Show & Tell with @journalspiration

 First of all, I would like to thank Ryder for giving me the unique opportunity to present my Bullet Journal and of course for bringing such a terrific system into our lives. My Bullet Journal Story In order to organize …more

Daily Plan Bar

The Daily Plan Bar This past year I’ve started using a modified form of the Bullet Journal approach, using a dot grid notebook, thanks to a gift of an official Bullet Journal Notebook from creator, Ryder Carroll. As many do, …more

Top 5 BuJo Ideas in 2016

A lot of truly wonderful things are happening in the lovely Bullet Journal world. A great deal of it is thanks to the many talented Bullet Journalists out there. As a thank you, we rounded up the most popular ideas …more

Saving a Life With a List

The following was submitted by an author who wished to remain anonymous… It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: standing by helplessly as your child struggles to breathe. The EMTs rush into the room with their giant bags and a stretcher, firing off …more

The Comic Bullet Journal

 The first time I’ve watched the YouTube video “How to Bullet Journal”, I didn’t imagine that my beloved notebooks could really became such a special tool. So, I would like to thank Ryder Carroll for creating and, above all, for …more

Holiday Planning Guide

Holiday Planning Guide Hello! I’m super excited to present you with this Holiday Planning Guide! Not only is this article chock full of ideas to help you plan for the holidays, there’s also a lot that was inspired by lovely Bullet …more

Index Mods, and Variations

The Core Index The Index is the backbone of the Bullet Journal. It’s how you organize everything you add to your Bullet Journal. Ryder does a wonderful job of explaining what it is and how to get going with it …more

Show & Tell with Clarissa

My name is Clarissa Santocchi and I’m the owner of the Instagram page @my_journaling_corner, which is completely dedicated to my big passion: bullet journaling. I live in Florence, Italy, where I study law.First, I’d like to thank Ryder Carroll for …more

How Effective is Bullet Journaling for Project Managers?

One of the great benefits of the Bullet Journal is its ability to be flexible enough to work for people in many professions. That’s one of the reasons I began uniting a community of Bullet Journal professionals. I’ve had the …more

How to Improve Your Handwriting

Analogue doesn’t seem to have a place in such a digital world; however, there seems to be a resurgence of basic pen and paper, and alongside it comes a newfound romance with handwriting. You’d only need to browse through the …more