Meet the app designed as a companion for your notebook, featuring tools to help you unplug and deepen your Bullet Journal® practice.

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Daily Reflection Tracker

Bullet Journal Companion Reflection Tracker
Keeping track of what you need to be doing is important. Keeping track of why you’re doing those things is critical. Reflection will help keep you focused on the why through daily trackable reminders prompting you to unplug and review your notes.

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Your Pocket Guide

Bullet Journal Guide

All you need to know to get started, right in your pocket. It’s great for those just getting started or for those who need a refresher. Now you’ll always have access to the most updated version of the Bullet Journal® guide.


Learn From the Best

Bullet Journal Articles

The true power of the Bullet Journal® comes from its inspiring community. Get the best community content delivered right to your phone.

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This is only the beginning.

We build the features the community wants. Like the Bullet Journal®, Companion will evolve over time.

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