bound, not hard covered.

    • I Joseph. Thank you for the question. The picture is of my new bulletjournal – a travelers notebook. It is smaller and can hold different books for different things. I like that a lot. I have more pictures of that one in my instagram account. 🙂

  • Sarita BC

    I love it!! It is simple, functional and very elegant. I am a supporter of the ‘less is more’ mindset because it works for me as well. I have found that a lot of people like to embellish their BuJo to the point where ellaborating such intricated designs take actually more time of the day than the actuall tracking/organization of activities. Congrats for the article and thanks for sharing!!!

    • Thank you.
      I am a big fan og”less is more”, and for me, the bulletjournal is most of all a tracking/organizing tool.
      But I like that the system is adaptable, and that I can change the layout and do less if I’m super busy, and more if i have time and want to embellish.

  • Erika

    Loved this post! Trine, I’m curious about how you separate your work from personal daily logs in your journal. Do you have separate sections that you note in your index?

    • Hi Erika.
      I am sorry for the late answer. I had overlooked your question.
      I have just switched from a “regular” notebook to a traveller’s notebook, so I’m doing it differently now than before.
      I divided work and private, by having the private part at the front of the notebook, and everything related to work at the back.- turned upside down.

      Im ny travelers, I just have a insert for work and one for private 🙂

      I hope that makes sense.

  • Jeremy Hodgson

    Great looking journal…simple and clean. Question about the Tombow brush pens. Are you swiping them over the Sailor nano black too? Or just over the Copic and Pitt? I have the same pen and ink but wanted to make sure I didn’t smear. Thanks

    • Thank you for your question.
      The ink smears when you swipe the tombows over. But if you can write on the highlight after. Does that make sense?

      • Jeremy Hodgson

        Perfect. Thanks for the advice and reply!

  • Paolo Remer

    Great work ! Wonderful, I appreciate your method. Ty very much for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing Trine. What’s the size of your journal? It seems to be A4? Asking because I use the same columns approach for the monthly log for our family but I can’t put all the 30 days in just one page!

    • Thank you for your comment.
      It is a Nuuna notebook in Large. It is a bit bigger that A5, but not near A4.
      The trick with the Nuuna is a 3.5mm dotgrid. – makes it a lot easier to fit the dates in.

  • Jason Good

    Love the subtle highlighting. Have just ordered some light grey and light blue pens to try similar for my notebook. Thanks for sharing your notebook.