Welcome to our first installment of “Ask The Bullet Journalist,” where I will be answering your most asked questions. This is my first shot at this format, so take a look and let me know what you think. Most importantly, leave new questions for the next Episode.

In this episode we cover:

1. Why is there no Android version of the Companion App.
2. Dealing with projects.
3. How to deal with tasks with dates.
3. Deeper dive into the Monthly Log.


About Ryder Carroll

Ryder is the creator of the Bullet Journal. He's a Brooklyn-based digital product designer and art director.
  • Producer2

    Thanks for the update on the development of an Android version of the companion.
    A use of the bullet Journal that I have been toying with is for automotive maintenance – which is a combination of documented repairs, scheduled maintenance, part numbers, parts orders, web sites for repair help, etc. It is essentially many of the typical bullet journal functions. I already have a dedicated page for household repairs, projects and parts.
    The Bullet Journal has a lot of uses – all in one book – very flexible format – glad I found it!

  • Taylor Cochran

    I like the Q and A video style, it allows for the bullet journal system and community to grow greatly with each other. Personally, I don’t use the traditional style (I just kind of go with my natural tendencies and work in some of the bullet journal aspects such as the monthly, daily, and weekly logs), but I’d love to continue watching these and seeing what I can apply to my own way of bullet journaling.

  • Laura Malone

    Love the Q&A style video! I like that you were able to show examples while answering questions… big thumbs up.
    Also a potential question: any different tips / tricks for people using a pocket notebook as their bullet journal?
    (I am in the medical field and need something I can keep in my back pocket during the day since I don’t sit in one place for long. I currently use a 6″ x 3 1⁄4″ notebook with 160 pages.)

  • Linda Drynan

    Love the chat! I know you said you have multiple items for a day but for me as a newbie, seeing how you lay out for that would be helpful. I know you said the demo one is so it is easy to read but I sometimes struggle will understanding how much space to allow etc for a day per month! Cheers

  • Anita Alexander

    Great idea to have a video Q&A. My question is how do you track multiple appointments or meetings in the one day. They obviously don’t fit in the one line allocated in the monthly log. Since I have ditched the traditional planner and am using the BJ, I am experimenting with putting these appointments only in my outlook calendar. This means sometimes I need to refer to both the monthly log and my outlook calendar. Which is OK, I am just wondering if there is a better way.

    The reason I started using BJ was my tasks and my appointments were all mixed up together in a list for each day. This was somehow messy and hard for my mind to process efficiently. I like appointments and tasks separated.

  • LeatherCol

    Hey Rider, Thank you for this episode. I found the section on the monthly log informative.

  • Timothy Bateson

    This was a very useful video, and actually reflects a lot of the things I use my bullet journal for. I’m so glad you covered the use of collections for tracking projects, because this is exactly how I helped organize an entire genres worth of events for an online book-expo back in April.
    I tried BuJo just after it first became to my attention a couple of years ago, but couldn’t keep the habit going (yeah, I know. I should have added a habit tracker for it :P). But I started at the beginning of this year, and haven’t missed a single day. I’ve migrated from a binder & inserted pages (which I thought would add flexibility, but turned out to me more of a pain than it was worth), to actual journals.
    I’ll be watching future videos with interest, because I always learn something new, or find something that serves to reinforce and cement what I’m already doing.

  • Ken Schellenberg

    Helpful video, managing a longer project is an issue I’ve been subconsciously struggling with.

    Another helpful thing about the video… your journal is (like mine) word-based. A lot of the videos show very artsy layouts with elaborate decoration, whereas mine is much less so.

  • J East

    Got a hoot out of the hand jive — but really a great way to show and tell without distracting yourself or anyone else with face, fashion, background, whatever…

  • Leela Mishra

    Thank you very much for this very useful video. I am still very new to the journal so all the answers were helpful. I found your suggestions for larger projects very useful as I am about to start work on two academic projects that will run over the next 6 months, so thanks for the tips. Your explanation for the monthly log, it makes perfect sense to be making it after the events, to get a sense of what one has achieved.

  • Janis Stuart

    Thank you, Ryder, for the Ask the Bullet Journalist video. Your explanations and suggestions were very helpful. I will be starting a new, more complex, job in a couple of months. Hearing and seeing your suggestions on handling large projects has given me tools and confidence as I step into my new position.

  • JoAnne Stanley

    keeps the ideas sharp without reviewing an entire ‘start here’ video. Life moves quickly enough that questions come with change. Thanks. This format is helpful hope the questions that come in will be useful to many!

  • Raymah Hutchinson

    This was very helpful. I just started so I don’t have any questions yet,but interested in the questions

  • Rômulo Alves

    This QA is awesome, congratulations!!
    I have one question!

    When you have an appointment in the future, you write it in the future log. If you are without your journal and need to make an appointment with someone, how do you know if you are free in that day? Do you have a version of your future log in your mobile device?

    Thank you!

  • Helen Blod Luscombe

    Thanks for this. Will continue to watch & learn from them.
    Particularly helpful was that you add to your monthly log after the fact. i also wondered how you manage to write multiple thinga when thats the sort of day you have.
    Only negative comment qas that I found the background hissy noise distracting. Sorry.
    Look forward to the next one though.

  • Thanks, Ryder; very helpful. You answered one of my questions about the monthly log in that I often have several entries per day and can often run out of space. I’m thinking of allowing two lines per day, just in case, because my handwriting is large.

  • Robert Dašek

    Ryder, this was a great video with some additional detail on select topics. Please continue with this format! Thanks for all you do for us!

  • Heidi Arias

    Great video! Keep them coming. Question for next time: Could you share an example of a collection that you use to manage a project?

  • Kenneth Solomon

    Excellent video. I am very new to this. The format was terrific and I learned a lot. Thanks for the info on the Android app.

  • Sandy Baker

    This was awesome! I have been using the bujo for over a year now, but this was so helpful for some of the struggles I’m still having. Reflection in so crucial!! I love having the audio and video to explain things.

  • RCK

    I found this video very helpful. I just started out with the bullet journal about 2 months ago, and so I’m still finding my groove with it.

    One question I have is about using the bullet journal to take notes at work. For some reason, I feel resistant to the idea of not having a separate “work” notebook. I realize part of the point is that now everything can be in one place, but I frequently have calls at work where I’ll take pages and pages of notes in the 4″ x 8″ reporter’s notebook that I use at the office, and it feels like it would be a waste of space in my bullet journal to keep those types of notes there. I feel like I’d be creating a new journal every couple months.

    That makes another question occur to me: Roughly how frequently do you run out of space and have to start a new journal?

    • stumme_worte

      I simply started a A4 notebook, enumerated the pages and put an Index of that big notebook in the bullet journal (so I have an Index inside an Index, but that’s really helpful)). And you can refer to the bullet journal as BJ /page number/ and to the big notebook as BN /page number/. Maybe you find it useful))

  • Kim Lindsey

    This brief video format is perfect, Ryder – – 5 to 7 minutes keeps it manageable for you and for your audience.
    I’ve been using the system for 3+ years and love it.
    Here’s my question: I add things in to my bu-jo – for example, I tape in a calendar at the back (one of those inexpensive “18-month” ones they sell everywhere) because I choose to use that and not hand-draw my own calendar each month. It just works better for me than the “Future Log.”
    What other things do people add / insert / cludge in to their bullet journals?
    Maybe this could be a feature of each edition of “Ask the Bullet Journalist” – i.e., you could show an example of a cool add-in that you found out about. (Not sure if this will be meaningful to you or not, but I’m imagining the “Trio Mio” feature of Felicia Day’s “The Flog” – something like that format.)
    Comments on this recurring feature might also lead you to new product ideas, which isn’t a bad thing either. 🙂
    BTW, fantastic interview with Brian Goulet! Very inspiring! So happy for your success!

  • Marji Mince

    Thank you for the video! I liked the Q&A video style and it gave me some ideas for how to tackle Projects as I use my BJ for work only (at this point!). Also liked the ‘agenda’ for what you were going to cover in the video. I used to have sticky notes ALL over my desk, so happy to have found BJ to help control my desk and keep me more on task! Keep them coming!