Happy December! In our fourth installment of Ask the Bulletjournalist, we dive a little deeper into the philosophy of the Bullet Journal method and explore how setting up a new notebook can help us learn from our experience. I hope you will find it helpful. Please leave your questions in the comments below.

This month we cover:

  • Yearly Migration
  • Setting up a new book
  • Breaking in a notebook
  • Keeping what serves

About Ryder Carroll

Ryder is the creator of the Bullet Journal. He's a Brooklyn-based digital product designer and art director.
  • Jane York

    really helpful!
    would love to see your face, though you have
    excellent and expressive hands.

  • Laura Ximena García

    Do you always start the year with a new notebook, even if the current is not finished yet?

    • Ryder

      Yes, I do.

  • Allyson Gari

    what to do with certain process we left started in the last BuJo and how we can migrate them?
    For example, i am tracking certain number of readings assign a number of pages for days or weeks.

  • Honoree Corder

    I love my Bullet Journals, have used them for a few years now and recommend them to EVERYONE. Thanks, Ryder!

  • Diane Christy

    I love my bullet journal. Do you really use up a book in only 2 months?? I would love to see everything you put in it. I’m only 51 pgs. into my journal. I just started bullet journaling a few weeks ago and I love it! I like a fresh start too but don’t feel like I can abandon this book after 51 pgs.


    • Ken Schellenberg

      I used 129 pages (so far) since Oct 1! Woo hoo!

  • Cheri Boggess Spence

    I’m getting ready to start my second year of bullet journaling? Do you use separate journals for personal and work?

    • Ken Schellenberg

      I do – but largely for legal reasons. My work is subject to FOIA requests, so I keep my personal life out of my work Bullet Journal. For my personal life, I use a Moleskine calendar, pocket size. I like the format with a week’s calendar on the left and a blank ruled page on the right. It’s just the right size for my personal stuff.

      • SamT

        I have found I need to use several also. Really gets combersom carrying 3 books and keeping up to date so I’m going to try to correct this in 2018

    • Tommi Johnstone

      I use only one journal for both personal and business. I do, however, have two separate indexes (work index and personal index). For my daily journaling, I use a 2-page spread with work on the left and personal on the right.

      I used to keep separate journals for everything, but it became too chaotic. Part of what I love about Bullet Journaling is that it allowed me to combine all the notebooks into one.

  • Trish

    I have only just started this, but it is THE only thing that has ever worked for me. I love my ritual of getting up in the morning and marking off what I have done and writing my new Tasks.

  • Ken Schellenberg

    Another good video

    I’ve broken in my new journal (an actual Bullet Journal from Leuchtturm 1917, my first!) and looking forward to migrating next week.

    I too started a new journal October 1 – and in a way hate to give it up. But (rationalizing begins here) it’s a grid, which doesn’t suit me too well – and I’ve used 128 of 190 pages, so it’s time for a new book.

  • SamT

    The issue I have run into is that you need a different journal for each project. I currently have to have 3 journals going at a time. Personal, work and class. 2018 goal is to create a new system.

  • Logan Matheny


    Thanks for all that you’ve created and continue to share. Might i ask what pen you’re using? It looks beautiful.

  • Just wondering, how do you transition notebooks mid-year? Do you follow this migration strategy every three months, with the reflection spread, etc? Or do you treat 12 months’ worth of journals as one big journal, broken into sections, and Do an actual *migration* only at year’s end?