Hi, I’m Olivia – known as @flyingpaperwords on Instagram – and I’m really excited about sharing my Bullet Journal with you. So thank you for this great opportunity! I discovered Bullet Journaling in January 2017 when I was watching videos on youtube. I don’t know how I got there but I caught myself watching dozens of “plan with me”-videos from really talented people showing their own Bullet Journal to others. Of course I also watched the video of Ryder Carroll explaining his system. I got so excited about these individual calendars so I ordered my first Leuchtturm1917 notebook right away. Together with a few fineliners in different sizes. I swear, these days while I was waiting for my supplies to arrive where so hard!

I’m already on to my third notebook and my journaling style has improved a lot! When I look at the pages of my very first Bullet Journal, I cant believe how much “better” I got through the months.


Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Index in her Bullet Journal


Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Key in her Bullet Journal

Yearly log (first half)

I think these four pages are some of the most important ones for me. It’s easy to get an overview of the upcoming months without checking every single Monthly Log.

The upper area is mainly for appointments – exams in school, family dates, doctors appointments…

The second area is for dates I want or need to remember – birthdays, holidays, … – but are still free for making other plans.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Future Log in her Bullet Journal

Birthday Calendar

These pages are some of my favorites so far. I just like the layout and I love giving gifts to friends and family.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Birthday Calendar in her Bullet Journal

Monthly pages

The first pages of every month show my regular monthly log. The layout is the same for every month, because I like it simple and the design works great for me. There is enough space to add more than one appointment every day and I can always see where I still have some freetime.
On the right side I add tasks I need to complete this month but only those without a specific deadline.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Monthly Log in her Bullet Journal

The next pages I’m using every month are my school and habit trackers.

On the left side I plan when I need to study for which subject in school to always be well prepared for exams and presentations.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Habit Tracker in her Bullet Journal

On the right side I’m tracking my daily habits – at the moment I’m tracking…

  • Using my Bullet Journal
  • Going to school
  • Studying
  • Watching Netflix
  • Instagram-Posts
  • Workouts
  • Days without expenses
  • Meeting friends
  • Going out
  • Reading
  • Taking my daily meds

After that there are my sleep and positivity trackers. On the right page I write down one positive thing every day. An unique event, a positive thought or simply one little thing that made me smile. It’s such a great feeling to go back to previous positivity pages to see how many beautiful things happened through the last weeks or month – especially when you’re feeling down.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Sleep and Positivity Log in her Bullet Journal

The most important pages in my Bullet Journal are all the different weekly spreads where I plan my days. I’m the type of a person who writes down every little to-do because I love the feeling of marking completed tasks. I’ll show you a few examples of weekly spreads I used over the last months.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Weekly Log in her Bullet Journal

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Weekly Log in her Bullet Journal

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Weekly Log in her Bullet Journal

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Weekly Log in her Bullet Journal

At the end of every month I create a review where I list positive and negative aspects of the month. I also add the series and films I watched and my monthly playlist on spotify. For March I tried something new and added an area for some numbers where I included my Instagram stats.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Monthly Review Log in her Bullet Journal

Through the months I added a lot of different Collections to my Bullet Journal. One of the most helpful ones is my Expense Tracker which should keep myself from spending too much money on stationery and other things.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Expenses and Orders Log in her Bullet Journal

Another example of a collection I open really often is my Watchlist. There are so many series and films I want to watch and this page helps me to keep them in my mind.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Watchlist in her Bullet Journal

A few weeks earlier I added a Season Calendar for vegetables and fruits. It should help me to buy more regional products.

Olivia from @flyingpaperwords' Season Calendar

If you want to see more of my Bullet Journal – feel free to follow me on Instagram: @flyingpaperwords

Bullet Journaling is not only a hobby of mine, it also helped me through rough times. I’ve struggled for a couple of years and there were times when I couldn’t get myself to do anything. I had no proper daily routine and was kinda lost in my own life. I won’t go into detail, but I just want to express how important Bullet Journaling is for me.

With my Bullet Journal, a new age began. I had discovered something I really enjoyed doing. And furthermore, it helped me in getting my life back. Thats why you can find so many motivating quotes in my journal.

So If you are reading this – starting a Bullet Journal is really worth a try!
It don’t have to be perfect. Be creative. And just start.

My equipment:
Notebook: Leuchtturm 1917, A5 dotted
Pen for writing: Tombow Mono Drawing Pen 03
Other pens I use: Staedtler pigment liners 01-1,2 & Pigma Micron 05, 08

About Olivia Vogel

My name is Olivia and I live in Southern Germany with my family and my dog. I’m 19 years old and at the moment I’m still going to school. But my biggest dream is to become a paramedic and study medicine. I love books, summer, fruits and Greys Anatomy.
  • Kathy Scheiner

    LOVE these layouts! Thanks for the ideas. I’m trying to get back into Bullet Journal (after a half-hearted attempt a couple of years ago).

  • James Spangler

    I love your layouts! They are clear,and I don’t feel like I need to be an artist to make it look good or work for me! I have struggled with trying to find a layout that was effective and that I felt good about (instead of judging my artistic ability). Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • VermonterSteve

    I admire your creativity and am glad to hear how Bullet Journalling has made such a great difference in your life. Thank you for sharing!

  • Jenny Lundak

    Great ideas Olivia! I love that you are starting early and putting so much focus on positivity. I know that it makes a huge difference in life. I am old enough to be your grandma, and just getting started with the journaling. I wish I had started earlier.

    • Nel Dunkley

      I agree!

  • Cyn Diesel

    I LOVE how you have set up your journal. Thank you for the weekly spread ideas I am definitely going to “borrow” some of these to try with mine. Amazing share!

  • Judith Houle

    Olivia, you rock! I love this. I’m a visual learner, so the graphic representations really resonate with me. You just taught “an old lady” some new tricks. Thanks!

  • KimTh

    These pages are stunning! Love the simplicity and the efficiency … thanks for a great article & inspiration!

  • Gorgeous example of how a minimalist/monochrome approach can still be stunning. I’m going to steal the positivity tracker idea, such a great daily habit and a treat to look back on.

  • Brian Herman

    I love your birthday calendar and your handwriting. I wish I had your artistic flair!

  • Jasmine

    This is the neatest bullet journal I’ve seen! Inspiring!! Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely following you on instagram! 🙂

  • Ann

    Great visuals – However, I do have a question. My bullet journal only last three months so if this were you how would you deal with the Yearly Log. The idea of creating 6 months in my case seems silly as I would have to transfer it all to another journal to be effective, but only doing 3 months doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Look forward to your thoughts.

    • Laura

      Don´t be afrait of migrating. Create the months you need today, and migrate any that are still needed when you break in your new book.

  • Super schönes Journal! Weiter so! Ich hab’s bis jetzt irgendwie nicht annähend geschafft das so sauber und schön aufs Papier zu bringen – ich glaube das wird bei mir auch nie was in der Art… :-/
    Grüße in den Süden aus dem Odenwald! Jan

  • Franzi Rauscher

    So nice layout!! I love it 🙂 I´m just at the beginning and heard about Bullet Journals yesterday and already ordered a notebook. 🙂 At the moment I´m also struggling with my daily routine and at the end of the day I have the feeling that I´m totally done but haven´t done anything. Hope this Bullet Journal helps me to get back on the track! 🙂 I really love your layout 🙂 Keep and going and nice regards from Germany!! 🙂 PS: You got a new follower on Instagram 😉

  • Tina M

    Love your layouts! They are simple and at the same time quite lovely. You have inspired me to try bullet journaling again!

  • Katalina López R

    Hi Olivia! your bullet journal is amazing! congratulations, I loved it very much. I also have got family in Germany and 2 years ago I was traveling through your fabulous country. Greetings from Colombia, A hug!

  • jay_em

    oohhh my…pretty impressive! love it!

  • ReidPark

    Olivia, I love your Bullet Journal and all of your fabulous pages! My great Grandmother was a Vogel whose family came from Southern Germany. Helena Hannah Vogel, daughter of John and Anna Vogel

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