Happy Birthday Bullet Journalists!

Three years ago today, I launched bulletjournal.com. I remember cracking a smile when I saw the visitor count pass 10. Millions of views later, I struggle to believe all that’s happened.

I’m a private person, and it was hard for me to share the Bullet Journal. Sharing your notebook is like allowing people to peek under the hood, into your mind, your life. I was amazed when people started posting pics of their own Bullet Journals. Each picture allowed us to see the dreams and challenges of its author. More importantly, they represented the willingness of Bullet Journalists to help others by sharing what they had learned.

A rare community has since blossomed around the Bullet Journal. You’re a community that has the courage to make yourselves vulnerable in order to help others overcome the life-load of challenges we all face. Your selflessness and ambition are inspiring. It’s become this beautiful island of positivity and encouragement on the all-to-often hostile web. I couldn’t be more proud to count myself as a member.

We’ve accomplished much together, but in some ways, we’re just getting started. There are many wonderful things in the works that I can’t wait to share with you. But for now, I simply want to thank you for three wonderful years.

Here’s to you,

About Ryder Carroll

Ryder is the creator of the Bullet Journal. He's a Brooklyn-based digital product designer and art director.
  • Grace Han

    Thanks for the wonderful system 🙂

  • Laurie Line

    Yes, thank you for this awesome system! Bullet Journal has upped my game without making me crazy. I feel so much more organized, too. Happy Bullet Journal Day, Ryder!

  • Dr. Bill Hennessy

    It makes a difference. I have a number of interns who balk at using a pencil and paper journal at first… then it sinks in! Using a bullet journal keeps us human! Thanks!

  • isaacsdaughterryn

    Thank YOU, Ryder…and happy birthday to your journal blog. I love the system and I love the simplicity of your design. I’ve tried some of the fancier, frillier ideas others have added, but I always come back to your website and blog for the simplicity of order, neatness, streamlined order, and just, yeah…simple and perfect 🙂 thank you.

  • linda_marie

    Kudos to you and your generosity! I’m on my 2nd year of BUJO and I often come back to remind myself how simple this system can be! And I appreciate that you encourage us to individualize. I suffer with ADD and tend to “go off” every now and then! LOL Your basic instructions always help when I’ve let things get too complicated! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Alberto Venegas

    Hello Ryder,
    your words are full of meaning for me.
    I think you describe a form of relationship and communication in which many people work to make this world a better place.
    Thank you and happy birthday to Bullet Journal.

  • Karen Zehe

    Your courage in starting this amazing thing has absolutely made my retirement more productive, exciting, & enjoyable! Thanks! You have made a real difference and are an inspiration!

  • Malorie_BB

    Thank you for putting this out there! I only recently discovered bullet journaling, but I have quickly become a devotee. I am so glad you decided to step out of your comfort zone and sharing this part of yourself with all of us! It certainly has contributed to my productivity and happiness, and I will be eternally grateful. ☺️

  • Candy Weir

    Happy Happy Birthday Ryder! Found the Bullet Journal the way most people do I suppose, by stumbling upon it while trying to find the best daily planners. It has been life-changing… literally!. I finally had a system that worked for me which prompted me to dust off dreams and goals that I had long since packed away in the back of cupboard on old jotter pages. Now they were there, sitting right alongside my daily “to-do’s” and I couldn’t hide from them anymore. i am now engaged to a man that i never thought would look my way, immigrating to a country I love to do a job i fantasised about my whole life and well on my way to launching my own lifestyle blog. Life is good. I couldn’t have done it without my best friend… my little leather bound bullet journal and my trusty parker pen. My relationship with my bullet journal is bordering on obsessive and i literally have it under my arm or in my bag at all times. It even “sleeps” next to me on my side table at night. So….just in case you didn’t know… there’s a little South African girl whose life is a whole lot better because I found my Spirit animal is a bullet journal. Thank you Mr Carroll <3

  • Jules

    One man can change the world!

  • Ryder, it’s been a wonderful 3+ years and it’s been magical seeing this community flourish and expand thanks to your selflessness and encouragement. Thank you for inventing and sharing this phenomenal system and for helping us learn how to help ourselves with your guidance. You are a truly gem of a person. You have my eternal support and gratitude and I’m absolutely delighted to be able to call you my friend 🙂